Jing'an District to Open Philanthropic Summer Care Classes, Covering All 14 Sub-districts and Towns

Released on:2019-07-03


■Text by Reporter Li Ying

With the summer vacation approaching, Jing'an District's annual philanthropic summer care classes are about to kick off. According to the expansion requirements of the Youth League Municipal Committee, this summer, Jing'an District will open 42 teaching sites and 84 classes to cover all the 14 sub-districts and towns in the district. The philanthropic summer care classes will last for about 7 weeks, Monday through Friday, with a total of two sessions. Enrolling pupils who study in Jing'an, each of those classes will have 30 to 40 students. This year, the admission fee is 800 yuan per month, including lunch, drinking water, insurance, and consumables. Each class is staffed with a head teacher and 5 to 8 volunteers.

Double increase in the number of schools

According to the Youth League District Committee, since the opening of philanthropic summer care classes, a cooperation model has been formed integrating overall planning by the city, implementation by the district, classes run by sub-districts and towns, coordination from schools, and support from the society. In terms of the location, there are currently three types of classes: first, community cultural activity centers. There are five cultural activity centers used as teaching sites, including those in West Nanjing Road and West Tianmu Road sub-districts; off-campus training bases cooperate in those classes. Second, professional education and training institutions. Four summer care classes, including those in Baoshan Road Sub-district and Daning Road Sub-district, are operated with the cooperation of professional education and training institutions and are located in those institutions. Third, schools in the district. Five summer class sites are located in local schools, including those in Jing'an Temple Sub-district, West Zhijiang Road Sub-district and Beizhan Sub-district. The number of such schools has doubled compared to that of previous years.

Safety always comes first

On the eve of the opening of the summer care classes, the Youth League District Committee, together with the district public security sub-bureau and the sub-districts and towns, inspected the teaching sites of the 42 summer care classes, as well as their surrounding environment and food hygiene, from the perspective that "every trifle matters to safety". With the coordination of the district public security sub-bureau, police stations visited summer care classes to carry out self-care education and formulated emergency plans for external injuries and fire accidents. The District Health and Family Planning Commission prepared plans for first-aid green passage at summer care classes and guided each class to do a good job in the morning examination of students. To safeguard the food safety of students, the Jing’an District Administration of Market Supervision jointly visited three catering companies which hold cold chain qualification and provide lunch to summer care classes.

In addition, the Youth League District Committee has extensively mobilized social forces, including members of the Youth Federation, to participate in the construction of the philanthropic summer care classes, installed security monitoring equipment in classrooms and corridors at teaching sites, encouraged students to sign up for the classes, and encouraged teaching sites to set up WeChat groups to communicate on class information and safety situation in a timely manner.

Diverse and characteristic curriculum

In terms of curriculum, the bilingual learning package full of international vibe, the Discovering Jing'an's Beauty LTP courses, mind mapping training courses and youth self-care education are added for the first time to enrich children's summer life in an all-round and multi-angle way. And the Jing'an District Sports Bureau will launch the Small Athlete "Sunshine Sports 400" activity, which includes Chinese chess, table tennis, gymnastics, etc. Also, in combination with the themes of garbage classification and community governance, a wealth of activities that conform to the physical and mental characteristics of young students are set up. Thus, the moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labor education is delivered simultaneously with characteristic courses. The school brigade counselors also serve as volunteers to guide summer class students to actively participate in the community activities of the Young Pioneers, including the flag-raising ceremony of "Growing under the National Flag", the Red Search activity, and the Little Eagle Holiday Team. The online platform "Heart toward the Party, Little Dream Chaser", developed and designed by the District Young Pioneers Working Committee in cooperation with Jing'an New Youth and Youth Cloud, will be used, together with a series of activities such as the Travel along the Red Route and the "Little Environmentalist" online contest, to make sure that students at the summer care classes have a colorful time.