The 13th Five-year Plan for Jing'an District Cultural Development

Released on:2017-06-13


The 13th Five-year Plan for Jing'an District Cultural Development

The "13th Five-year" period is a sprint period for China to make overall completion of a moderately prosperous society and achieve the first 100-year goal of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, is a critical period for Shanghai to basically build up "four centers" and socialist modernization international metropolis with innovation-driven transformation and upgrading as the driving force, and is also a full start-up period for New Jing’an, after "removal of two, establishment of one", to march from the new height towards a new journey.

The "13th Five-year" cultural development plan of Jing'an District will be based on the requirements of "building a new benchmark for the central city, the new highlight of development in Shanghai", align the international and domestic advanced experience, give prominence to the powerful combination, complementary advantages, aim at the positioning of Jing’an culture in the city's development strategy, make in-depth refining of cultural genes and cultural mainlines of New Jing'an, design and implement key projects and basic requirements of Jing'an cultural construction to make the road map of lifting cultural advantages of Jing'an.

I. The Basic Review of Jing'an District Cultural Development in the “12th Five-year Period”

1. Carried out the core values, led the construction of regional culture

During the "12th Five-year Plan" period, this District fully implemented the socialist core values, and endeavored to enhance the soft power, innovation, driving force, competitiveness and influence of urban culture, and won important achievements in striving for a "national culture advanced area". Cultivated and expanded a group of excellent projects reflecting the lead role of "Chinese Dream", inheriting the Chinese nation's outstanding cultural traditions, lifting the cultural quality and the civic degree of citizens and shaping Shanghai as an international cultural metropolis image: Shaanxi North Road won the title of China's historical and cultural street, becoming the demonstration project of carrying forward the excellent cultural tradition of the Chinese nation; the Sihang warehouse anti-Japanese war memorial hall was built up and opened on the occasion of 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese people's war of resistance against Japan and of the anti-fascist war in the world, making a great impact at home and abroad.

2. Made orderly co-ordination and promotion of the public cultural service system

Increased the cultural input, and endeavored to improve the equalization and characteristics of public cultural services, had public cultural facilities per capita area and the level of equal supply of public cultural products steadily improved; the original Zhabei District cultural facilities reached 197,000 square meters and per capita public cultural facilities area reached ??0.23 square meters; the original Jing'an District per capita public cultural facilities area reached ??0.51 square meters. This District initially built up a three-level public cultural facilities network, with 55 types of public cultural facilities (including municipal, district, community and social operation-types), and made important efforts to achieve the goal of "ten- minutes public culture circle".

Highlighted the key points, created a number of key cultural facilities leading the trend and benefiting the people's livelihood: built the new marine culture center (including the District Cultural Center, Daning Community Cultural Activity Center), Zhabei District Library Branch and Jing'an District Children's Library, built several community cultural activities centers of sub-districts of Tianmu West Road and Jing'an Temple Street; further improved the district, sub-district (town), residential area three-level public cultural facilities network. The Maritime Cultural Center (Daning Theater) was officially opened to fill the blank of grade-A theatre distribution in the north of the Suzhou River and became a new landmark in the northern part of Shanghai. The new digital library featuring digital resources, network services and special collections - Zhabei District Library Branch officially opened, marking this District's cultural digital construction up to a new stage and welcomed by the public.

3. Benefited people's livelihood and generally improved the public's sense of cultural gain

Took the public's sense of cultural gain and satisfaction as an important part of cultural benefit to people, organized every year 22,000 various types of mass cultural activities, with about 2 million participants; the existing various literary and artistic teams reach 345 in number, and the mass culture works in the city above competitions of all kinds won more than 50 prizes.

Held “China International Art Festival Forum” (2010-2015), “Thousand songs dedicated to the Party - Zhabei District commemorating the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China large-scale mass singing party” (2011), “Dynamic Zhabei, Happy Home -Zhaibei District First Mass Art festival” (2012), “Dynamic Zhabei, Charm Su River - Zhabei District Second Mass Art Festival” (2013) and other major theme festivals, lifted the influence of mass culture and expanded the radiation surface, cultivated every community’s “a street a program” features, formed a number of characteristic cultural programs of Peng Puzhen photography, North Station children's opera and Baoshan folk performances, Peng Pu town was named "China's folk art village” by the Ministry of Culture, Linfen Sub-district won the honor of "National Culture Advanced Community" title, North Station Street children's opera was elected as "Special program of Shanghai mass cultural activities", and was awarded the title of Shanghai Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheriting Base, and further enriched the district's cultural resources.

4. Normal long-term effects formed historical and cultural heritage protection system

Established the permanent long-term historical and cultural heritage protection system, made full completion of the third cultural relics survey, carried out the protection work of celebrity and residence plate hanging, and constantly deepened the historical and cultural heritage resources mining and protection: Anyi Road Mao Zedong old home officially opened, becoming an important representative of Shanghai Red Cultural Relics; a number of buildings and sites with important historical and cultural value such as Ohel Rachel Synagogue, July 1 Middle School and Grace Church were selected in the world monumental architectural heritage protection list, gaining wide attention both at home and abroad; innovated the cultural relics units management and protection mode, and Dragon and Phoenix cheongsam, Humsuit, Hongxiang dress and a number of Chinese time-honored brands and Shanghai famous brands gained training institutes of intangible cultural heritage projects.

