A Better Life Accompanied by Arts

Released on:2019-04-13


Philharmonic Plays the Symphony I Love You, the Rose

■Photograph by Reporter Xing Beilin

■Text by Reporter Xing Beilin

News Vigorous music given out by widely-known symphonies wanders the busy business district; an intangible cultural heritage exhibition is for passengers waiting in the airport; the artistic atmosphere imbues with the crowded metro station... In the near future, more and more Shanghai citizens are likely to unexpectedly "encounter" arts in such urban cultural living rooms as "Shanghai Art Business District", "Metro Station Music Corner" and "Airport Gallery".

On March 31, "2019 Shanghai Urban Cultural Living Room" Opening Ceremony & Shanghai Art Business District Inauguration Performance kicked off in Joy City of Jing'an District. Yu Xiufen, Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group and Director General of Shanghai Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, Hang Chunfang, Deputy Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group and Deputy Director General of Shanghai Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, Yu Yong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Jing'an District Committee and Acting District Mayor, Zhou Haiying, Deputy District Mayor, and Liu Min, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce together launched the activity of "2019 Shanghai Urban Cultural Living Room".

"Art Business District" 3.0 Stages 600 Cultural Performances

With the premiere of "Shanghai Art Business District" in 2017, nearly 250,000 people are provided with 160 programs and 536 activities. The year following, "Shanghai Art Business District" stepped to 15 districts, staging over 600 performances. The activity has been continuously heated up. Especially at weekends, in holidays and during theme activities, those performances have greatly boosted the mall traffic and sales volume, as well as the consumer group's viscosity and experience.

This year marks the third anniversary of "shanghai Art Business District". Further enlargement and upgrading have been allied to endow the urban cultural living room with stronger cultural atmosphere. Cooperating with Shanghai Grand Theatre Arts Center and Shanghai Center of Chinese Operas, the organizer Shanghai Media Group (SMG) will bring over 1,000 performances involving more than 200 categories to over 100 malls for getting close to citizens.

Mixing both the folk-oriented and high-level, as well as the native and international together, the program designed for this year's "Art Business District" has provided the business district with more options. Meanwhile, some international communities and top business districts will enjoy tailored elaborate contents in line with their conditions and tones. The program also boasts diversity forms and quality connotations. While the traditional artistic performances like parent-children immersive drama exhibition & performance, Peking Opera, Shanghai Opera and Kun Opera favored by citizens are maintaining their popularity, and the artistic exhibition, cross talk, DIY activity and "ACGN" exhibition preferred by students are attracting more young people to participate in. The latest and hottest IPs nowadays including the musical Chicago and immersive theater Sleep No More are expected to turn the mall into a temporary theater in the form of showcase to emanate the charm of theater to citizens.

As the reporter learned that while following the accurate delivery mode featuring "One Scheme for One Store" in the last year, "Shanghai Art Business District" will highlight the "One Performance for One District" that abandons duplication and imitation to provide more customized stage art performances for various business districts and audience. In each district, 1 or 2 iconic and popular commercial facilities will be selected to build the "model house". This year, "Shanghai Art Business District" will integrate such elements as red culture, Shanghai culture and Jiangnan culture to unprecedentedly feast citizens. In addition, during traditional festivals and important celebrations like the Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival, "Shanghai Art Business District" will promote "festival limited editions". As 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, multiple singing and dancing performances will stage around the National Day as the gifts to our great country together with citizens.

"Music Corner" and "Gallery" Bring Arts to the Metro Station

As one of the deployments of Shanghai "2019 Urban Cultural Living Room", the "Metro Station Music Corner" has been one of the most popular and recognized for citizens.

Since its launch in 2013, the "Metro Station Music Corner" has organized 600 activities until the end of 2018. Nearly 3,000 domestic and foreign artists and amateurs have performed for about 150,000 audience on the site. The metro stations have gradually become the window of culture presentation, and one of the spaces with the strongest urban cultural atmosphere of Shanghai for citizens.

