Notice of the General Office of Shanghai Jingan District People's Government on Transmitting Three-year (2015 - 2017) Action Plan for Strengthening the Construction of Public Health System in Jingan District

Released on:2017-03-14


October 24, 2016

JDPG GO G [2016] No.15

Attention: all Commissions, Offices and Bureaus (Administration) of the District People’s Government, all Sub-district Offices and Pengpu Town People’s Government:

Three-year (2015-2017) Action Plan for Strengthening the Construction of Public Health System in Jingan District has been approved by the District People’s Government, and is hereby transmitted to you. You are requested to implement them conscientiously.

Three-year (2015-2017) Action Plan for Strengthening the Construction of Public Health System in Jingan District

The original Zhabei and Jingan Districts, through the implementation of the previous action plan of public health system construction in three years, have had the public health infrastructure, equipment and other hardware conditions improved significantly, the capability of major disease prevention and control, and the level of disposal of contingencies effectively improved, and the level of citizens' health obviously raised. By the end of 2015, the household population life expectancy reached 83.17 years of age, the maternal mortality rate maintained zero for seven consecutive years, and the infant mortality rate was 0.85 per thousand. The three indicators of health have reached the level of developed countries and regions in the world.

In September 2015, Zhabei and Jingan districts started the "removal of two and establishment of one". By reference to requirements of strategic positioning and development of "International Jingan", there is still a gap in respect to the level of public health services and people's growing demand for services. With the help of an important opportunity for development of the powerful combination and complementary advantages, in order to seize opportunities for development of economical society, actively make and realize the blueprint of a new round of development of the public health system construction, to further improve the comprehensive ability and level of public health service, effectively protect the urban public health safety and social stability, and promote the sound and rapid economic development of Jingan District, this Action Plan is hereby formulated.

I. Guiding Ideology

With Deng Xiaoping theory, the important thought of "Three Represents" and Scientific Outlook on Development as guidance, thoroughly implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's series of important speeches, with the development strategy of "one axis and three belts", the municipal and district medical health system reform requirements and the development planning of health understandings as the basis, ensure the urban public health safety and the promotion of citizens' health level as the core, fully carry out the requirements of public health service that is “of entire process and high efficiency, refined and performance-based, and that makes the general public satisfied” and strive to build the public health service system matched with the development of "international Jingan ".

II. Basic Principles

1. Adhere to government dominance and social participation. Continue to consolidate the joint prevention and control mechanism, strengthen public health services and social management functions of the governments at all levels, build the multi-departmental cooperation platform of public health, establish long-standing management mechanism of social mobilization, and create a good environment for the whole society to participate in supporting public health.

2. Adhere to the planning guide and collaborative development. With the overall planning of Jingan development as the guide, and the implementation of the municipal and district medical health system reform requirements and the development planning task of health understandings as the goal, build the big system of public health service and management, and maintain the urban public health safety.

3. Adhere to the people-oriented policy and being beneficial to the people. Pay close attention to the main public health problems of public health impact and hot points of the general public's public health service demand, carry out service projects beneficial to people, promote the popularization and application of appropriate technology and measures of public health services, and further promote the equalization of public health service quality.

III. Work Objectives

Take "integration, optimization and complementary advantages" as the main line, strive to improve service functions, deepen service content, improve service levels, optimize long-standing mechanism and create a social support atmosphere. By the end of 2017, realize comprehensive and sensitive disease monitoring, accurate and scientific risk warning, three-dimensional and high efficiency emergency disposal; perfect the disease comprehensive prevention and control service system, integrating treatment and prevention with clear duties and orderly link of "prevention, intervention and treatment"; implement the health whole process management of institutional graded coordination and the public initiative activity ", and effectively let residents in the area enjoy more equal basic public health services.

IV. Main Tasks

1. To further improve the construction of public health system with scientific and efficient response as the target

(1) Improve the comprehensive monitoring capability of infectious diseases. Optimize the infectious disease comprehensive surveillance system, improve the epidemic risk assessment and early warning, strengthen technical reserves for emergency response to major outbreaks of epidemic situation, and improve the field epidemiological investigation and the emergency response capability.