This District has two national key cultural relics protection units, 37 Shanghai cultural relics protection units, 16 district-level cultural relics protection units, 62 non-removable cultural relics, over 200 "three general survey" cultural relics survey spots and 158 Shanghai outstanding historical buildings. There are nine free open memorial halls and museums under this District, one national patriotism education demonstration base, seven Shanghai patriotism bases, four Shanghai Party history education bases, six Shanghai ordinary high school student social practice bases, one Shanghai integrity education demonstration base, two Shanghai national defense education bases, one Shanghai first civil servants practicing socialism core values ??study education base, and there are also more than 50 places of municipal museums, industry museums, private museums, cultural relic architectures, and intangible cultural heritage training institutes. There are 37 identified intangible cultural heritage list items at different levels in this District, among which there are four national list items, 10 Shanghai municipal list items and 23 district list items. In the system building of intangible heritage inheritors, there are 23 representative inheritors at different levels, among whom there are three national, nine Shanghai municipal and 11 district representative inheritors.

5. Cultivated the cluster and enhanced the scale advantages of the cultural industry

Gave play to the location advantages and industry characteristics, actively cultivated the subjects of the cultural industry, formed the cluster including Huanshangda film and television industry gathering belt, and carried out extensive cooperation with the international film and television industry; in the aspect of space carrier, there were 18 municipal-level cultural and creative industrial parks including Huizhi Creative Park and Shanghai Multimedia Valley, and six municipal-level copyright demonstration parks; in the aspect of foreign cultural trade, there were two national cultural export enterprises in 2014-2015, and two national cultural export projects; in the aspect of production, study and research cooperation, there were one university science and technology park, and one Shanghai National High-tech Industrial Base.

    Cultivated a number of leading enterprises of cultural industry with Chinese characteristics and Shanghai features, including Era, China Performance Arts Group (CPAG), Activision Blizzard, Motion Magic, Fengyuzhu, Huakai, Creatoo and a number of national cultural industry demonstration bases and excellent brands, which became a new force in the development of new cultural formats; linked up innovation advantages of Shanghai FTZ system and mechanism, conducted strategic cooperation with the Shanghai Cultural Property Exchange, held national cultural and financial forums, created new platforms of trading cultural resources and cultural capital; Christie's (Shanghai) Auction Company Limited, internationally renowned artwork institution, officially settled in this District, a number of well-known artwork enterprises including Jinghua Art Space and Barcelona Contemporary Art Museum developed well.

II. Problems Faced by Jing'an District Cultural Construction in the "13th Five-year Plan" Period

Align the experience of the world cities such as New York, London and Tokyo, and the achievements of cultural construction in major domestic cities such as Beijing and Shenzhen, Jing'an, on the basis of "removal of two, establishment of one", to realize the requirements of "new benchmark of central city and Shanghai development's new bright spot", must conduct in-depth thinking and all-round grasp of Jing'an District’s cultural resources, the city's cultural strategy, and the international cultural trends.

1. Jing'an, the cultural heritage of Shanghai's rich historical context, is facing three major trends in the cultural heritage protection, needs full grasp and effective improvement. Jing'an, as a central city, must fully grasp the profound cultural heritage of Shanghai, including ancient, modern and contemporary three complete cultural forms, and the mainline is "inheritance" and "integration." The three cultural integrations of Shanghai historical context have taken Jing'an as an important place of occurrence.

The first great cultural integration took the opening of the Grand Canal 1000 years ago as a starting point, making Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta link the national political center and promoting the exchange of North and South culture, the Jiangnan culture nurtured by it was a diverse fusion, rich in business vitality, and both sides of the Suzhou River were the main area of ??blending the Chinese North-South culture in Shanghai.

The second great cultural integration took the modern city development after the opening of Shanghai in the 1840s as a symbol, becoming a hub of blending land and sea and connecting the east and west, and one of the main areas of blending Eastern and Western civilization was in the Jing'an area, such as the Mixed Trial Court, Wu Changshuo's former residence, Xu Yuan Garden, Zhang Yuan Garden, Shen Yu Neighborhood, making an important historic site reflecting the intersection of Chinese and Western civilization.

The third cultural integration took Shanghai making a world city since the reform and opening up as a symbol, all kinds of talent at home and abroad gathered in Shanghai, shaping the new city spirit of "total acceptance, pursuit of excellence, enlightened wisdom, generosity and modesty", and a lot of the first moves gathered in Jing'an, such as the first national international art festival, the internationally renowned artwork auction company that first settled in Shanghai.

In view of this, Jing’an, from the vertical axis of inheriting the cultural heritage, has inherited a variety of historical forms; in the horizontal axis of the diversification of cultural resources, includes such forms as the industrial culture, red culture, patriotic culture, fashion culture and folk culture, and is also facing the new requirements:

(1) Turning from strategy development to legacy activation. Over the past 10 years, New York, London, Singapore and other international metropolis have reached a "cultural building city" strategic consensus, Jing'an, as a city area with the most dynamic and historical heritage in the international metropolis, will gradually turn from the conclusion of cultural strategy consensus to the deep implementation of cultural strategy, and push on the effective implementation of cultural heritage protection.

