Shanghai Jing’an Modern Drama Valley Wins the Title of “Shanghai Culture Top Ten Brand Events”


    (Text by Reporter Li Ying) Recently, the results of the second “Event of Shanghai Top Ten Cultural Enterprises, Ten Shanghai Cultural Enterprises with

    With Wonderful Performances One by One, the Art Space Let Citizens Share A Cultural Festival


    (Text by Reporter Li Ying / Photograph by Reporter Xiao Mingliang) On the evening of October 26th, in Jing’an Park with a cool breeze in a strong autu

    Jing’an District Library Holds the Recital Exchange Meeting for Chinese and French Poets


    (Text by Reporter Li Ying) On October 24th, the “Poems and My Hometown” Recital Exchange Meeting for Chinese and French Poets, a branch venue event of

    Jing’an District Greening and City Appearance Bureau Fully Implements Relevant Security Work to Promote Refined Management


    (Text by Reporter Huang Jingjing / Photo by Reporter Yu Ruwen) At the beginning of November, the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) will be

    With Colorful Cheongsams, Linfen Road Sub-district Shows Its Fashion Style


    (Text by Reporter Peng Xuhui/Photo by Reporter Xiao Mingliang) To celebrate the 40thAnniversary of the reform and opening up, on the afternoon of Octo

    The “CIIE” Security Service Team Is Established


    (Text by Reporter Peng Xuhui/Photo by Reporter Yu Ruwen) On the morning of October 26, Linlin Municipal Maintenance Company signed the Agreement on Co

    Jing’an District Holds the CIIE Urban Security Work Promotion Conference, in Which Three Customized Featured Routes for the CIIE Are Released


    (Text by Reporter Huang Jingjing) On October 16, Jing’an District held the first CIIE Urban Securit Work Promotion Conference. Lu Xiaodong, Secretary

    The 24-year-old Young Man Cai Feng from Jing’an District Completes the Hematopoietic Stem Cell Donation


    (Text by Reporter Xing Beilin) “Tick and tick...” On the morning of October 12th, in the hematopoietic stem cell blood sample collection room of Shang

    L’exposition de la collection d’art photographique « le Classique sous l’objectif » s’est tenue à l’espace artistique de Xinjinjie


    (Journaliste LI Ying écrit/XIAO Mingliang photographie) Le 26 octobre, la cérémonie d’ouverture du «Classique sous l’object

    The Mulan Sword Competition of Jiangning Road Sub-district Is Held


    (Text by Reporter Shi Danni / Photo by Reporter Xiao Mingliang) On October 16th, guided by Shanghai Sports Bureau and Shanghai Municipal Sports Federa

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