Fully Promoting Innovation Achievements of Non-motor Vehicle Intelligent Garage

Released on:2019-05-29


(Text by Reporter Gu Wu) On May 22, 2019, the "Smart and Beautiful Home, Innovative Fine Management - Release of Innovation Achievements of Non-motor Vehicle Intelligent Garage" was jointly held by West Zhijiang Road Sub-district Office and Northern Shanghai Branch of China Unicom, to introduce the achievements made in the construction of non-motor vehicle intelligent garage in old communities to the heads of residential areas of the sub-district, as well as representatives of owners committees and property management companies. They also said that the innovative achievements will be promoted to all residential areas of the sub-district so that more residents can enjoy intelligent and high-tech life.

The reporter learned at the scene that in order to promote the fine management of the city, and solve a series of governance problems that have existed for a long time in residential areas, especially in old communities, such as the difficulties of non-motor garage in parking, charging, preventing theft and monitoring fire hazards, the West Zhijiang Road Sub-district has included the intelligent renovation of non-motor vehicle garages into the community  projects that bring practical benefits to residents since 2018. In the same year, the Northern Shanghai Branch of China Unicom also officially released a refined urban management solution of "Fine Management of Smart City", which is dedicated to building a digital "neural" system in the city for assisting intelligent city management; and the construction of intelligent non-motor vehicle garages is one of the subdivided public management scenarios of this project. Sharing the common mission of promoting the urban fine management, West Zhijiang Road Sub-district and Northern Shanghai Branch of China Unicom, have decided to jointly facilitate the construction of the intelligent garage for non-motor vehicles, which is projected to pilot in shabby and old communities with the most striking contradiction between the parking and management of non-motor vehicles.

West Zhijiang Road Sub-district has collaborated with China Unicom to tailor the reconstruction scheme for the intelligence of non-motor vehicle garage that covers all shabby public housing communities under jurisdiction. Based on the construction for over 1 year, 49 according projects have been completed in those neighborhoods. By virtue of the advanced gigabit broadband, IoT, NB-IOT and cloud computing applications, the intelligent garage for non-motor vehicles renovated has integrated such resources as communication IoT, fire protection, low voltage, civil engineering and software management to realize the 24-hour unmanned guard, intelligent charging + general entrance guard card,  and intelligent fire protection + video surveillance, as well as the resident-property-sub-district monitoring & management platform. Residents can check the charging state of the vehicle and the monitoring picture on the applet of WeChat in real time; personnel of the property can inspect the traffic of the garage, the utilization of the charging piles and the alarm situation in real time through the property management platform; and the sub-district can comprehensively learn about the location of all those garages in the jurisdiction region and the information of vehicles and alarm through the grid center management platform and the large management screen. Thus, the grid management intelligence and community governance refinement have been truly achieved. Since the reconstruction completion, there is no fire disaster and vehicle theft in 49 garages. By increasing the number of vehicles parked by more than 30%, these garages have brought not only more convenient parking and vehicle-getting for residents, but also a more beautiful community environment.

According to information, besides keeping promoting the construction of intelligent garage for non-motor vehicles through cooperation, West Zhijiang Road Sub-district and Northern Shanghai Branch of China Unicom will further implement the fine management in fields like community waste sorting, population management and urban area management to better the living quality of residents.