(2) Turning from the government management to modern governance mechanism. With the deepening of globalization, informatization and cultural diversification, the top-down traditional cultural management mode must be transformed into the modern cultural governance model, with government-role as dominance, multiple subjects as the driving force, the rule of law and rules as the guarantee, and the social consensus as synergy.

(3) Turning from single-point static protection to wide dynamic protection, from large-scale demolition and construction to fine management and cross-regional integration development. This District’s cultural heritage must be combined with scientific and technological progress, innovating the perception of culture and art and the mode of creation and consumption; promote the integration of cultural heritage and Internet to achieve the complete preservation of the historical life state and cultural memory.

2. Jing’an must be the demonstration area of public cultural services protecting the basic and promoting the upgrading, and needs to grasp the dialectical relationship of preservation of the basic, promotion of the upgrading and modern governance. The establishment of a modern public cultural service system is an important measure to protect and improve people's livelihood and a necessary requirement to comprehensively deepen the cultural system reform and promote the prosperity and development of cultural undertakings, and is the key connotation of carrying forward the socialist core values ??and building the area into a new benchmark for the central city, and is new highlights of Shanghai development. The three major points must be highlighted:

(1) Protecting the basic and promoting the equal. According to the requirements of the State on the basic completion of the convenient and efficient modern public cultural service system covering urban and rural areas, and protecting the basic and promoting the equal by 2020, it is necessary to take the promotion of equalization of basic public cultural services in urban and rural areas as a core requirement. This includes the use of public cultural services to improve the sense of belonging and identity of this District’s people. Due to historical reasons, there is a pattern of "dense south and sparse north" in the layout of the public cultural service facilities in this District, which has a total of 54 municipal and district-level cultural facilities, roughly divided into four areas, 6 of them in Northern Shanghai, 5 of them in Daning, 17 of them in the new passenger station - the north shore of Suzhou River, 26 of them on both sides of Nanjing West Road, with a more equal space layout to be formed.

(2) Grasping key points and promoting the upgrading. The modern public cultural service system is a dynamic process of development. The key points of this District’s upgrading of public cultural services: first, to cultivate social and cultural organizations and form the multi-cultural services subject; second, to rely on cultural and cultural hardware facilities and improve the efficiency of public cultural services; third, to combine the construction of a smart city and create more digital cultural content and distribution channels; fourth, to rely on this District's good mass culture creation foundation and achieve a broad participation and the best display. Take example, the district library as a key infrastructure fails to reach the national level library standard of 10,000 square meters of construction area; the district cultural center has a construction area of ??18,000 square meters, with the space to be used in a reasonable manner to promote the diversified supply of public cultural content.

(3) Conducting modern governance and social co-building. Shanghai is a city with the most modern governance culture in China since the modern times. The essence of modern public cultural service is the combination of modern governance and benefiting people. From the horizontal comparison point of view, the district government finance investment in public cultural undertakings stands at the middle level among this Municipality’s districts, with insufficient investment in cultural undertakings, and the growth rate of financial investment in the public culture lower than that of fiscal revenue; The existing public cultural services personnel is insufficient in total number, with a poor structure; diversified social organizations that have a high enthusiasm to participate in the construction of modern public cultural service system need more opportunities and support to be provided for them.

 3. Jing'an, the most active place of innovative culture in history, needs to make greater efforts in cultivating three aspects of new culture, new format and new carrier. The recommendations of the central government on the "13th Five-year" plan take the innovation as the first driving force for development, which put forward higher requirements for this District to cultivate the new culture, new format and new carrier, promote the integration development of cultural industry and related industries of manufacturing and tourism, and push on the upgrading of the cultural industry:

(1) On the level of encouraging innovation and cultivating subjects, this District’s current cultural leading enterprises, cultural listed companies and state key projects ranking the top 20 in the country are not many, a group of state-owned cultural institutions lack vitality, with the national market share going down, and it is necessary to cultivate a large number of innovative, intelligent and professional cultural enterprises and entrepreneurs, encourage to be brave in going beyond, tolerate failure, promote the creative entrepreneurial spirit and form the large-scale cluster of cultural productive forces.

(2) On the level of updating format and integrating development, this District’s headquarters economy is much gathered, building economic has prominent advantages, with the good foundation and urgent requirements to promote the joint development of culture and finance, culture and technology, culture and business tourism, this District's construction of main cultural corridors and landmark space needs to have the cultural industry as the main connotation of the integration of industry and city, needs to have the design research and development as a guide and the industry linkage as a development, so as to form a cultural industry ecology system of comprehensive perception, interconnection and intercommunication, and integration of culture, business, travel and sports.

(3) On the level of promoting entrepreneurship and creating space, this District’s current 18 municipal-level cultural and creative industrial parks, 6 municipal-level copyright model parks and other carriers and formats are facing a new situation of creating the upgraded version. It is necessary to change ideas, update concepts, combine this District's scientific distribution of cultural facilities and form a number of new cultural and creative industries gathering area combining industrial parks, new communities, dynamic business districts and tourist attractions. With cultural industrial parks with the output value of tens of billions yuan and cultural enterprises with the market value of tens of billion yuan that have emerged in Shanghai, and with new forms of maker space and others emerging in an endless stream, this District needs to cultivate as soon as possible more cultural industry carriers to become the fertile soil of cultivating cultural productive forces.