(2) Improve the emergency response capability of contingencies. Optimize emergency management mechanism of health contingencies. Further improve emergency supplies reserves of district medical and health institutions, guarantee personnel training and strengthen the on-site emergency rescue to respond to all kinds of public health contingencies, and enhance the building of rescue ability of a number of injured people.

(3) Improve the public health common disease surveillance system. Establish and improve the food safety risk monitoring and evaluation, and the monitoring and evaluation system of health hazard factors in the field of environmental and occupational health and related diseases. Establish an ocular disease monitoring, intervention and evaluation system.

2. Further enhance the service ability of integrating treatment and preventions required by the whole-process collaborative management

(1) Establish a chronic disease comprehensive prevention and control system of "integrating cure and prevention". Focus on the implementation of the whole-process health management, establish and perfect the systems of comprehensive prevention and control services of chronic diseases and management standards based on large data, family doctor management, graded treatment and two-way referral to build the orderly, whole-process chronic disease comprehensive prevention and treatment services and management system of "integrating cure and prevention". Carry out comprehensive prevention and treatment services of "prevention, intervention and treatment" with stress put on diabetes, chronic kidney disease, tumors and low vision.

(2) Establish the seamless link mechanism of mental health community management. With the improvement of residents' mental health level and prevention of mental disorder as the direction, explore the establishment of risk graded warning mechanism of "disease attack, relapse and troublemaking" of “high-risk groups with family history” and “severe mental disorder patients under control”, and standardize and implement whole-process management service measures based on community. Integrate resources of the federation of the disabled, civil affairs, NGOs, universities and social enterprises, set up occupation training bases in enterprises or relevant units, form an employment-oriented occupation training mode, and explore the community occupation rehabilitation mechanism of patients with mental disorders.

3. With problem and demand as guide, carry out public health services beneficial to people of special groups

(1) Focus on health needs of the elderly population. Rely on the "city - district - community" three-tiered eye disease prevention network, establish the ametropia screening and correction service mechanism for the elderly aged 65 and above in this Municipality, fitting free corrective glasses for the eligible elderly of families in difficulties. Explore the construction of the medical and elderly care combination system with focus on the establishment of standardized elderly care service items and supervision index system, form the modern health management concept of combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment, prevention and health care.

(2) Be concerned about common health problems in children. Strengthen the prevention and intervention of myopia, obesity, malnutrition, dental caries, scoliosis and other key health problems. Enhance the combination of medicine and education; promote the making of public health intervention strategies for physical activities of children and adolescents. Explore the strategies and measures of comprehensive intervention with children myopia with the aim of controlling the rising incidence of myopia in children. According to the municipal plan, give free fluoridization to prevent caries for 3-5 years old children to control caries incidence. Carry out the early screening and pilot intervention treatment of deciduous molars in school children aged 6-9 years old.

(3) Pay attention to whole-process maternal health care management. Strengthen the pregnancy health care and nutrition intervention, set up the system of full coverage of health management and intervention before and during pregnancy, prenatal screening and diagnosis, prenatal treatment, the whole process birth defects monitoring and intervention of neonatal disease screening, diagnosis and treatment. According to the main health problems and related influencing factors, health service mode and management mechanism, set up the health intervention network covering the climacteric women in the whole district.

4. Perfect the public health management mechanism with the standardized management as a hand grab

(1) Strengthen public health safety risk monitoring. Make full application of technical standards and large data, promote the on-site mobile law enforcement platform and the field mobile rapid detection technology, set up the medical service supervision system based on the dynamic monitoring of practice of the medical staff, build a platform for comprehensive evaluation of medical institutions and public health supervision and risk monitoring, and effectively enhance the legal management level of health supervision in the area under jurisdiction.

(2) Perfect the public health service security mechanism. Strengthen the standardized management of public health; promote the establishment of long-standing management mechanism of public health and the construction of legal system. Establish a stable investment and growth mechanism of public health services, and gradually increase the proportion of public health services investment in total health expenditure. Explore the establishment of management mechanism with government guidance, support and purchase of public health services that social organizations participate in and provide.

