World Book Day: Jing'an Reads Books

Released on:2019-05-14


■ Text by Reporters Yuan Wenjun, Huang Jingjing, Peng Xuhui, Xing Beilin, Li Ying

News During the World Book Day, Jing'an was in a thick atmosphere of reading. Public benefit has become the warmest characteristic of those activities.

West Nanjing Road Sub-district holds a bookcrossing event, contributing to rural libraries

On April 23, 2019, a bookcrossing event on the theme of "Bookcrossing for Shared Reading" was held on schedule at the junction of West Nanjing Road and Qinghai Road, sponsored by the Party Working Committee and Office of West Nanjing Road Sub-district and jointly organized by the West Nanjing Road Community Non-Governmental Organization Federation, Future Smile Charitable Foundation and the West Nanjing Road Sub-district Library of Jing'an District, Shanghai.

On that day, the West Nanjing Road Sub-district Library donated more than 800 books for charity sale. Volunteers brought books they’ve read and will not be used in the future to the streets. They distributed those books to passers-by through ways like specially designed games, bazaars and exchange. Therefore, the used books were given new life to spread knowledge and promote reading. In the meanwhile, they also made their contribution in raising money to transport books to rural libraries to be built. Despite their fast-paced life, many white-collar workers and local residents dropped by the site. Some of them donated money generously. Some who had already knew the event brought their own books for exchange.

At last, the bookcrossing event concluded with the participation of nearly 400 people and nearly 1,000 books. The raised money, 3,682 yuan, has been donated to Future Smile Charitable Foundation by the Party Working Committee and the Office of West Nanjing Road Sub-district of Jing'an District, as a fund to cover the cost of transporting books to rural libraries to be built. The aim is to let books connect rural children to the outside world and foster their courage and strength to live and go ahead bravely.

Two new bookcrossing sites added;

Caojiadu Sub-district Community Reading Festival launched

On April 23, the World Book Day, the 16th Community Reading Festival of Caojiadu Sub-district was rolled out. Reporters learned that two new bookcrossing sites have been added this year to further enhance the influence of public reading service sites. The two bookcrossing sites are respectively situated in the Hiyu Elder Care Caojiadu and the Caojiadu Police Station. At present, there are 26 bookcrossing sites in the area.

This year, the Community Reading Festival began with the theme activity commemorating the "World Book Day". Through a series of activities in "understanding", "reading" and "traveling", Caojiadu demonstrates its charm of "joyful reading" in the community in an all-round and multi-layered way and further promotes its cultural brand, presenting a gift to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

The first community 24-hour self-service library opens in Linfen Road Sub-district

Coinciding with the "World Book Day", Linfen Road Sub-district welcomed its first community 24-hour self-service library. Activities like book review solicitation, parent-child reading sharing meetings, and writing and speech competitions incorporate popular elements such as artificial intelligence and garbage classification, providing an opportunity to residents, who understand and love books, to indulge themselves in reading.

Jing'an's first community 24-hour self-service library has been launched at No. 76, Anye Road, Linfen Road Sub-district, as a new pleasant cultural site for people to drop by. With the library, community residents can enjoy 24-hour reader self-services including registration, inquiry, borrowing, renewal, and return of books.

The century-old Yuyuan Road.

Read a book to know a road.

April 23 is the World Book Day. On this day, Jing'an Temple Sub-district held the "Recalling the Story of Alleys" Book Donation Activity of Civilized Yuyuan Road Construction and the 100th Anniversary of the Completion of Yuyuan Road. Student representatives from Shanghai Shixi High School and residents of numerous communities received the Story of Yuyuan Road as the gift. Through this book, they learned about the profound culture of Yuyuan Road.

On the spot, Miao Xinya, author of the Story of Yuyuan Road, one of the "Recalling the Story of Alleys" programs, introduced his original intent to write this book and his deep feelings for Yuyuan Road. Yuan Shiya, a student at Shanghai Shixi High School, also elaborated the image of Yuyuan Road in her heart. "I think Yuyuan Road is a perfect combination of modernity and history. Every day on the way from school, I can not only see the golden roof of Jing'an Temple and shopping malls with various commodities, but also find images of Shanghai celebrities, such as Fu Lei, Gu Shengying, Qu Qiubai, Qian Xuesen, Mao Dun and Shen Junru," said Yuan.

It is learned that the Story of Yuyuan Road contains 67 stories about Yuyuan Road in the form of "beautiful articles with illustrations", shedding light on celebrities as well as ordinary people living here. The author Miao Xinya introduced that Yuyuan Road not only boasts red culture imprint such as the Former Residence of Liu Changsheng, but also takes pride in its buildings of different design styles, open and inclusive lifestyle of residents living in alleys, and Southern cultural symbols like Yan's Garden and Chen Chuxiang's Former Residence. Yuyuan Road is a way to learn about Shanghai.

"Colorful Four Seasons" Appreciation Meeting of World Book Day

Held by Pengpu Xincun Sub-district

On the afternoon of April 23, 2019, Pengpu Xincun Sub-district took the "World Book Day" as an opportunity to hold the "Colorful Four Seasons" Appreciation Meeting of World Book Day, offering a literary feast for community residents.

