Draft News Release on the 2017 Westgate Mall FIE Foil Grand Prix Shanghai

Released on:2017-09-26


2017 Westgate Mall FIE Foil Grand Prix Shanghai Is Held in Jing’an District

2017 Westgate Mall FIE Foil Grand Prix Shanghai, with the approval of International Fencing Federation (FIE) and General Administration of Sport of China, will be co-hosted by Bicycle and Fencing Management Center of General Administration of Sport of China, Chinese Fencing Association, Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau and Jing’an District People’s Government in Westgate Mall and Jing’an Gymnasium from May 19 to 21, 2017.

As one of the famous international brand events held in Shanghai and the sole brand event of Jing’an District, the event has been held in Jing’an District for numerous years and effectively promoted the development of fencing in Jing’an District. Shanghai Westgate Mall Co., Ltd. has supported the event for successive years and made remarkable contribution to the success of the event.

2017 FIE Foil Grand Prix Shanghai is classified as the Class A international event by General Administration of Sport of China. Nearly 280 athletes from about 29 countries and regions will participate in the event, including over 140 male athletes and over 130 female athletes. Male and female athletes ranking among the best athletes in foil individual competitions of FIE will also participate in the event. Totally 40 athletes (20 males and 20 females) will be sent by the Men’s Foil Team and Women’s Foil Team of China to compete in the event. Chen Haiwei, bronze medalist of Men’s Individual Foil Competition of 2016 FIE Foil Grand Prix Shanghai, and Le Huilin, a female athlete earning the highest points of China in Women’s Foil Individual of FIE, will also attend the event.

The group tournament and elimination tournament will be held in Jing’an Gymnasium from May 19 to 21, and the semifinal and finals will be held in the courtyard of Westgate Mall at 16:30 on May 20 and May 21. Great Sports of Shanghai Television will rebroadcast the event on TV, while Zhibo.tv will conduct a live webcast on the event.

For the purpose of improving comprehensive benefit of the event, achieving the organic combination of high-level sports event and the promotion of youth fencing competition and white collar fitness activity, realizing the better integration of high-end international event and the construction of modern international Jing’an District and further promoting the popularization and promotion of fencing, the Organization Committee of the event will conduct a series of activities themed “Jing’an Sword Contest” in Jing’an District and Shanghai City, optimizing the event experience of audience and enhance the connotation of the event by holding participatory and recreational activities. The series of activities includes three parts, namely the 1st Sports Meeting of Jing’an District and “Jing’an Sword Contest” Shanghai Fencing Challenge, World-famous Fencing Coaches and Fencers in Schools Activity and Free Activity for Watching Fencing Competitions for Students of Some Primary and Secondary Schools.

Holding an open event to improve its benefit. “Jing’an Sword Contest” Shanghai Fencing Challenge, as the qualifier of Shanghai Urban Amateur Fencing Competition and 1st Sports Meeting of Jing’an District, has been widely welcomed and participated in by people from all sectors of society. The event, co-organized by YD Sports and Wanglei International Fencing Club, is driven by the integration of “government, society and market” to expand the influence of the event and maximize the benefits of limited resources by meeting the needs of different people and attracting citizens to participate in the event. Now the number of athletes and staff has reached about 600. The qualifier of the event has been held in Wanglei International Fencing Club from May 13 to 14, 2017, and grass-roots fencers entering the finals will be able to experience the top international competition.

    Conducting in-depth culture publicity to create an environment for the holding of the event. In order to create an environment for the holding of the event and increase culture publicity, publicity boards will be placed at the scene of the finals to introduce the fencing culture and the development of fencing of Jing’an District. In the course of the award ceremony of the 2017 FIE Foil Grand Prix Shanghai, Organization Committee will arrange the champion of teenager group of the 1st Sports Meeting of Jing’an District to present a bouquet for winners, which will help the young athletes to experience the sense of honor and pride brought by sports and promote the development of youth fencing competition as well as the in-depth interaction between professional brand competition and brand group activities.

Organizing diversified interaction to enhance participation and recreation of event. With an aim to meet different requirements of students, promote the healthy growth of teenagers and boost the development of fencing in schools, excellent coaches and athletes of USA will be invited to guide the training of teenage fencers and compete with students in Shanghai Jing’an Zhabei Experimental Primary School. Moreover, students from 10 schools of Jing’an District conducting fencing activity will be invited to watch the event on the spot to help them to experience the international event and arouse their interest of participating in fencing activity. Lei Sheng, champion of Men’s Foil Individual of 2008 Summer Olympics, and Dong Li, a popular fencer, will interact with audience before the finals, and world champions including Wang Lei and Ye Chong will become the interactive referees of the event, giving an opportunity for grass-roots fencers to enjoy the fencing by communicating with top fencers of the world and making it possible for citizens to experience the interesting and charming fencing.