4. Jing’an is an example of the internationalized city center and must be form the effect of upgraded version of opening-up in three aspects of international brand, international exchange and international integration.

(1) To create an international brand is a sign to reflect cultural opening-up in the central city. Shanghai has been named one of the five largest cities in the world two times in a row by the "World City Cultural Report" compiled by the Mayor's Office in London, UK, and Christie's (Shanghai) Auction Co., Ltd. and other famous international cultural institutions have settled in Jing'an. It is necessary to develop the "Passion Jing’an ? Jazz Spring" music festival and a number of cultural projects deeply connecting grassroots and benefiting people's livelihood into well-known brands with international impact, make protective development of "Paramount" and a number of 20th century culture landmarks, carry forward and expand them, making them highlights of reflecting Jing'an international cultural mind.

(2) To participate in international exchanges is a symbol of reflecting the central city based in Shanghai and radiating the world. Jing’an shall not only provide local residents with rich public cultural products and services, but also need to create more export-oriented cultural products, and in cooperation with the country's "one belt one road" strategy, actively participate in global cultural exchanges and cultural trade. In the years of 2015 – 2016, the number of state key cultural export enterprises and cultural export key projects in this District accounted for 5% and 13% of the total number of Shanghai respectively, which shows that Jing'an has both gratifying achievements and very large growth space in cultivating export-oriented cultural enterprises and cultural projects.

(3) To promote the international integration is a sign to reflect Jing’an international mind and ability. Jing‘an shall not only provide local cultural builders with opportunities of development, but also attract the world's cultural investors, cultural builders, cultural creators, etc., provide them with opportunities of development, encourage international and local two-way cultural exchanges, attract more international cultural organizations to settle and make an international cultural big community in terms of the international culture creating park, the International Exhibition festival, the international public service platform, and the international performance entertainment industry gathering area.

 5. Jing’an shall be representative of excellent quality and beautiful space, and needs to fully form the corridor and network combining "four contexts" of the cultural context, water context, green context and business context. One of the important contents of modern urban renewal is not only the physical space, but also full of symbols and imagination, which can give people a multi-charm symbol space of historical heritage, human imagination and artistic aesthetics. The image and connotation of "international Jing'an, dream-realized paradise" shall be embodied centrally in the construction of a number of excellent quality and beautiful space, breaking the following key aspects:

(1) This district has not only a number of distinctive development areas including the Nanjing West Road area, the Su River bend area, the Daning area and the city north area but also the shoreline of the Suzhou River with the most coves and the most beautiful scenery in the central city, and the hinterland along the two sides of the river is vast with rich but scattered spatial resources due to such problems as historical legacy, management system, real estate ownership and investment scale, and it is necessary to make overall planning and promotion according to local conditions in the aspects of diversified cultural forms of cultural heritage space, cultural innovation space, cultural landmark space and cultural landscape space.

(2) This district has built a number of cultural spaces that make a feature of lanes, valleys, parks, coves and streets, gradually expanding the area of cultural landscapes. However, the overall distribution is scattered, not like melons growing on a long vine. For example, passageways on both sides of the Suzhou River do not get fully through, in the Suzhou River Jing'an section with full length of nearly 17 km, the left bank (north shore) has 16 places blocked, and the right bank (south bank) has 25 places blocked, by residential and other buildings, the complete shoreline divided into 43 areas; the waterfront walking system is to be opened through, linking up the cultural resources, business resources and public space, extending to the inside to form the cultural corridor and network combining "four contexts" of culture, water, greening and business.

(3) This district in the city renewal has formed many new industries, transportation and green space, which are to be blended with cultural and creative elements, become the cultural space integrating financial benefits, public services and artistic experience, such as the extension station of the subway line, Shanghai Circus City Station and Nanjing West Road Station, which can become distinctive artistic landmarks reflecting cultural benefits to people and international fashion with creative design and integration of the film and television, performing arts, Zhang Park history and other elements.

III. Overall Goals of Jing'an District Cultural Development in the "13th Five-year Plan" Period                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             1. Guiding ideology of Jing'an District "13th Five-year Plan" cultural development

Hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, thoroughly implement the spirit of the important speeches of the general secretary Xi Jinping, take the five ideas of "innovation, coordination, greening, opening and sharing” put forward by the Party Central Committee as the guide, the new benchmark of the central city and highlights of Shanghai development” as the lead, the implementation of the Recommendation of CPC Shanghai Jing'an District Party Committee and Shanghai Jing'an District People's Government on the Deepening of Cultural Construction and Building a Strong Cultural District as the requirements, closely follow the goal of “International Jing'an, Dream-realized Paradise " and the development strategy of "one axis three belts", and promote cultural integration with cultural self-confidence, help Jing’an development with cultural strength, build an international image with cultural prosperity, give full play to the role of culture leading the fashion, educating the people, serving the community and promoting the development and build the urban culture with “clear orientation, energetic vitality, rich and colorful variety, civilized and confident spirit "

2. Overall goals of Jing'an District "13th Five-year Plan" cultural development

Follow the overall deployment of the first District Party Congress and the district "13th Five-year Plan", take reference to the international metropolitan city experience, realize the "establishment of a benchmark, creation of four bright spots", that is, the benchmark city area carrying forward the socialist core values??, the demonstration inheriting cultural heritage, the high ground of cultural and creative innovation, the model of modern public cultural services and the center of international cultural integration. This goal can be summarized as: lofty humanism, excellent service, strong industry, live heritage, and super internationalization.

