The 13th Five-year Plan for High-end Business Gathering Belt on Both Sides of West Nanjing Road

Released on:2017-06-13


The 13th Five-year Plan for High-end Business Gathering

Belt on Both Sides of West Nanjing Road

Built in 1862, the first year of the reign of Tongzhi of Qing Dynasty, West Nanjing Road is China’s first Western-style road. With advantageous geographic location, the road is 2,933 meters long, starting from North Chengdu Road in the east to West Yan’an Road in the west, accounting for 60% of the entire Nanjing Road. After a century of development, especially planning and construction in the past 20 years, West Nanjing Road area has become one of the most iconic areas of Shanghai modern international metropolis.

Since Jing’an District’s implementation of the “one axis three belts” development strategy after “removal of two and establishment of one”, during the “13th Five-year” period, on the basis of “West Nanjing Road modern service industry gathering area”, West Nanjing Road is expanded up to “high-end business gathering belt on both sides of West Nanjing road” (Hereinafter referred to as “West Nanjing Road gathering belt”), and the scope of butts and bounds is adjusted north to West Beijing Road - Wanhangdu Road - South Wuning Road, and south to Yan’an Road - Weihai Road, east to North Chengdu Road,  and  west to Changshou Road - Changning Road - North Jiangsu Road – West Wuding Road - Wanhangdu Road - Zhenning Road, covering 2.6 square kilometers.

I. Review of the Development of West Nanjing Road in the “12th Five-year” Period

During the “12th Five-year” period, under the strong leadership of the District Party Committee and the District People’s Government, West Nanjing Road area (here refers to the original “West Nanjing Road modern service industry gathering belt” in Jing’an 12th Five-year Plan, east to North Chengdu Road, west to Zhenning Road, south to Weihai Road – Yan’an Road, north to West Beijing Road - Yuyuan Road) maintained a good momentum of development and the level of commercial business development was always keeping the Municipality’s leading position.

1. The pattern of five functional areas basically took into shape

By the end of 2015, West Nanjing Road had a commercial business district planning area of ??5.15 million square meters, with 3.6958 million square meters already built and 367,000 square meters under construction. From east to west, five functional areas basically took into shape: Shimen Road media industry area - the international media, advertising, and information industry highlands; Mei Tai Hung high-end business shopping area - the top business office and brand shopping center area; Exhibition center high-end business convention and exhibition area — business office, convention and exhibition, and hotel service area; Jing’an Temple cultural and commercial area - Chinese and western cultural tourism window and western commercial business center; Concord City Art Fashion Area - Grade A office building, theme shopping street and superior service apartment integrated area.

2. The headquarters economy, foreign-related economy, and building economy further developed

During the “12th Five-year” period, West Nanjing Road maintained a good momentum of development, with operating income up from 110.8 billion yuan in 2011 to 168.2 billion yuan in 2015, the compound annual growth rate reaching 11.01%; tax from 11.698 billion yuan in 2011 to 22.777 billion yuan by 2015, the compound annual growth rate up to 17.21%. By the end of 2015, in the total tax revenue of the original Jing’an, the proportion of tax contribution of West Nanjing Road accounted for up to 70%.

Over the past five years, the West Nanjing Road area endeavored to introduce projects with large-scale investment, good economic returns, great contributions of profits and taxes and strong driving effect, and so the headquarters economy, foreign-related economy and building economy further developed. By the end of 2015, the stationed regional headquarters reached 22 in number, accounting for 84.62% of the total headquarters of the original Jing’an region, including L’Oréal, a cosmetics leading enterprise, Pfizer, a well-known pharmaceutical company, Akzo Nobel, the world’s leading paint and paint company, ITest Asia Pacific, one of the world’s largest fashion retail companies, Roland Berg, a strategic consulting firm, and other international well-known enterprises, continuing to maintain the status of headquarters economic highlands. In 2015, the 22 multinational companies made accumulated tax payment of 2.805 billion yuan.

During the five years, foreign capital channels and areas used by West Nanjing Road continued to expand, and foreign-related economy contributed much to the regional tax revenue, playing a leading role of the bridgehead in the regional development. In 2015, the original Jing’an District’s foreign-related companies made accumulated tax payment of 18.599 billion yuan in total, accounting for 59% of the total tax revenue. In the original Jing’an District’s big tax payers 100 list, 70% were the enterprises registered in West Nanjing Road.

West Nanjing Road is one of the earliest and most successful regions in Shanghai’s building economy. During the “12th Five-year” period, our district actively carried out expansion and upgrading, and gradually guided the development of point-like buildings to gathering cluster buildings, completely raising the scale and quality of buildings. 1788 International Building, Kerry Center Phase II, Fubon Crystal Center and other commercial business buildings unveiled one after another, with floor space of ??566,100 square meters, of which the commercial area accounted for ??155,500 square meters, further complementing and improving the commercial business carrier along West Nanjing Road. The building economy grew constantly in scale and in 2015, 21 billion-yuan buildings including Plaza 66, CITIC Square, Yueyang Square and Westgate Mall accounted for 72.41% of the total billion-yuan buildings in the original Jing’an District, making the total tax payment of 13.97 billion yuan, accounting for 69.17% of the tax payment of the original Jing’an billion-yuan buildings, and 44.44% of the total tax revenue of the original Jing’an District.