Through Mulan performed by the Pengpu Xincun Kindergarten, and Chaitoufeng and A Collection of Famous Works performed by Shiyun Club of Pengpu Xincun Sub-district, audience felt the power of traditional Chinese literature; through Century of Study Tour and Pure Heart by Qiuyun Yiyuan, Echo from the Valley by Guangqi Drama Club of Pengpu Town, We Embrace a Beautiful Spring by the Residential Area of Alley 424 on Sanquan Road, and China, You are the Song I Want to Sing Most by Yikangyuan Residential Area, the strong patriotic feeling of Chinese people was demonstrated; through Sunset Is a Scenery Line by the Residential Area of Alley 1015 on Sanquan Road, the good life of Pengpu people was showed.

"Literary Beizhan with Scholarly Atmosphere"

Beizhan Sub-district Holds Reading Activity

On the day of April 23, 2019, "Beizhan Theater" was filled with the sound of reading, as the 2019 "Literary Beizhan with Scholarly Atmosphere" Beizhan Sub-district Reading Activity was held here.

Ye Sha, a SMG host who is popular among Shanghai people through programs like Accompany to Dawn, The Magic Moment and Shanghai Mood, was invited to the Activity and shared her insights into From Changhenge to Kaogongji.

The Activity has showed and publicized the culture of Beizhan Sub-district, evoked spiritual responses in readers and brought good experience to them. In the future, Beizhan Sub-district will integrate culture into all aspects of community development and construction, thus building itself into a good community providing considerate service and suitable for reading and walking.

West Tianmu Road Sub-district Conducts

"Becoming Good Neighbor and Enjoying Reading" Activity

As World Reading Day approaches, West Tianmu Road Sub-district has launched a four-day reading practice activity with the theme of "Becoming Good Neighbor and Enjoying Reading".

In the series of activities, Cao Zhengwen, Senior Editor of Xinmin Evening News, discoursed at random of things past and present, and led the audience to understand the differences between history and historical dramas, and feel the collision between truth and drama through the special lecture "Dramatize Description of History and the Truth of History". Jin Gu, Opera Animator, Founder of "Xidao" Opera Course and Master of Digital Arts of Peking University, brought a special lecture themed "Traditional Opera Health Preservation and Temperament", including the teaching on orchid fingers, empty and full eyesight and easy gait. Mr. Jin led the residents to experience and learn the different performance methods in traditional Chinese opera, and brought the people into an elegant realm through Chinese opera, making opera an art that can cultivate the body and spirit of all ages and benefit the whole people.

Shimen Road (No.2) Community

A "joyful" reading time on red culture for all readers

On April 23, Shimen Road (No.2) Sub-district invited community readers to gather at the Xiwang Garden Lane Museum to spend a wonderful time together on the "joyful" reading of red culture with the theme of "Listening to the Good Voice, Being Grateful for the Good Life".

There were members of the community recitation team, the older generation of advanced "March 8 Red-Banner Holders", community residents, and other people reading beautiful prose and poetry, or political news. Their reading was full of deep feeling, making the audience feel strong patriotic feelings. The distinguished guest Mr. Zuo Fei is a broadcaster, illustrator, performance teacher and We-Media practitioner. He made detailed comments on the reading of each reader, and encouraged everyone to not only insist on reading, but also drive the people around them to read together, so that the "joy" can be incorporated into reading, and the "joyful" reading atmosphere of Shi’er Study Room can affect more people and radiate to wider communities.

Jiangning Road Sub-district

The reading public welfare program was officially launched

On April 23, the 2019 "Gathering Strength for Public Welfare" reading public welfare program of the joint action of social organizations in Jiangning Road Sub-district was officially launched. The program, centering on the construction of ecological environment, industry, culture and service of Jiangning, aims to gather the wisdom and strength of social organizations, community units and residents to raise books for schools in Dongbao Township, Guangnan County of Yunnan Province, and spread the public spirit.

At the ceremony, the representatives of member units revealed the ways of participating in online activities and the contents of offline activities through live interpretation. A flag was presented to the "Volunteer Service Team of Jiangning Federation of Social Organizations" at the event. In this activity, many books such as Talking about Social Construction and Playing Bowling Alone were also selected to be shared and interpreted, bringing abundant nourishment for the minds of participants.

The reporter learned that the work will be decorated by the professional teachers of Huashan Art Vocational School and auctioned. The earning from the auction will be used as the fund to purchase bookshelves for the Dongbao Township School in Yunnan.

Reading party on The Last War Elephant by Shen Shixi was held in Jing'an Zhongshuge Bookstore

On April 20, the cast of the puppet drama "The Last War Elephant" specially invited Shen Shixi to hold a reading and sharing meeting. He met with the book lovers at the Zhongshuge Bookstore of Jing'an District and talked about his more than 40 years of writing experience and insights on animal novel. Once the event was opened, students and parents signed up enthusiastically, with more than 100 people present, including many young book fans from the First Central Primary School and other schools in Jing'an District.

Taking "The Last War Elephant" as an example, Shen Shixi taught the writing skills of animal novel to the participants on the spot. He also vividly described his life experience of how difficult writing was for him as a child, and that he finally embarked on the road of literary creation by chance. In addition, Shen Shixi also stressed the importance of "education through praise" by telling stories, which made parents and front-line educators benefit a lot.

It is learned that the original large-scale puppet drama "The Last War Elephant" jointly produced by Shanghai Media Group (SMG) and Shanghai Puppet Theatre will be performed twice at the Majestic Theater on May 15 as a participating project of the 12th China Art Festival. The 3.8 meter-high war elephant of version 5.0 in the drama will continue to bring surprise to the audience about the Shanghai-style puppetry.