(3) Integrate applications of the public health information system. Speed up the integration of public health information systems in Jingan District, and further optimize the work production and management systems of public health service lines. With hypertension, diabetes, chronic kidney disease and stroke as the focus, and with homogeneous prevention and treatment services provided for chronic patients by hospitals at different levels in the region as the foundation, establish a chronic disease comprehensive management information system with "people" as the center.

V. Construction Projects

1. Public health capacity improvement projects

Focus on the prevention and control of public health and monitoring and control of health hazard factors, enhancing the ability of standardized management of public health services.

(1) infectious disease monitoring and early warning, and emergency response capacity building (municipal level);

(2) health hazard factors monitoring and related disease prevention and control (municipal level);

(3) the construction of the platform of comprehensive evaluation and risk monitoring of medical institutions and public health supervision (municipal level);

(4) the construction of the Shanghai blood preparation automation platform and clinical blood-use integrated management platform (municipal level);

(5) the standardized building of service management of severe mental disorders in Shanghai (municipal level); and

(6) the standardization project of mental rehabilitation service referral (district level).

2. Public health system construction project

Establish the regional level I, II, III key disease comprehensive prevention, treatment and management network, so that the residents in this District can enjoy the homogeneous and equal disease prevention and control services in medical institutions at different levels.

(7) the establishment of Shanghai metabolic disease (diabetes) comprehensive prevention and treatment service management system (municipal level);

(8) the building of Shanghai chronic kidney disease early detection and diagnosis and treatment system (municipal level);

(9) the building of an integrated management system for the development and disease of low birth weight infants in Shanghai (municipal level).

3. Public health benefit-to-people service items

With problems and demands as guide, focus on key groups and key diseases, according to the principle of equal rights and responsibilities, and gradient services, provide public-welfare services to improve the life and living quality.

(10) the survival and health management of community residents with chronic diseases such as tumor (municipal level);

(11) the fall risk assessment and comprehensive intervention of community elderly people (district level);

(12) the key eye disease intervention in Shanghai population under the new situation (municipal level);

(13) comprehensive intervention of population with low vision (municipal level);

(14) the screening and intervention project of 0-6 years old children with overweight and obesity (district level);

(15) free fluoride anticaries of children aged 3-5 years in Shanghai (municipal level);

(16) the intervention of Shanghai children with premature loss of deciduous tooth (municipal level);

(17) Jingan District middle and primary students scoliosis screening and intervention (district level);

(18) the comprehensive prevention and treatment of key health problems of climacteric women in Shanghai (municipal level); and

(19) first-level prevention of key nutritional factors during pregnancy and congenital heart disease (municipal level).

VI. Organizational Guarantee

1. Strengthen leadership, implement management responsibility chain. It is necessary to further enhance the awareness of the importance of public health system construction, bring the public health system into the overall planning of the national economic and social development of this District. Establish and improve the organization and management system, specify and carry out the responsibility chain of work, guarantee fund input of construction projects of the district public health three-year action plan. The District Health and Family Planning Commission as the lead department shall urge the departments and project implementing units to carry out project measures and fulfill tasks.

2. Strengthen coordination and implement the guarantee work mechanism. Further improve the social support network of public health in the whole district. Establish a sound public health work linkage docking mechanism, timely coordinate and solve the problems and difficulties in the process of implementation of the public health three-year action plan and ensure that all the tasks of the public health three-year action plan are completed in an orderly way on schedule.

3. Enhance supervision, carry out project standardized management. Relevant departments shall, strictly in accordance with the work process of project application, implementation, interim evaluation and final evaluation, carry out project management. Project funds need to strictly follow the relevant provisions of the financial project management. Intensify the supervision and evaluation of projects by stage, focus on strengthening the third party evaluation, which takes the special assessment of funds and the evaluation of the project effect as core, and ensure the quality and efficiency of the implementation of the public health three-year action plan.

4. Strengthen publicity and create a good atmosphere. Through a variety of ways to carry out extensive publicity of public health system construction, encourage social resources to actively participate in the construction of public health system, improve the mobilization of social resources to participate in public health emergency response mechanism. The publicity department and the news media shall strengthen the publicity of the public health system construction, grasp the correct guidance of public opinion, and create a good environment for the whole society to attach importance to public health and participate in the construction of public health system.