3. Commercial format and shopping environment further improved

During the “12th Five-year” period, West Nanjing Road boosted efforts to introduce international famous flagship stores, experience shops and theme shopping stores, and the introduction of brands further realized diversification and comprehensiveness. By the end of 2015, West Nanjing Road gathered along the road 1,600 domestic and foreign brands, more than 1,000 of which are well-known international brands, accounting for more than 60%, becoming a gathering place and wind vane of high-end brand consumption in Shanghai.

    During the “12th Five-year” period, along West Nanjing Road, brand enterprises continued to gather and brands were abounding. Zara, Massimo Dutti, comprehensive clothing brands under Inditex Group, one of the world’s four major fashion chains, entered Jing’an District and set up trade companies and franchised stores. Inditex’s three other brands, Oysho, Uterque and Zara Home, also settled in Jing’an, and set up Oysho Trade and Business (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Uterque Trade and Business (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and Zara Home Trade and Business (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Uniqlo, GAP, American Eagle, H&M and PORTS 1961 opened flagship stores along West Nanjing Road. Crocs, Lee and Levi’s also opened brand branches; Carla Sozzani, the most influential retailer in Europe and the United States settled 10 Corso Como, China’s first multi-brand boutique in Jing’an Temple. The world’s largest flagship store of SEPHORA, opened in West Nanjing Road, gathered 118 brands, 7,400 beauty products, and provided professional skin care consulting, beauty experience, and many other professional services. Mall 818 and Wujiang Road Leisure Street introduced OVS, Ochirly, MUJI, Orbis, Naruko and other fashion brands, enriching the diversity of brands along West Nanjing Road.

II. The Advantageous Characteristics of the Development of West Nanjing Road

During the “12th Five-year” period, West Nanjing Road constantly promoted the construction of commercial business carrier, improved the functional layout and industrial planning, vigorously developed the business-cycle economy, and promoted the continuous lift of industrial energy level, and its overall development presented the following advantageous characteristics:

1. Obvious location advantage, with superior comprehensive service environment

The West Nanjing Road gathering belt has a superior geolocation, crisscross traffic and convenient transportation connections easy to transfer rail transit. In recent years, along with the construction of “International Jing’an”, West Nanjing Road formed a comprehensive competitiveness in the commercial business service environment, urban management level, social public services, international openness and other aspects.

2. Open economic characteristics are obvious

With steady development of open economy, high-end trade and business services, obvious brand advantages, significant agglomeration effect of building economy and headquarters economy, West Nanjing Road initially became an important gathering place of international capital, high-end talents, information, culture and activities.

3. The pattern of the four major industries was formed

    During the “12th Five-year” period, the industrial system with trade and circulation, professional services, financial, cultural and creative industries as the pillars gradually took into shape. Among them, the contribution of the trade and circulation industry to the regional economy always stood at the first place; the professional services industry supported by the high-energy headquarters agency developed steadily; the financial industry featuring new finance continued to be strengthened; and the scale and influence of the cultural and creative service industry continuously expanded.

4. Economic influence was growing

The Shanghai shopping festival Jing’an International Carnival, Forbes West Nanjing Road Forum, Jing’an -Central European top brand forum, the Shanghai “Design Capital”, Shanghai Fashion Week and other activities held and undertaken in recent years promoted the international popularity of West Nanjing Road as a whole, making the influence of West Nanjing Road area grow more and more.

III. Opportunities and Challenges Facing the Development of West Nanjing Road Gathering Belt in the “13th Five-year” Period

The “13th Five-year” period is a key period of building a well-off society in an all-round way. It is also an important strategic opportunity period to realize the industrial transformation and upgrading of West Nanjing Road gathering belt, with opportunities and challenges coexisting and mainly presenting as follows:

1. Opportunities

(1) Development opportunities of construction of China “one belt one road” and the Yangtze River economic belt

At present, the State has introduced a series of vision, planning and action plans for the construction of “one belt one road” and the Yangtze River economic belt, aiming to further promote the great opening of China, especially the inland areas, make full use of the international and domestic two markets and two resources and promote the adjustment of economic structure, the transformation of economic development mode and the improvement of independent innovation ability. The West Nanjing Road gathering belt is located in the intersection of “one belt one road” and the Yangtze River economic belt, can give full play to the advantages of talents, system and management and further enhance the industrial energy level and radiation driving power.

(2) Opportunities of construction of Shanghai “four centers”, the scientific innovation center and the “international consumer city”

The “13th Five-year” is the sprint period for Shanghai to build up “four centers”, and is also a key period to build up the science and technology innovation center with global influence and the “international consumer city” that can “buy the whole world” and “sell the whole world”. The West Nanjing Road gathering belt can make full use of high-degree concentration of people, talent, things and flow, and the advantages of complete service functions, strong innovative atmosphere and deep business culture and business tradition to vigorously promote the in-depth development of the modern service industry, vigorously gather internationally renowned consumer brands, and build up an “international consumer city demonstration area” commensurate with the mature block in the world.

(3) The historical opportunity of the “removal of two and establishment of one” of New Jing'an

After the “removal of two and establishment of one”, Jing’an District is located in the center of Shanghai with a total area of ??37.37 square kilometers, and under the big background of tightening supply of land resources in the central city, New Jing’an possesses a relatively adequate resources to be developed. According to the “one axis three belts” development strategy of New Jing’an, the West Nanjing Road area adds the new Caojiadou business cycle on the original basis and expands to form the “high-end business gathering belt on both sides of West Nanjing Road”. The new West Nanjing Road gathering belt will have more commercial carriers and greater space resources to give play to the role of spillover effects and radiation of service economy and brand economy, and the original professional service industry with international influence such as law, accounting and consulting can also be allocated and developed in the ?? larger space of the new administrative area.

