Alipay's "Garbage Collection" Pilot Service Expands to Another 30 Buildings and Parks in Jing'an


    The "Alipay Waste Sorting and Recycling" pilot project in more than 100 communities in Jiangning Road Sub-district and Pengpu Town of Jing&#

    Jing'an District Initiates "Jing'an Sports Public Welfare Delivery" Service in Shanghai


    ■ Text by Reporter Huang JingjingNews While the enrichment of fitness methods and the expansion of fitness venues constantly meet the fitness needs of

    Shanghai Modern Drama Valley to Reopen in April, with 270 Free Performances in Core Area of Jing'an District


    On March 1, 2019, Shanghai Jing'an Modern Drama Valley announced that a series of activities would be held from April 26 to May 12 this year, with

    Exploring a New Pattern of "Four-circle Collaboration" in Waste Sorting


    ■ Text by Reporter Shi DanniMr. Liu, who lives in Jingyuan residential area of Jiangning Road Sub-district, found a lot of old newspapers, clothes and

    On Learn from Lei Feng Day, Mao Mengda and Shen Ronghai, Masters of Monodrama, Walk down the Street


    In spite of the drizzle, on March 5, 2019, Mao Mengda and Shen Ronghai, masters of the Monodrama, came to the junction of Huashan Road and Yan'an

    Be a "Gold Waiter" and Jointly Promote Regional Economic Development


    District Leaders Award Prizes to Top Ten Enterprises for Their Economic Contribution in 2018■Photograph by Reporter Xiao Mingliang■Text by Reporter Pe

    After-class Nursing Service Providers of Primary Schools in Shanghai Take Measures to Make Children Happy and Parents Relieved


    (Text by Reporter Lu Zihua and Stringer Jiao Wei) Since this March 20, on the basis of providing after-class service till 17:00, Shanghai has planned

    Jing'an Elite Union Claims 999 Wishes to Fulfill Dreams of Children in Targeted Poverty-stricken Areas


    (Text by Yang Qing and Zhang Cuiling) A team of 10 serves 80,000 members and affects 500,000 white collars. The name "Elite Union" are well-

    Comprehensive Care Service of Shanghai Xia Fu Nursing Home Attracts Elderly to "Settle Down"


    (Text by Reporter Xing Beilin) In the Spring Festival just passed, Shanghai Xia Fu Nursing Home, located on Dahushan Road, has welcomed a new batch of

    The First "Shared Citizen Gym" in Shanghai Open to Public in Jing'an District


    ?The "Shared Citizen Stadium" under the new management mode of "Internet + sports" in Jing'an District achieves full coverage■

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