International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition “Startup in Shanghai” Kicks Off

Released on:2019-04-05


Reporters: Xing Beilin, Gu Wu

On March 26, 2019, Xinhua Park Sub-division of Jing’an Division of “Startup in Shanghai” 2019, an international innovation and entrepreneurship competition, attracted over 50 teams in the electronic information industry. Xinhua Cultural Innovation and Technology Park (“Xinhua Park”) served as a sub-division of “Startup in Shanghai” for the fourth time.

The teams conducted project roadshow according to the conventional "8+7" official competition system in the arena. Team members with entrepreneurial passions made introduction to their teams, project background and market analysis in the 8-minute roadshow. Expert judges gave full play to their expertise in respective field in the “7-minute Q&A” part, commented on the project and even proposed trenchant questions, and also provided professional and pertinent advices. Competitors, after walking out of the arena, felt that they have not given full expression to their views, "The entrepreneurship competition provided us with a stage to show ourselves and pursue our dreams, and also with the opportunity to meet face-to-face with experts and competitors with dreams for mutual learning.”

The reporter learned from Xinhua Park that it deployed professionals in contacting enterprises as competitors, conducting pre-competition training and advertising, making layout for the arena, and logistics support to ensure the efficient and orderly progress of the competition and help participants to achieve good results. It also invited mentors in starting up enterprises in science and technology in Shanghai and other experts to conduct pre-competition counseling for the teams, comprehensively interpret the key points of the competition, and share the experience in on-site defense, roadshow preparation, and BP preparation.

On March 27, 56 entrepreneurs of technology-oriented enterprises registered in Jing'an District gathered at the Junengwan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center in the High-tech Service Industry Park in the northern part of the city for “Startup in Shanghai” 2019 in Junengwan Sub-division in Jing’an.

The enterprises competing in Junengwan Sub-division came from the fields of electronic information, Internet and mobile Internet, biomedicine, advanced manufacturing, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, and new materials. In the competition, they illustrated to the judges the innovative and entrepreneurial projects they were currently on, their status in relevant industries at home and abroad, their role in promoting the national and regional scientific and technological, and economic development, and market application prospects with demo videos.

The reporter learned from watching the competition and expert reviews that the projects some companies are engaged in do have certain value. A biotechnology company, for example, provides R&D supporting services for emerging industries regarding biomedical strategy. It has created an integrated drug screening platform, which, with customers across 28 states in the US, is widely applied. Xintairuan (Shanghai) Technology Development Co., Ltd. has developed the SAAS- and Internet-based collaboration and management platform for comprehensive compensation and human resources supply chain with independent intellectual property rights, which is also of high application value for enterprises and institutions when it comes to human resources management.