2. Challenge

(1) Demand momentum weakened, consumption diversion getting obvious

At present, Jing’an economy is at the critical stage of “climbing over ridge”, the economic development turning to the speed shift, the medium-speed growth becoming the normal, and the development of West Nanjing Road gathering belt facing a multifaceted impact: First, demand momentum weakened. In the post-industrial era, consumers’ consumer demand is also changing quietly, from the pursuit of basic functions of material to the level of “cultural identity” and “self-expression”. Consumers will pay more attention to humanism, experience, culture and other spiritual needs, and the West Nanjing Road consumption industry based on high-end business and trade and circulation industry needs to face this change. Second, overseas diversion. With foreign visa conditions relaxed, prices of luxuries of the same brand and same style are lower overseas than at home, triggering the consumption impulse of domestic residents in the form of outbound consumption, overseas shopping and online purchasing, and no doubt considerably attracting the majority of white-collar groups highly sensitive to prices. Third, the surrounding business district and out-of-town diversion. In recent years, the construction of business districts in the Shanghai suburbs and along Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas is in full swing, with shopping centers increasing and the development getting mature, producing the impact of diversion and interception on the customer source of West Nanjing Road. Fourth, the impact of e-business. In 2015, the annual growth rate of e-commerce in China was 31.6%, much higher than 10.7% of that of physical business, which constitutes a considerable divergence of consumption to the West Nanjing Road gathering belt, which deals mainly in physical retail.

(2) High factor costs, serious industry homogeneity  

After years of nurturing development, West Nanjing Road supporting construction has been basically perfect, resources available for development are decreasing, and the pressure of constraint resources environment is very prominent. West Nanjing Road gathered a large number of top domestic and foreign enterprises with high business support and service cost. Business costs are increasingly becoming the development burden of enterprises, especially innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises. How to use the limited incremental to stimulate greater commercial business development potential has become a problem in an urgent need of thinking and solution.

At the same time, along with the advancing process of urbanization, Shanghai is forming a multi-polar development pattern. The traffic network and information construction are weakening the location advantage of the original core city area. The surrounding urban area accelerated the pace of construction, with Hongqiao business district and Pudong Lujiazui commercial centers and others coming into existence, and the similar positioning and development model lead to the isomorphic development of industry and increasingly sharp competition.

(3) Traffic is not smooth and vertical

With traffic jam, difficult parking, and disconnection between commercial carriers and between commercial carriers and rail traffic, the West Nanjing Road shopping district is facing a major bottleneck, with restriction effect of accessibility and convenience to economic development gradually appearing. The West Nanjing Road Station, despite realization of three rail intersection of Metro Line 2, Line 12 and Line 13, did not achieve the largest economic benefits of the metro transportation hub, and the interconnection of surrounding commercial carriers such as “Golden Triangle”, Zhang Yuan Garden, HKRI Taikoo Hui and Mall 818 is to be strengthened. The ground traffic pressure is heavy and underground space effect urgently needs to be released, and a vertical business district with smooth traffic, ground and underground passenger flow running through and linkage development of commercial business carriers is yet to be established.

(4) Short of linkage mechanism, development potential to be excavated

Caojiadu shopping district located at the junction of three districts of Jing’an, Changning and Putuo, its planning and development of runs short of a unified long-term deployment, affecting, to a certain extent, the business flow, popularity, business format and overall layout of services, and resulting in insufficient radiation of the business district. During the “13th Five-year” period, how to effectively promote the regional linkage development, further tap the potential and improve the commercial business functions has become the problem to be thought over for the restructuring of Caojiadu business district.

IV. Development Guidelines and Goals in the “13th Five-year” Period

1. Guidelines

During the “13th Five-yearperiod, in accordance with the work requirements for Jing’an to “endeavor to become a new benchmark for the central city and new highlights of Shanghai development” raised by the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal People’s Government, grasp the strategic opportunity of the “removal of two and establishment of one”, closely circle the development strategy of “international Jing’an, dream-realized paradise” and “one axis three belts”, and according to the thinking of commercial transformation, upgrading and acceleration, and competitiveness enhancing and improving, highlight the “international, high-end, quality” features to upgrade to build an “international business port” and “demonstration district of international consumption city”.

2. Development goals

During the “13th Five-year” period, the West Nanjing Road gathering belt shall make full use of the location advantage of the central node of the axis of the eastern and western city development of Shanghai, and insist on making high, wide and thick, build a high-end professional industrial system, deepen the function construction of “international business port” and  “demonstration district of international consumption city”, highlight the international open Shanghai culture and build a world-class central business district backbone block to become the most iconic region of Shanghai modernized international metropolis.

During the “13th Five-year” period, the West Nanjing Road gathering belt is planned to have five projects completed including the development of the plot of Dazhongli and Metro Line 12 West Nanjing Road Station (Fengshengli), and the reconstruction project of Guotai Junan Office Building (Block No. 49), Jincang Wenhua Building and Meicun Plot, and new construction of four projects of Jiangning Road 95-C base, Jiangning Road, block No. 103, Caojiadu sub-district block No. 118-3, Metro Line 13 West Nanjing Road Station block and Zhang Yuan Garden regional renovation. Focus on the development of high-end commercial business, financial services, software information industry, management and consulting professional services, advertising media industry, cultural tourism, and leisure and entertainment services industries to build a new industry highland in Shanghai. During 2016 - 2020, the West Nanjing Road gathering belt shall strive for economic growth and the tax scale to maintain synchronization with the development of the District; plan to introduce 5-10 international and domestic high-end brands, 8-10 new multinational companies regional headquarters and 2-3 new billion-yuan buildings.

