Shanghai's First Traffic Safety Practice Base for Primary and Secondary Schools Launched

Released on:2019-04-09


■记者 肖鸣亮

■ Photograph by Reporter Xiao Mingliang

■ Text by Reporter Huang Jingjing

On March 25, 2019, Shanghai's first traffic safety practice base for primary and secondary schools was launched in Shanghai Hualing School. The base not only converts the theoretical knowledge of traffic safety into full-process experiential interaction, but also enables children to learn how to deal with emergencies. Jiang Ming, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Jing’an District Committee and Head of the Publicity Department of Jing'an District, attended the launching ceremony.

In the event, the polices of the Traffic Police Detachment of Jing’an Public Security Sub-bureau presented a song and dance performance named "Our Song", which was written by the young traffic police. They integrated the experience and real feelings of front-line traffic management into the song together with the traffic gesture performance by students of Hualing School, laying a solid foundation for the publicity and education of road traffic safety. Shanghai Qingyi Farce Troupe has brought a newly choreographed sitcom "Safe Travel" to warn the public to strengthen their understanding of non-motor vehicle violations in a humorous way.

In the traffic safety scene experience hall on the first floor of the safety practice base, the students who participated in the "Safety Belt · Life Belt" experiential project dashed against obstacles at a speed of 20 km/h with the rumbling of the track and the screaming of children. Although they were wearing seat belts with thick spongy cushions in front of them, the strong impact force still made the children feel the meaning of wearing a seat belt.

It is learned that each student can choose three of these sections to break through. When the score is lower than 80, they will fail to break through the section and it will be reopened. When they successfully break through three sections, the title of "little expert of traffic safety" will be granted.

Hualing School featuring traffic has established a traffic simulation site according to the actual road function. There are also simulated traffic lines marking on the campus road. Traffic lights, zebra crossings and traffic signs with various functions are set up on the main road. Wang Zhenduo, Vice President of the School, told the reporter that the safety practice base has a variety of learning functions such as scene experience, learning and comprehension and game evaluation, so that every student can fully understand the traffic safety knowledge from "should know" to "should do" and improve the awareness of safety travel. In the future, it will not only invite parents of students to school to receive traffic safety publicity, but also welcome primary and secondary students from other schools of Jing'an District and even the entire city to come to Hualing School and carry out traffic safety education and practice.