Seeking Red Marks, Gathering Shanghai Artisans


    ■Text by Reporter Li YingNews Recently, Baoshan Road Sub-district takes the "citizens' art education action" as the main line and "

    Truth behind Insurance Cancellation and Money Management? Jing’an Public Security Sub-bureau Cracks a Fraud Case


    Insurance indicates assurance. Buying insurance is to build the last defense for oneself and the family. However, some lawbreakers defrauded insurance

    Enforcing Law within 20 Minutes and Meticulously Like Doing Needlework


    Recently, the Jiangning Road Sub-district Demonstration Squadron of the Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau of Jing'an District made the m

    First Wet Garbage Disposal Chamber of Jing’an District Put into Operation in Beizhan Sub-district


    The personnel are handling the wet garbage disposal equipment■Photograph by Reporter Li Ying■Text by Reporter Li YingNews If we dump the kitchen waste

    New Breakthrough in Operation of Rapid Inspection of Standardized Food Markets in Jing'an District


    ■Text by Reporter Xing BeilinNews At 8 a.m., the inspector, Mr. Zhang, took the samples of vegetables and meat from ten vegetable markets in Zhenning,

    A Better Life Accompanied by Arts


    Philharmonic Plays the Symphony I Love You, the Rose ■Photograph by Reporter Xing Beilin■Text by Reporter Xing BeilinNews Vigorous music given out by

    "Cultural Walking" Art Collection and Creation Achievements Exhibition Kicks Off


    ■Text by Reporter Li YingNews On March 26, 2019, the "Cultural Walking: Jing'an Art Collection and Creation Achievements Exhibition" gui

    Artistic Directors Meeting of Competing Performances of Citizen Theater Held


    ■Text by Reporter Li YingNews On March 31, 2019, the directors of 33 plays from the competing performance unit of citizen theater of Jing'an Moder

    Shanghai's First Traffic Safety Practice Base for Primary and Secondary Schools Launched


    ■ Photograph by Reporter Xiao Mingliang■ Text by Reporter Huang JingjingOn March 25, 2019, Shanghai's first traffic safety practice base for prima

    3V3 Basketball Game Held in Daning Road Sub-district by Four Parks


    ■Photograph by Reporter Xiao Mingliang■Text by Reporter Wu JingjingOn March 25, 2019, the Party Building Service Center of Daning Road Sub-district an

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