V. Main Tasks

1. Promote the orderly development of business district

(1) Reasonably allocate the format structure, and enrich service types

Strengthen the construction of West Nanjing Road business district and Caojiadu business district, and further improve the efficiency of resource allocation, adjust and optimize the format structure, enrich the types of services and build the commercial ecological value chain of the West Nanjing Road gathering belt.

First, promote the function upgrading of the West Nanjing Road business district. Align the mature block in the world, grasp well four relations between commerce and business, “buying the world” and “selling the world”, the east, middle and west balancing, and the main street and back street, do well the “” shaped business layout, promote the high-degree integration of four essential factors ofpoint, line, surface, flow” from the angle of “making breakthrough on the point, getting points together into lines, connecting lines into surface and pushing the flow of people, business and information”, and make West Nanjing Road strong, thick, high and alive, so as to build a harmonious and prosperous business ecosphere. Take the construction of the first “brand consumption gathering area” of the Ministry of Commerce as the starting point to push forward the collaborative development of top luxury brands, high-end brands, light luxury brands, time-honored brands and original brands in the West Nanjing Road business district.

Second, actively promote the construction of Caojiadu business district. During the “13th Five-year” period, we will, through the linkage of three districts of Jing’an, Putuo and Changning, push on the re-upgrading of the overall function of the region and improve the comprehensive matching of shopping, catering, leisure, entertainment and business activities to form the comprehensive business function area with moderately gathered scale, perfect service function and complete industry format. Focus on the cross development axis of Wanhangdu Road and Changshou Road, with Yueda 889 Square, KK commercial building and other business facilities as core, and make key promotion of functional transformation development of commercial buildings along the line; actively advance the development construction of commercial projects such as Yue Shang Building and Meicun Block, to form a linkage dislocation development with the existing department stores and large dining and entertainment facilities, thus becoming a modern, high-quality regional-level business center.

Third, adjust the layout of the format, and expand commercial carriers. Further adjust the layout of the business district, make full use of the newly developed commercial carriers based on the existing layout, increase catering, leisure and entertainment facilities and graft fashion, creativity and experience resources to form the dislocation operation and functional complementation among commercial carriers. Create more experience space, and enhance interaction with consumers. Guide enterprises to fully tap resources of culture, art and others, carry out the brand communication, promotion and marketing, and enhance the interaction with consumers to improve the consumers’ experience feeling.

Fourth, vigorously innovate business formats. On the one hand, circle the construction of Shanghai International Trade Center and the international consumption city, and actively introduce duty free shops, and bonded-show-sales stores to strive for more businesses to participate in the pilot departure tax rebate. On the other hand, encourage commercial enterprises to use Internet technology to explore the online and offline whole-channel integration development, promote the physical business networking and encourage the substantiation of online shops.

(2) Accelerate the construction of key commercial projects

During the “13th Five-year” period, “build highlights” through the construction of key projects such as Taikoo Hui, Concord City, Yue Shang Building and Meicun Block, and “make up short board” by re-setting functions of partial buildings such as Seelong Mansion, Mall 818 and Terminal Building, make overall consideration, improve functions and promote the scientific layout and balanced development of the West Nanjing Road gathering belt business.

A. HKRI Taikoo Hui

Located in the eastern section of West Nanjing Road, HKRI Taikoo Hui has a planning area of ??322,000 square meters, including hotels and hotel-style residences, office buildings and shopping centers. Planning positioned as a one-stop, personalized, quality landmark business complex and by providing a new retail, catering and entertainment experience, it is to meet the needs of different levels of consumption, form a dislocation competition with the “Golden Triangle” and improve the maturity of West Nanjing Road business district. The office buildings are expected to be delivered in October 2016, and the shopping center and the hotel to open in the first half and the second half of 2017 respectively.

B. Concord City

Located in the western section of West Nanjing Road, Concord City has a planning area of ??410,000 square meters and plans to build a city complex integrating offices, hotels, business and residences. Using a differentiation strategy, it forms a dislocation competition with the “Five Golden Stars” and "Golden Triangle" in the functional settings and format layout. In view of the individual needs of consumers, through the organic integration of functions featuring “leisure, entertainment, experience and sports” and “social intercourse” and “travel”, it creates a new, odd and special business, showing an image of static life experience area in International Jing’an.

(3) Enhance the development of side roads

    Align advanced concepts of the mature block construction of the Fifth Avenue in the United States, Champs Elysees Avenue in France, Oxford Street in the United Kingdom, Ginza Japan and other international metropolis to guide the West Nanjing Road to transform to the block style and structure. Through the development of side roads on both sides of West Nanjing Road, enhance the depth and thickness of the gathering belt and form the pattern of the “positive interaction between radiation–supplement–part and whole” between the axis and side roads. Continue to consolidate the development advantages of side roads such as the historical and cultural style area of Huashan Road - Wanhangdu Road, Yuyuan Road food and leisure street, Wujiang Road leisure street, Weihai Road news media street and “Mei Tai Hung” backstreet, and construct characteristic blocks such as Jiangning Road culture street, North Shaanxi Road historical and cultural street.

Huashan Road - Wanhangdu Road historical and cultural area highlights the classic culture, and relying on Jing’an Temple, Jing’an Park, Cai Yuanpei former residence and other tourism resources, and Paramount Metropolis, Yunfeng Theater and other entertainment resources, mines in depth the street drama, historical and cultural resources and natural landscape, and mainly lays stress on specialty food, famous goods, high-end hotels, leisure and entertainment to make itself an important place for the surrounding business groups and Chinese and foreign tourists to appreciate dramas, savor rhymes and enjoy recreation and entertainment.

