Draft News Release on the 24th Shanghai International Tea Culture Tourism Festival

Released on:2017-09-26


The 24th Shanghai International Tea Culture Tourism Festival Witnesses Its Launching in 2017

   The 24th Shanghai International Tea Culture Tourism Festival will be held in Shanghai Exhibition Center from May 26 to 28, 2017. The festival, themed “Tea, a Good Drink for Building a Sound Body”, will adhere to the idea of being close to the livelihood of people and highlighting the inheritance, and actively promote the in-depth integration of the culture, industry and tourism of tea to help citizens to learn about tea culture and make Jing’an District filled with the aroma of tea.

After the merger of Jing’an District and Zhabei District, the two districts made joint efforts to complement each other’s superior resources. As a brand festival, it is the first time for Shanghai International Tea Culture Tourism Festival to be held in Shanghai Exhibition Center to effectively broaden the scope of radiation of the activity and benefit citizens as many as possible. The festival will be formally launched on May 26, 2017. More than 200 enterprises from 5 foreign countries like Japan, Sri Lanka and Ecuador as well as over 50 tea producing areas of more than a dozen provinces, cities and autonomous regions of China including Zhejiang, Guizhou, Fujian, Anhui and Shanghai will participate in the festival, displaying the new-type teas and famous teas of different regions. It is also the first time to establish exhibition areas for five large tea cities, including Shanghai Daning International Tea City, Minxin Tea City, Fengzhuang Tea Town and Tianshan Tea City, to give an opportunity for citizens to take a close encounter with well-known teas at home and abroad.

Various cultural activities will also be held by organizers during the festival. For example, “Tea Class” Tea Culture Lecture will be held on the central plaza in the form of the on-site interaction between guests and visitors. Moreover, citizens will be able to enjoy special activities like Colormen Culture Lecture, Shanghai-style Cheongsam Show, Traditional Hanfu Show and authentic Tea Art Performance.

In order to expand the influence of the festival and help citizens to learn about the traditional Chinese culture, activities related to the festival have been held in schools and communities. For instance, a total of 30 children’s tea art groups from all districts of Shanghai participated in the Shanghai Primary and Secondary School Students Tea Art Communication and Exhibition Activity, organized by the Jing’an District Youth Center. The children have expanded scope of knowledge and improved the capability of art by communicating and competing with each other, making it possible for the inheritance of Chinese tea culture. The “Tea in Communities” Activity, hosted by Shanghai Daning International Tea City, is planned to hold various cultural activities irregularly in communities all year round, take advantages of community resources to serve residents, pass the concept of “green, health, environmental protection and harmony” to residents and promote the value idea of living a healthy life by guiding residents to drink tea scientifically and artistically.

With 23 years of development, the Tea Culture Tourism Festival has become more dynamic and more valuable. We hope that more and more citizens will enter the tea world to enjoy the flavor of tea and understand the tea culture. Citizens can focus on the WeChat official account of “Leyou Jing’an” to learn about the highlights of the festival, receive the dynamic news timely and experience the profound tea culture of China by participating in the activity.