Lofty humanism – the benchmark city area carrying forward the socialist core values: take the "China Dream" as the lead, widely disseminate the socialist core values in this District, vigorously carry forward the Chinese traditional culture, enhance the people’s cultural identity, sense of cultural belonging and cultural responsibility in this District after the "removal of two, establishment of one"; enhance the district people’s social cohesion, sense of ownership and humanistic quality; make the positive energy of the socialist mainstream culture deeply rooted in the hearts of people, make Jing'an District become the advanced city area with the strong humanistic spirit and the most prominent civilized atmosphere and the most good social style.

Excellent service – the model of modern public cultural services: improve the public's sense of happiness, raise the comprehensive level of per capita enjoyment of regional cultural resources with the modern public cultural service system combining equalization, specialization and modern governance; improve the cultural quality of residents in this District, constantly meet the growing cultural needs of the people with multi-participation, shared and win-win cultural construction, and make this District’s main indicators of public cultural services, including government investment, per capita area of public cultural facilities and the supply level of public cultural products stand in the city's leading position.

Strong industry – the high ground of cultural innovation and creativity: highlight the film and television production, performance and entertainment, creative design, artwork, fashion services, cultural tourism and other key cultural and creative industries, build a number of excellent enterprises and projects including national cultural industry demonstration bases and key cultural export enterprises and projects, combine the "Internet +" strategy, develop new formats of the cultural industry, promote the cross-border integration of the cultural industry and industry, tourism and urban construction, promote the common development of large and medium-sized enterprises with the market appeal, and small enterprises and individual practitioners with vitality, and make the main indicators of this District's cultural and creative industry rank in the forefront of this Municipality, and form intensive, large-scale and professional advantages.

Live heritage - the demonstration carrying forward the cultural heritage: completely carry forward Shanghai city’s cultural context, in the vertical axis of history, reflect three forms of Shanghai from ancient, modern and contemporary times, in the horizontal axis of space, reflect the rich forms of industrial culture, red culture, patriotic Culture, fashion culture and folk culture, in the axis of activation development, reflect multiple measures combining online and offline, physical and virtual, complete inheritance and activation development, professional protection and mass experience, static protection of key points and wide dynamic protection, and make this District an area rich in resources of Shanghai-style history and culture.

Super internationalization - the hub of global cultural integration: build Jing’an into the hub of multi-cultural construction subject integration with mind of both international exchange "terminal" and cultural original "source", and make the most innovative core of international cultural metropolis; through the integration, promotion and other measures, make the “Passion Jing’an, Jazz Spring" music festival and other five cultural programs become an international cultural brand rich in international popularity and popular satisfaction, combine modern cultural governance, build more and more beautiful cultural space in the district to make this District become the benchmark city area representative of the charm and quality of an international cultural metropolis.

IV. The Spatial Layout of Cultural Development of Jing'an District "13th Five-year Plan"

 In the view of characteristics of longer depth of the north and south of this District, obvious development gradient, diverse cultural genes and high-degree integration of international culture, it is necessary to form a large layout of the cultural space of "one river, two shores, three zones and four streets" as the basic framework taking the lead in driving the whole situation.

1.      One river

The Suzhou section of Jing'an District is one of the main places of three cultural integrations in history of Shanghai's urban development, relating to the cultural gene of Shanghai city prospering along the river and with water as the soul and endless life. It is the main artery of Shanghai as the international metropolis and the world’s big port, reaching rivers and the sea and connecting the world, but also the core corridor integrating the cultural context, water pulse, greening context and human context. It is necessary to build the Suzhou River into the core gathering belt of cultural heritage, cultural landscape, cultural facilities and cultural brands, into the axis of cultural vitality across this District, inheriting diverse genes, aggregating multiple subjects and achieving creation and win-win situation, into the experience belt of cultural charm with culture as a guide, gathering the cultural context, water context, greening context and human context, and into the cultural landmarks representative of the Shanghai international image.

2.      Two shores

The cultural linkage development on both sides of the Suzhou River shows the unique charm and wonderful chapter of this District’s cultural construction. It is necessary to build both shores into the power belt together showing new cultural industry formats with the pattern of the north and south acting in cooperation, diversified integration and the same tradition. It is necessary to open up the 17 km-long passageways on both sides of the Suzhou River, in combination with the renewal of the Su River Bay and other key areas, and with the cultural and creative gathering area including Jing'an modern industrial park, Anken green warehouse, and 3 Joyful space as support, push on the upgrading renovation of the original old warehouses and old blocks, attract the settlement of a number of new cultural and creative enterprises and institutions to make a diversified integration of cultural bay, creative bay, ecological bay and fortune bay, and become a cultural experience tourism belt of three-dimensional space of water, shore and waterfront.