It is learned that there will be 100 wonderful performances be on in metro stations this year. Besides, such themes as the birth place of the Party, legal publicity, science popularization, national defense education and culture & art will be adopted to truly integrate the red culture, Shanghai culture and Jiangnan culture to the development of public rail transit system. The "Contemporary Art Entering the Metro Station" is set up in South Xizang Road Station through the cooperation with Power Station of Art, so that citizens can feel the edifying influence of contemporary art when shuttling through the subway. In the future, the excellent temporary exhibitions of the city's art galleries and museums will also be displayed in the cultural corridors of East Nanjing Road and South Shaanxi Road. The exclusive self-service machine of cultural and creative products will also enter the metro stations for citizens to capture creative ideas from these products and subway commemorative ticket cards displayed on the site.

Culture Entering Airport, Art Gallery Enriches Waiting Time

In recent years, the "Urban Cultural Living Room" has been developed into a window showing Shanghai's culture and charm. Since the Museum of Pudong Airport was opened in 2014, it has introduced a series of "small but exquisite" exhibitions to the public every year, allowing tourists to enjoy the beauty of Chinese culture while waiting for the flight. In 2016, the Art Gallery of Pudong Airport was officially opened, becoming the first airport art gallery in China to have a settled exhibition place. Over the past two years since its opening, a number of exhibitions from Shanghai Oil Painting & Sculpture Institute, China Arts Museum and Liu Haisu Art Museum have attracted many passengers.

In February this year, the Art Gallery of Hongqiao Airport was put into trial operation. Its first exhibition, with the theme of "Intangible Cultural Heritage on Fingertips", displayed the original works of the inheritors of local handcrafted peach-stone carving and wooden microscopic carving arts in Shanghai, bringing pure and classic, unique and vintage artistic enjoyment to tourists.

The "Culture Entering Airport" project in this year will be actively promoted in three aspects: expanding cultural space, creating cultural masterpieces and carrying forward Shanghai culture. A number of exhibitions with the sign of "Shanghai culture" have entered the two airports one after another. The exhibition tour of "Shanghai culture" will also interpret the evolution process of Shanghai culture from germination to maturity and show its regional cultural characteristics through performances, tours and interactive games according to different festivals and themes. Following the "Theme Exhibition of Necessities of Old Shanghai Life" themed the unique "Shanghai culture", Pudong Airport will also hold a series of high-quality exhibitions such as the "Work Exhibition of 'Elegance of the Times — Shanghai Realistic Theme Art Creation Project'", the "Work Exhibition of National Art Museums in Collection Boutique Exhibition Season" and the "Airport Tour Exhibition of Shanghai Young Arts Exhibition". Hongqiao Airport will also launch new theme cultural brands of "Art Gallery" and "ARTSKY", and hold a music and cultural exchange project "French Summer Solstice Music Festival (Fête de la Musique)" to explore the cross-border combination of piano, ballet and other forms of artistic performances and enhance the artistic taste of interactive experience activities of tourists.

Urban Cultural Living Room Helping Touch Art More Closely and Easily

"Shanghai Urban Cultural Living Room" is a brand activity guided by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, the People's Government of Jing'an District, Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Airport Authority together with commercial circles, metro stations, airports and other public spaces based on "Culture+". Nowadays, the "Shanghai Urban Cultural Living Room" has become a business card of Shanghai as an international cultural metropolis. The living centers of the citizens has also turned into mini-sized cultural living rooms and art galleries. More and more people unexpectedly meet and closely encounter with each other in these "urban cultural living rooms", thus nourishing their hearts and improving their artistic accomplishments.

The reporter learned that in the future, "Shanghai Urban Cultural Living Room" will further enhance the identification of "Shanghai culture", strengthen the brand effect, introduce more high-quality artistic resources, and give full play to the platform effect and cultural leading role. By 2020, the "Shanghai Urban Cultural Living Room" will also be built into a public transportation and cultural hub network with the full coverage of metro stations, buses, airports and high-speed trains. It will focus on highlighting the unique roles of red culture, Shanghai culture and Jiangnan culture in creating a cultural atmosphere in Shanghai, so as to form a quality and normalized cultural atmosphere brand.