North Shaanxi Road historical and cultural street highlights Shanghai culture blending the eastern with the western, and pays attention to the cultural heritage of historical city area, interpretation of high-end exquisite articles and quality lifting of public space. In the southern section, time-honored brands combine with creative industries through the collision of Chinese and western cultures, the competition between foreign luxury and time-honored quality products at the same stage and the blending of time-honored brand and modern business and creative experience elements to create a street of time-honored product shopping culture, with proposition of display of “non-material culture heritage” handicraft, time-honored brand culture display and leisure shopping; in the middle section, take the transformation and upgrading of the Golden Eagle Plaza, and the opening and renovation of historical relics as the starting point to form the dislocation of business format with West Nanjing Road, the main street, with functional complementation, and highlight the characteristic development, mainly pushing on food shopping, culture and leisure, and creative experience; in the northern section, reproduce the Shanghai culture with combination of business and religious culture, with unification of protection and development, with integration of historical culture and religion, with combination of virtual network and field sightseeing, and with proposition of supporting leisure book bars, Jewish museum, Jewish gallery and food leisure.

Yuyuan Road Food Leisure Street, starting east from Changde Road, west to North Urumqi Road, provides the catering industry-based living supporting consumption mainly for the West Nanjing Road business groups and the surrounding residents with focus on the development of catering, leisure, entertainment and other formats, such as fast food meals, convenience stores, coffee bars and so on.

Jiangning Road Cultural Street, with deep artistic and cultural heritage and resource advantages, builds itself into a cultural and creative public service platform integrating the traditional cultural business,  inherent human context resources, diversified architectural functions and leisure experience service, an area gathering Jing’an characteristic cultural and creative industries, a new pattern and a new model of urban renewal and the transformation and development of cultural and creative industries in the central city. Promote the transformation and renovation of Majestic Theater, Shanghai Art Theater and No. 1013 West Beijing Road to create core theaters of modern theater valley and the fashion and pioneer “Immersion Theater”, and form benchmarking blocks featuring culture and art, highlighting integration of culture and business, and based on resource agglomeration.

Wujiang Road Leisure Street gives full play to the advantages of three-rail transport hub, relies on the “Golden Triangle” mature business district, strengthens the interaction with the HKRI Taikoo Hui and Zhang Yuan Garden and develops the backstreet economy with integration of shopping leisure and tour and sightseeing, serving groups of West Nanjing Road white-collars and Chinese and foreign tourists. It takes special and people-friendly middle- and high-end brand food and beverage as the aim to form a high-quality catering industry chain, accompanied by other brands and formats featuring leisure, fashion, and style.

2. Enhance the vitality of the four major industries

(1) Consolidate the development of trade and circulation industry

West Nanjing Road business service industry with high level of energy and strong radiation, accounting for high in the entire industrial structure, is the whole district’s economic pillar industry and strong engine. However, from the perspective of the value chain, our district’s business service industry mostly concentrates on the link of product display and sales, still standing in the low end of the global value chain. In the new industrial planning, it is necessary to further strengthen the agglomeration of Jing’an traditional commercial business advantages, leap forward to the high end of industrial chain, highlight the city’s comprehensive competitiveness and boost the overall upgrade of Shanghai resource allocation, integrated services and ability to lead fashion consumption in the world.

Take the construction of an “international consumption city demonstration area” as the goal, endeavor to gather internationally renowned consumption brands and create the business street, business district and brand activities with an international influence. In the process of industrial development, it is necessary to give full play to the advantages of West Nanjing Road on the demand server-side, and promote the complementary development and inter-industry integration of industrial chains between West Nanjing Road and inside and outside the region, and integrate the solution to build the whole industry chain of modern service industry.

In accordance with the strategic requirements of the Shanghai Science and Technology Center, with the full help of external scientific and technological advantages and intellectual support, encourage West Nanjing Road to carry out innovation in technology, services and business model, promote the “cross-border” integration among West Nanjing Road industries and lead breeding new economy growth point. Promote the complementation of advantages and sharing of resources between the buildings and enterprises along the line, and no matter whether it is the horizontal value chain with the counterparts or the vertical value chain with the upstream and downstream or the oblique value chain formed by industrial cross-border integration, it is imperative to jointly maintain the stable operation of commercial ecology.

(2) Enhance the development of financial services industry

At present, Jing’an District has more than 1,000 financial institutions of all kinds, covering securities, futures, banking, insurance, funds, finance companies, equity investment and other major areas, of which brokerage headquarters, finance companies, asset management companies, equity investment and other industries have formed a gathering situation. Our district’s financial sector will focus on the development of equity investment, adhere to the differentiated development strategy, pay attention to the trends of financial development forefront, focus on financial innovation hotpoint, deepen industrial reform and innovation, rely on regional equity investment institutions to gather advantages, endeavor to build an equity investment standardized development area and promote the financial development for scientific and technolgocial innovation.

Financial services will focus on the development of brokerage firms, finance companies, futures insurance, financial information services and innovative financial industry. Adhere to the dislocation development, rely on the headquarters economy and further promote the gathering development of emerging finance such as private equity investment, venture capital funds, auction and third party payment. Actively promote the financial format innovation and encourage financial support to the real economy and integration development of finance culture, film and television industry.

