Artistic Directors Meeting of Competing Performances of Citizen Theater Held

Released on:2019-04-09


Text by Reporter Li Ying

News On March 31, 2019, the directors of 33 plays from the competing performance unit of citizen theater of Jing'an Modern Drama Valley in Shanghai shared their experiences in dramatic performance with Zhou Yemang, a famous stage performance artist, in the Multi-Function Hall of Jing'an District Culture Center.

The meeting was held in a warm atmosphere. The principal creators of troupes had close contact with Zhou Yemang, and they conducted in-depth discussions on drama creation, directing and performance. Mr. Zhou began from creation, the foundation of drama, telling the creators in vivid and simple language what they should pay attention to and improve in drama creation. In terms of directing and performance, Mr. Zhou is even more professional. With his rich stage performance experience in the past, he gave the creators an important course.

They also had in-depth and heated discussions and exchanges on the two topics of "what will be gained in life through drama?" and "what should the so-called really excellent drama be like?" This sharing meeting not only reflects the professionalism of Jing'an Modern Drama Valley, but also provides a platform for drama lovers to learn and improve. As the artistic director of this citizen theater, Zhou Yemang will also participate in the entire citizen theater feast.

It is learned that the competing performance unit of citizen theater of Shanghai Jing'an Modern Drama Valley has received 60 plays from all walks of life, including white collar troupes, professional drama clubs, student drama clubs and the performance teams composed of citizens. These plays have various forms of expression. In addition to the traditional drama, there are sitcom, children's drama, music drama, dance drama, etc. Actors also have different ages and jobs, covering all age groups from primary school students to the elderly aged over 60; and the actors include white collars, teachers, civil servants, etc. With the large span and wide influence, it has the largest participation scale of the citizen theaters over the years.