On the north shore of the Suzhou River, put stress on building a new cultural industry format and public cultural services improving area. In view of the relatively large vertical aspect of the north shore, the wide hinterland and the relatively sparse public cultural service facilities, it is necessary to build, renovate and maintain the Wu Changshuo House Memorial, Art Museum and other cultural facilities, and in combination with the continuous upgrading of the northern industrial area and the complement of public cultural service facilities, and by means of making up the short boards and paying attention to key points, increase the construction of public cultural services and the content of the supply density. Encourage more private capital and social resources into public cultural facilities, and highlight the modern public cultural service system requirements for the combination of equalization and characteristics. At the same time, push on the continuous renewal of urban space and gather more new cultural industry subjects and new formats.

On the south bank of the Suzhou River, focus on the construction of the demonstration area integrating the linkage of culture, business and travel, and international culture. In the view of such characteristics as many buildings, developed industry and business, a higher degree of internationalization, relatively stable regional planning population and cultural needs, dense population of practitioners and tourists, and more mature public cultural service facilities on the south bank, provide multi-level residents with both equal and special services; constantly lift the charm space of the international cultural integration, serve the country’s "one belt one road" strategy, gather a number of well-known domestic and foreign cultural service agencies and brands, become one of Shanghai’s perennial venues holding important international cultural and artistic activities, form a quality space belt with historical depth and artistic charm, and show off this District’s cultural charm of "international, high-end, quality nature”.

3.      Three zones

Jing'an District’s three zones, presenting the situation of East-West running through, North and South standing side by side, reflecting each other are the three big carriers to show off the strength and charm, and lead this District's cultural construction.

Huanshangda innovative cultural areas: focus on building a vitality gathering belt of new cultural and creative formats, relying on the Huanshangda film and television gathering belt, develop film and television, animation and new media, form a linkage with the surrounding key projects, including relying on the Shanghai Circus City, develop the performing art and tourism, relying on Daning and Haishang culture center, develop the convention and exhibition and performing art, relying on the development of creative design, digital content and cultural e-business on both sides of Guangzhong Road and Lingshi Road, form the combination of cultural industry physical projects and virtual economy, lift the service level of the cultural and creative industries gathering zone, and promote the integration of the industrial park, the new community, the dynamic business district and the beautiful scenic spot.

The Suzhou River culture inheriting area: focus on building the excellent demonstration zone of live inheritance of cultural heritage, develop the rich historical and cultural heritage into the charm space that the general public and tourists can see, hear, visit, buy, experience and interact, take Sihang warehouse Anti-war Memorial Hall, Wu Changshuo Memorial Hall and Art Museum as the support, and the Su River bay, the Butterfly bay and other waterfront eco-tourism landscapes as bright spots, and Jing'an Sculpture Park and other public cultural service facilities as landmarks, push on Shanxi North Road developing the heritage experience, cultural tourism and other industry formats.

The West Nanjing Road classic cultural area: focus on building a high-end experience belt with the linkage of culture, business and travel, relying on the more developed headquarters economy on both sides of West Nanjing Road, with the building economy, time-honored brands and fashion streets as the basis, with cultural finance, conventions, exhibitions and fairs, leisure travel, performance and entertainment, and artworks as the industrial focus, with Zhang Yuan Garden, Opera Valley, Paramount and Ohel Rachel Synagogue as update highlights, gather a number of classic projects and famous institutions of international performing art, fashion, exhibition and artworks, with "Passion Jing’an, Jazz Spring" music festival and other activities as the brand, form the international metropolis culture, business and travel linkage belt as famous as New York Manhattan Fifth Avenue, Paris Champs Elysees Avenue and Tokyo Roppongi.

4.      Four streets

Jing'an District’s four streets, mainly distributed on both sides of the Suzhou River, are the main carriers of the historical context of Jing'an, and the main corridors inheriting the historical context and gathering new industry formats.

They include the North Shannxi Road Chinese history culture famous street, Jiangning Road international culture performing art street, North Shanxi Road Shanghai hundred-years-old street and Guangzhong Road cultural innovation vitality street, which is the belt gathering the most historical and cultural heritages, public cultural facilities, cultural creative industrial parks, time-honored and well-known brands and cultural tourism landscapes in this District and is also the key handgrip with the highest popularity at home and abroad and with the most cultural development potential, which can take the lead in bringing along the surrounding in this District's cultural construction.

It is necessary to combine the legendary features of long cultural context, assembled brands and rich stories of four blocks, push on the linkage of cultural innovation, business, tourism, sports and other industries, form the cultural tourism highlights with "Shanghai style cultural context – hundred-years-old city - Shanghai stories - international brands" as attraction, attracting tourists at home and abroad to form the popular scene satisfying people near and far and being natural and smooth like cloud and water, graft the" Internet + "and other emerging formats to these core areas, combine the plane and vertical flow of people and business flow, the physical layout of business, travel, culture and sports resources and the digital network, to create a cultural space form of "bright spot - group - corridor", form advantages of "melons growing on a long rattan, pearls linking up on a string", and become four highlights of the district’s culture construction in the "13th Five-year Plan" period.