(3) Vigorously develop professional services

Give play to the advantages of high-end orientation, and well-known professional service industry gathering on West Nanjing Road, pay attention to the role of industry cultivating, and drive the professional service industry turning to the direction of optimizing the structure, highlighting the function and raising the agglomeration degree and energy level.

In the aspect of investment management and consulting services, at present, West Nanjing Road has gathered the Roland Berger, Bain & Company, Michael Page, Heidrick and Struggles, and other international leading investment management and consulting enterprises, Sata, Jones Day, K&L Gates, Myers, and other international first-class law firms, KPMG, CHW CPA, Shanghai and Hong Kong Jinmao and other accounting, and audit services enterprises, Dachser international freight, Penske Logistics and other transport agency services enterprises.

On the advantageous basis of relying on West Nanjing Road professional service industry high-end enterprises gathering, focus on the development of investment management and consulting services, legal services, accounting and auditing services, human resources and transportation agency services, strive to build a professional service platform and commanding height, provide high-quality environment and  carrier for settlement of high-end institutions, and transform concentration to radiation, while promoting the linkage development between the professional service industry and other major industries and the sub-sectors, so as to promote the professional service industry of West Nanjing Road and the entire Jing’an District to reach a new level constantly.

(4) Make integrated development of cultural and creative services

Focus on key areas, perfect featuring layout and service functions, and erect radiation heights; stick to independent innovation, improve the original abilities of cultural and creative industries, do bigger and stronger brands and innovation subjects, fully rely on our district location conditions, industrial base and international cooperation advantages, integrate the world’s top creative design resources, and form a creative industry development pattern with agglomeration of resources of elements, sharp industry characteristics, industrial integration development, outstanding industrial advantages and obvious radiation-driving. The cultural and creative industry is not only one of the pillar industries of economic development in the whole district, but also must become the driving force and innovation accelerator of industrial economic development in the whole district, the new normal to realize the north-south linkage of industry and the new pattern to hasten the economic integration development.

Adhere to the “two-wheel drive” of scientific and technological innovation and creative design to promote fashion creativity, industrial design and other industrial development that can greatly bring along other productive services; consolidate the construction of the demonstration area of fashion capital, the core area of design capital and the central area of brand capital; enhance the architectural design, professional services and other advantageous industries; cultivate and expand network information services, new sci-tech media and other emerging industries.

3. Enhance the development energy of headquarters economy, foreign-related economy, and building economy

(1) Headquarters Economy

During the “13th Five-year” period, it is necessary to carry out the headquarters cultivation program and further enhance the functions of the “headquarters economy” of the West Nanjing Road gathering belt.

Mainly rely on the export-oriented economy leading edge of the West Nanjing Road gathering belt, with help of the region's highly developed professional services and financial services industry base, and seize the opportunity of the construction of Shanghai science and technology innovation center with the global influence to attract the gathering of international and domestic innovation elements. At the same time, rely on the strong manufacturing base of the Yangtze River Economic Zone and the vast domestic consumer market space, introduce domestic and foreign new industries, new models, new technologies, and new format enterprises to set up operations headquarters on West Nanjing Road, nurture and support them to become regional headquarters and form the headquarters economic effect.

Encourage enterprises with functions of purchasing, distribution, marketing, settlement and logistics to set up trade-type headquarters. Vigorously introduce the industry leading enterprises, focusing on industry leader-type, innovative, functional and settlement-type enterprises. Grasp the global industrial layout adjustment opportunities, raise the energy level of multinational headquarters and enhance the investment management function of multinational companies’ regional headquarters. Encourage multinational companies to set up regional headquarters and investment companies, research and development centers, and other functional institutions, and develop procurement centers, distribution centers, marketing centers and other “trade-type” headquarters. Actively cultivate local multinational companies, select some private enterprises with better development situation for the objective of cultivating multinational companies, make corresponding preferential policies to guide enterprises to implement the trademark internationalization strategy and build marketing network and logistics service network to extend the core competitiveness abroad.

(2) Foreign-related economy

During the “13th Five-year” period, it is necessary to further optimize the use of foreign investment layout and strive to relax the fields of foreign investment access, especially making further opening-up in the service fields of finance, education, culture, medical care, and logistics. Actively promote the management mode of pre-access national treatment plus a negative list to accelerate the formation of a more transparent, stable, predictable, legal and international business environment.

It is necessary to grasp the general trend, make the best use of the situation, realize the change from the “investment introducing” to “investment selecting”, and guide well-known enterprises and multinational companies to set high value-added links of the value chain on West Nanjing Road, to further improve the quality and efficiency of foreign investment used on West Nanjing Road.

It is necessary to strengthen the policy linkage with relevant departments to form the resource synergy. Certain rewards shall be given to enterprises and buildings that have contributed to the introduction of major projects, new industries, new models, new technologies and new formats. Encourage social intermediary institutions to introduce high-quality foreign investment projects into West Nanjing Road business district and Caojiadu business district, and further strengthen the overseas project investment attracting and publicity efforts.

(3) Building economy

During the “13th Five-year” period, draw lessons of development experience of central urban areas from world-class cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo, create a high-quality, high rent and high tax business environment, and, based on the existing building economy, do real building economic management, do big building economic scale, do high building economic benefits, do strong building   economic characteristics and do fine building economic brand and build up Shanghai top business buildings gathering belt of HKRI Taikoo Hui – Golden Triangle – Shanghai Mall, United Plaza – Five Golden Stars along West Nanjing Road, and strive to make the West Nanjing Road gathering belt become one of Shanghai top business core areas with a cluster of buildings and brands.

