Creating A Fitness Park Themed "Spring Flowers and Autumn Scenery"

Released on:2019-06-12


■ Photograph by Reporter Xiao Mingliang

■ Text by Reporter Huang Jingjing

There is a new place of relaxation and recreation for residents in Pengpu Town now. After nearly 100 days of intensive construction, the renovated Yonghe Park was officially opened to the public at 8:00 on May 27, 2019.

Yonghe Park is located at the junction of Wenshui Road and Yuanping Road, and is a community park serving surrounding neighborhoods. It was built in the 1990s. After almost 30 years of service, the facilities are seriously aging and can no longer meet the needs of contemporary citizens and the requirements for urban landscape management. The renovation project was officially launched in January 2019.

This renovation scheme integrating traditional Chinese culture with modern fashion elements has built Yonghe Park into a park of modern style. Starting from the restrained and profound traditional culture and combining with modern design language, the concise and beautiful Chinese classical charm has been implanted into the modern space. It not only keeps the traditional style of Yonghe Park, but also reflects the modern characteristics, thus rejuvenating the vitality of the park.

In the design, functional facilities were added and circular jogging fitness trail was set up, so that the residents of surrounding neighborhood can enjoy various plant ecosystems and spatial forms formed by different greening configurations in different areas of green space while using these facilities. To meet the needs of visitors, the original functional buildings have also been updated, such as the original crude toilets which were renovated and expanded this time. There are now a fitness square, rest corridors, pergolas and pavilions, a children's playground and an electronic bulletin board in the park, greatly enriching the use functions of Yonghe Park, highlighting the fitness function and turning it into a fitness theme park.

Every park has its own plants characteristics. The renovation for Yonghe Park took "spring flowers and autumn scenery" as the theme of plants, with emphasis on plant selection according to the different locations and functions of different areas. The magnolia forest planted in the central landscape square, the magnolia liliiflora on both sides of the circular jogging fitness trail, and the maple garden surrounding the rest corridor, fitness square and children's playground have formed the plant characteristic landscape dominated by the "spring flowers" of magnolia family and the "autumn scenery" of maple family. Considering that the south side of the park is adjacent to the middle ring of Wenshui Road which has a large traffic flow, a shelter forest belt mainly composed of tall trees with a certain width was set up to reduce the noise effect of urban roads. In terms of green planting, a complete green system has been formed in the park guided by the theory of landscape ecology and the ecological law of nature. Based on plant diversity, an artificial plant community that conforms to the natural ecology, where various trees, shrubs, ground covers, and lawns add glamour to each other, was built, so as to improve ecological benefit and ecological environment.

The park had witnessed 94 days of construction from January 25 to April 29, 2019. Later, in order to ensure civility and the orderly operation of the park during its opening, Jing'an District Greening and City Appearance Administration, together with relevant departments, has formulated regulations on the management of a civilized park, conventions on group activities and rules for visiting; and according to the fine management requirements, the staff for park maintenance, cleaning and security have been arranged to provide tourists with a safe, civilized, and harmonious public activity space.