V. Main Tasks of Jing'an District’s Cultural Development in the "13th Five-year Plan" Period

1. Establish and perfect the modern public cultural service system

(1) Five major tasks

A. The rational layout of public cultural services infrastructure

In the light of the situation of this District’s public cultural facilities distributed closely in the south and sparsely in the north, we will have a definite object in view to give classified guidance, improve the utilization rate of public cultural facilities in the south and increase the density and energy level of public cultural facilities in the north, continue to innovate the mechanism of public culture operation, promote the socialized and professional development of public cultural services. To achieve the "10 minutes of public cultural service circle", during the "13th Five-year Plan" period, the Caojiadu sub-district cultural center will be built up and opened, on the basis of at least one standardized community cultural activity center in every street and town, further realize the grid full coverage of the grassroots public cultural facilities to make the full realization of the "10 minutes of public cultural service circle"; at the same time improve the community cultural activities center’s governance structure, increase the autonomy of residents and participation of cultural volunteers. Promote the standardization development of the neighborhood activity rooms in this District, make full use of existing public service facilities, make overall plan to build the grassroots public cultural service center and network that integrate cultural propaganda, popular science education, sports fitness and such other functions to meet the cultural needs of community residents.

 B. Increase the effective supply of public cultural content

Improve the modern public cultural content supply system at four levels of city, district, street/ town, and neighborhood, universally establish the public cultural service performance evaluation system, explore the formation of the council system in large public cultural facilities and institutions, further optimize five mechanisms of the supply and demand docking, three-level linkage, co-construction and co-cultivation, performance evaluation and publicity education, improve the effectiveness of public cultural service content supply; have five public cultural distribution items of cultural instructors, famous actors and troupes’ performances, art lectures, movies and books cover the whole District; improve the mechanism of government purchasing public cultural services, expand the scope of government purchased services, set up the identification standard of social subjects, standardize the operation mode of voluntary declaration and application of cultural projects, and improve the demonstration and evaluation mechanism of public cultural services. Implement the "five cultural deliveries" and other projects, carry out the China Shanghai International Art Festival daily performance, "Scholar China" Shanghai week, elegant art coming into the community and other activities, and strengthen support to the street’s and town’s "one street (town) one program", “people’s great stage” and other cultural activity brands so as to enrich the variety and level of public cultural product supply.

C. Perfect the corporate governance and cultivating services teams

Perfect the corporate governance structure of the public cultural service organizations, maintain the public's right to know, participate in and supervise the public cultural services, promote the governance structure, decision-making procedure and work flow of the public cultural service organization, encourage the multi-party social forces to participate in the operation of public cultural facilities, the supply of public cultural services and the evaluation of the effectiveness of public cultural services; vigorously support the cultural community organization, guide and incubate public welfare organizations and other multiple forms of cultural services; innovate the cultural team support mechanism, carry out in depth the assessment work of star cultural teams, with the "Internet +" approach, and in the principle of " the spirit encouragement is main, and the material reward is supplement", give the evaluated star culture teams activity funds, teacher distribution, platform setting up and other support respectively, encourage them to participate in public cultural activities in the form of the "citizen team" taking part in the "citizen culture festival"; actively explore diversified ways of resource input and improve the working conditions of frontline personnel.

 D. Promote the mass amateur literary and artistic creation

Adhere to carrying forward the creative orientation of the socialist core values, rely on the annual session of performance and show for appraisal of new talent and new works of the mass culture and other show events platforms, constantly expand the social participation in the amateur literary and artistic creation in order to recommend new talent and new products as well as to cultivate superior and fine products, effectively give play to the source role of literary creation; take important festivals and major activities as opportunities to send fine cultural products to a wide public through the distribution, exhibition and road show, and constantly improve the level of the mass literary creation in the course of meeting spiritual and cultural needs of the general public.

(2) Three key projects

A. Renovation project of Jing'an District Library (Tianmu Road Library)

Fill the status quo of the lack of service radiation in the central area of ??the Jing'an District Library (Xinzha Road Library) and the Jing'an District Library (Wenxi Road Library), lift the density and grade of the public cultural facilities in the Su River Bend area, and improve the degree of convenience of culture benefiting people. Build this District's key projects of public cultural service facilities and cultural landmarks with a significant historical significance and humanistic connotation. The new library is to take on the name of "Shanghai Oriental Library", the original Shanghai Oriental Library is the civilian-run public library built by the Commercial Press in 1909, honored with the title of "East Asia famous Culture Treasure", "Asia First Library", and later destroyed by the Japanese invading army’s bombardment. The new "Oriental Library" will showcase the special collection of more than a thousand copies of the commercial library version collected at present, become this District’s cultural highlights inheriting heritage, promoting humanities, and changing people by culture, and become the new model activating historical heritage and practicing urban renewal.

B. Completion and opening of the renovated Jing'an District Cultural Center

Build new landmarks of the public cultural facilities with a combination of modern fashion architectural shape and landscape space, rich and diverse cultural training and experience, Chinese and Western cultural exchanges and interaction, and with this District's cultural and artistic activities center, guidance center and exchange center. Rely on the district’s infrastructure and physical space of the cultural center, introduce a wide range of public cultural service subjects, encourage the participation of outstanding artists, sponsors and other people, carry out a variety of cultural popularization and experience activities, and become a diversified public cultural services integrated platform through government procurement, social participation, market regulation, business commitment and other means.