In the next five years, it is necessary to promote the West Nanjing Road building economy to better integrate with the surrounding industrial development and environmental construction. In the economic development of side roads, pay attention to the integration development of building economy and West Nanjing Road gathering belt to form “three-dimensional” blocks with commercial business interaction, complementation between buildings and blocks, and the sharing of supporting resources. In addition, it is also necessary to take advantage of the development project of West Nanjing Road “Cultural Street”, which will introduce small theater activities represented by drama into the “blank space” of single buildings to further enrich the spiritual life in the buildings and attract more high-end business people to stay on West Nanjing Road.

4. Create an international business environment

Take integrated resources as the basis, innovate service model, lift the level of service, focus on the construction of the soft environment of Jing’an District’s government affairs and constantly enhance the soft strength of urban development. Strengthen the social credit system building, promote government regulations and policies, information resources publication and data opening and sharing to create an open market conditions for the development of modern service enterprises. Align new model of local government service management with the international high standard investment and trade rules, aim at establishing administrative management and service system matching modern international urban areas, stick to the market orientation, problem orientation and open-up orientation, accelerate the transformation of government functions, vigorously promote the administration streamlining and power delegating, the investment and trade facilitation, and during- and post-event supervision, and promote the construction of “international Jing’an”. Strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, crack down on unlicensed business operations, commercial fraud and other illegal activities, and endeavor to build a standardized, orderly, honest and law-abiding market economy order.

Adhere to putting people first, speed up the establishment of building public services system, do strong and well Jing’an white-collar service brand, and continuously improve the quality and efficiency of services. Make the white-collar home, white-collar lunch and caring Mommy a brand project to serve, warm and gather white-collars, and further meet the white-collars’ demand for spiritual culture, living convenience, rights and interests protection and others.

Take the business integrity system building as the starting point to promote the construction of service soft environment of the West Nanjing Road gathering belt. Rely on the Jing’an business integrity information platform, promote enterprises of the gathering belt to establish and improve the integrity files, regularly publish business integrity reports, endeavor to guide business enterprises doing honest and law-abiding operation, and strive to enhance the trade workers’ integrity awareness of service and create a positive and transparent consumption environment of West Nanjing Road gathering belt.

5. Promote linkage of business, travel and culture

Strengthen the linkage of business, travel and culture of the West Nanjing Road gathering belt, rely on the region’s rich historical and cultural resources, tour and sightseeing resources, and the developed business foundation, and take business as core, tourism as drive, and culture as connotation to guide the cross-cooperation of business, culture, tourism and other industries, and enhance the business vitality of West Nanjing Road.

To promote the linkage development of business, travel and culture of West Nanjing Road, first, make comprehensive and in-depth mining of experience resources of business, travel and culture within the gathering belt to enhance the charm of Jing’an. In the aspect of carriers, make full use of rich commercial business carriers, star hotels (Shangri-La, Shanghai Swissotel Grand Hotel, Hilton, Hotel Equatorial Shanghai, Four Seasons, Portman Ritz-Carlton, etc.) and tourism resources such as Shanghai Exhibition Center, Jing'an Temple, Jing’an Sculpture Park, Zhang garden Shikumen group, Jing’an villas, former residence of Mao Zedong, Kadoorie Mansion, Yuanming Lecture Hall, and Zhang Ailing former residence Changde apartment, make in-depth excavation and development of various unique projects integrating science and technology, creativity, ecological elements, consumption, tourism, culture and experience to form a special business district mixing together the modern fashion and the charm of old Shanghai. In the aspect of greening, endeavor to create a city landscape with elegant taste and green ecology, and build roof gardens to enhance the charm of Jing’an.

Second, give full play to the functions of overall coordination, information dissemination, support and guide of Jing’an District’s “business, travel, culture and sports” linkage work platform, and bring along popularity and sales with overall business marketing and through the “festival making without festival and promotion making for festival”. On the one hand, around the overall marketing of “Jing’an International Shopping Carnival” and other key festivals, amplify the festive effect. Encourage enterprises to broaden marketing ideas, innovate marketing thinking, increase the frequency of activities, create different highlights of an event, and strive for “highlights for every quarter, wonders for every festival”. On the other hand, continue to hold multicultural brand activities such as the jazz festival, “Jing’an world coffee culture festival”, “ten minutes public culture circle”, New Year’s Eve and Day, and “Han Fen auditorium” reading series activities, and endeavor to transform existing cultural resources into the development capital of West Nanjing Road, and the cultural activities into the West Nanjing Road cultural brand.

    Third, enhance the popularity and influence of West Nanjing Road through the holding of Jing’an - China-Europe International Business School Top Brand Forum and Closed-door Round Table Conference, and Forbes–Jing’an Nanjing Road Forum, joint holding of Yangtze River Delta well-known business district collaborative development meeting jointly organized with the Yangtze River Delta well-known business district, and the organizing of Shanghai “design capital” activity, Shanghai Fashion Week and other related activities.

6. Optimize the basic supporting services

Through the improvement of hardware construction of West Nanjing Road, and the building of vertical traffic, further improve the promotion of basic supporting services to West Nanjing Road.

