"Cultural Walking" Art Collection and Creation Achievements Exhibition Kicks Off

Released on:2019-04-10


■Text by Reporter Li Ying

News On March 26, 2019, the "Cultural Walking: Jing'an Art Collection and Creation Achievements Exhibition" guided by Jing'an District Bureau of Culture and Tourism and Shanghai Animation and Cartoon Association, organized by Shanghai City Animation Publishing & Media Co., Ltd., and co-organized by Haishang Culture Center and Shanghai Comic Centre was officially opened in Haishang Culture Center. This activity was funded by the special fund for the cultural development of Jing'an District.

In order to publicize and display the Shanghai culture and the achievements and outlook since the reform and opening up, Shanghai City Animation Publishing & Media Co., Ltd. planned and held the "Cultural Walking: Jing'an Art Collection for the 40th Anniversary of China's Reform and Opening-up" in 2018. Centering on the "historical context of Jing'an District", the activity has organized famous artists at different age groups and from different painting fields in Shanghai such as oil painters, Chinese painting artists and comic artists to draw with the theme of cultural scenic spots of Jing'an District, and through the popular form of "flash mob", thus several "flash mob" lines of sketching were formed and teams of "artist hussars" sketched at different times, creating a batch of outstanding artistic works that are close to the real life, widely spread and will be passed down for a long time. The art activity lasted for one year and was fruitful.

This exhibition focused on the creation achievements of Jing'an art collection activities over the past year. Artists have joined hands in strength and used their paintbrushes to truly and vividly reappear the most Shanghai-style historic streets, buildings, lanes and alleys in Jing'an District. At the scene, the organizer donated the manuscripts and the painting album of "Cultural Walking" to the Haishang Culture Center. The album is a cultural name card left by the sketching activity, connecting painting art with the historical and cultural elements of Jing'an District, and showing the historical and cultural deposits of Jing'an and the new atmosphere brought about by the reform and opening-up.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. The organizer of the activity said that the exhibition was aimed at reflecting the history, culture and stories of Shanghai and Jing'an District through new original art works, so that the public can see the new expression and inheritance of fine arts in Shanghai.