(1) Optimize the hardware supporting facilities

Strengthen the application of a new generation of information technology on West Nanjing Road, focusing on the construction of smart business district of West Nanjing Road. In the overall framework of the construction of Shanghai smart city, through the intelligent traffic, resolve the West Nanjing Road traffic bottlenecks, through the technical application of large data and cloud computing, create the West Nanjing Road smart urban area and through the application of 4G communications technology and mobile payment means, make business information and user needs achieve seamless docking, and encourage shopping centers to innovate business models and pilot intelligent business complex, introduce large data, WiFi, electronic price tag, smart shelves, automatic cash register, mobile Internet, online App and other new technologies and new models and gradually realize the change to the Internet of Things complex, so that consumers can enjoy a more convenient and stylish shopping experience, and West Nanjing Road will be built into modern blocks leading the smart application.

(2) Build vertical traffic

First, strengthen the interchange between shopping malls and between shopping malls and subway stations. On the one hand, promote the construction of the surroundings of Jing’an Temple, rely on the construction of Metro Line 14 to make connection between the Concorde City, 1788 International Building and Jing’an Temple Subway Station, and expand the underground business according to local conditions to enhance regional business atmosphere coherence, and build the vertical business district with ground and underground link-up of the “Five Golden Stars” and the Concorde City. On the other hand, draw lessons from the Wujiaochang and Xujiahui underground traffic corridors to promote the construction of the surroundings of West Nanjing Road, relying on the development of new commercial facilities, through the rail transit Line 2, Line 12, Line 13 underground link-up and the construction of “Mei Tai Hung” underground walkway, strengthen the underground space link-up design of “HKRI Taikoo Hui, Mall 818, Zhang Yuan Garden - subway station - Golden Triangle”, to achieve zero distance between the main shopping mall and the subway, both to effectively guide the passenger flow and ease the ground traffic congestion, and to enhance the continuity and verticality of the key carriers, bringing along popular gathering; at the same time help to expand the two-dimensional code shopping windows and small retail new urban commercial culture format in the underground walkway.

Second, strengthen the connection and docking of the commercial square and the parking lot, and increase more connected channels, leading the passenger flow as much as possible from the parking lot to the commercial square so as to create more business value.

VI. Safeguard Measures

In order to speed up the prosperity and development of commercial business on West Nanjing Road, it is necessary to strengthen the organization and coordination, formulate corresponding measures, improve the policy system, create a favorable environment and provide strong guarantee.

1. Strengthen the organization and leadership

(1) Intensify the linkage coordination mechanism. Further strengthen the linkage between the two levels of Municipality and district, and the linkage between departments within the district to form joint efforts to jointly promote the guide services for the construction of West Nanjing Road business district, take systematic considerations, whole advance, and overall co-ordination of industry, planning, construction, culture and other departments, to make organic convergence and integration development of the business district construction and excellent historical building protection development, cultural development, urban renewal, community construction and other work. At the same time, coordinate market management parties, improve the enterprise exit mechanism, reduce the vacancy rate of shopping malls and buildings, and improve the utilization efficiency of resources.

(2) Establish cross-district and cross-department coordination agencies. To build the West Nanjing Road business district into a world block integrating fashion, high-end and taste, it is necessary to learn the practice of setting up an administrative committee from the international mature blocks, to establish a cross-department coordination agency as the management and coordination center of the West Nanjing Road business district: First, be responsible for the preparation of policies, systems, norms and regulations in the business district and exercise decision-making management and supervision functions; second, establish the business district and industry access mechanism and take the overall development plan as the key link to promote the characteristic, healthy and orderly development of the main street, backstreet and side road business; third, erect communication bridges between enterprises and businesses, as well as enterprises, businesses and the government, to lay a solid foundation for the promotion of business district regulation. It is proposed that the Municipal People’s Government take the lead, make overall planning and unified deployment to form Caojiadu development and construction organization and coordination mechanism, specify the time nodes of Caojiadou development, carry out the relevant duty measures and change the situation of three districts conducting their own development, and each acting its own way. Three districts of Jing’an, Changning and Putuo shall, under the unified leadership and deployment of the Municipal People’s Government, take joint action to speed up the development and construction of Caojiadu business district and form the linkage effect of 1 +1 + 1> 3.

(3) Improve the statistical system and monitoring system. Improve the statistical index system of the West Nanjing Road gathering belt, attach importance to the statistical monitoring of commercial circulation industry and its sub-sectors, commercial outlets, group companies and important brands; establish the statistical dynamic monitoring system of major projects along West Nanjing Road and surroundings, and carry out regular notification; and make the real-time monitoring of the stream of people and traffic dynamic data of West Nanjing Road business district.

(4) Create festive activities with a wide influence and regional landmark. Make full use of Jing’an District’s deep, unique and diverse cultural heritage and the advantages of great aggregation of people, wealth, property and flow, use the model of “government guidance, enterprise subject, social participation and market operation”, to create festive activities with a wide influence abroad and at home, and with symbolic significance of West Nanjing Road.

2. Strengthen policy guarantee

To ensure the implementation of planning, it is necessary to take projects as the carrier, strengthen the overall planned balance of various types of funds at all levels and formulate relevant policies to actively guide, support and push forward the steady and healthy development of key industries and trades. Make full use of the advantages of agglomeration, intensify the investment attraction of key buildings and characteristic blocks, and attract the settlement of industries and formats in line with the economic development planning of the West Nanjing Road gathering belt.

    3. Expand the talent reserve

      Formulate policies concerning attraction of high-level talents, and establish smooth channels for inflow of talent. Mobilize and integrate resources from all sides, adhere to the orientation of market demand, increase the education and training of talents, at the same time, unite industry associations, internal training agencies of enterprises, social training institutions and foreign training forces to strengthen the qualification and job training of employees, and jointly cultivate multi-level, multi-field high, fine, dedicated personnel to provide a strong talent support for the development of Jing’an economy.