C. Upgrade the "Haishang culture - intellectual culture service platform"

Take the "Haishang culture - intellectual service platform" as an opportunity, strengthen this District's digital construction of public cultural services, integrate scientific and technological concepts, thinking and achievements in the modern public cultural service system to better reflect the orientation combining the preservation of the basic, promotion of upgrading and modern governance. It is necessary to combine the "Internet +" strategy, integrate the messaging platform, microblogging platform, WeChat platform, website platform, TV platform, touch screen platform and personalized push platform, build cultural information spreading, sharing and interactive networks with coverage of mobile phones, mobile terminals, personal computers and cultural establishment service terminals, so that this District's overall cultural resources get on-line. Develop online multi-cultural service functions, and through the big data analysis of platform users’ information, make the supply of cultural contents accurately match the actual needs of people and promote the integration of modern public cultural services and hi-tech achievements.

2. Inheritance and activation of historical and cultural heritage

(1) Five major tasks

A. Form the big pattern of inheritance and activation of historical and cultural heritage

In view of the characteristics of rich historical and cultural heritages of all kinds in this District, make overall planning by means of combination of point, line and surface, including the construction, expansion and upgrade of the red memorial hall, art museum, non-heritage museum, industry museum, community (school) museum and folk museum, take the inheriting protection of Ohel Rachel Synagogue and other key projects as highlights, construct and improve a number of inheriting protection corridors with distinctive historical and cultural heritages, and by 2020, a set of museum and art gallery systems including the comprehensive museum, industry museum and private museum will make Jing'an District become a "museum city area" of historical and cultural protection.

 B. Activate the kernel of the red exhibition hall, present a gift for the 100th anniversary of the Party founding

Jing'an District has rich red cultural heritages, including the site of the Second Party Congress, the office site of the central organ of post-Third Party Congress, Shanghai University, civilian girl school and other important institutions, as well as a large number of historical materials and relics of activities of Party leaders Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Deng Xiaoping and Chen Yun, which are of special significance in the early establishment history of the Communist Party of China. Start the first-phase project of the expansion and reconstruction of old site exhibition hall comprehensive Memorial Museum of China Labor Combination Secretary Department, complete the protective repairs of the Maoming Road former residence of Mao Zedong, lift the energy level of exhibition of memorial hall of the central bureau organ of post-Third Party Congress, complete the repair and expansion of such halls by high standards, introduce a variety of technical means and scenarios to enhance the red cultural experience of tourists, and actively promote the construction of the historical museum of the Commercial Press, and promote the change of red culture exhibition from static show to dynamic interaction.

C. Lift the brands of Jing’an intangible cultural heritage

Constantly enrich the district-level list of projects, expand the dissemination space of intangible cultural heritage, explore the implantation and exhibition of Longfeng cheongsam, Humsuit and other "time-honored" in the dramatic works, establish the intangible cultural heritage exhibition center, lift the influence of state-level intangible culture heritage LuAn inkpad making skills training institute, and Chen Hailong master studio and ivory bamboo weaving skills showcase. Explore and innovate the training system of non-heritage skills, develop in depth non-heritage item training institutes, the tripartite win-win, joint construction of the enterprise with non-heritage items, the vocational education school and the district intangible cultural heritage protection center, create the road of inheritance of cultural heritage with combination of their own characteristics, compliance with development demands and diversified participation in the integration.

 D. Strengthen the publicity and promotion of historical and cultural heritage

Excavate in depth the cultural connotation and cultural values of this District's historical and cultural heritage, conduct the cultural display and publicity of various types and different levels. Open up multiple special cultural experience lines of leaders finding, historical heritage of anti-war, pursuit and visit of celebrities, cultural and ecological landscape and patriotism revolutionary history education. Actively look for the space of survival, dissemination and development of the intangible cultural heritage, explore the tour performance and exhibition of "non-heritage cultural scene show" in this District’s former residences of celebrities, cultural creative industrial parks, business buildings, community cultural activities centers,  bookstores and other facilities.

 E. Establish the District cultural museum special committee, form the mechanism of joint force of inheritance protection

Make the comprehensive combing of this District’s resources of red theme memorial halls, industry museums, community museums, folk museums, heritage buildings, former residences of celebrities, and training institutes of intangible cultural heritage, and carry out the repairs and consolidation of such museums in a planned, focused and systematic manner; it is necessary to excavate and arrange the image materials relating to old Zhabei and old Jing’an, use pictures, models, animation, AR and VR technology and other means to form a cultural museum system of living vitality and appeal, and make the historical heritage space open to the outside world; it is necessary to combine the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage and the protection of historical buildings to make the factors of outstanding traditional culture integrate deeply in the urban development.

(2) Three key projects

A. Build the upgrade version of North Shaanxi Road, China's historical and cultural street

On the basis of the "12th Five-year Plan" culture construction, aiming at the present situation of the Chinese historical and cultural street on North Shaanxi Road and adapting to the common aspiration of all walks of life coming to famous streets, carry out further protection and utilization of famous streets, take the development of key spaces like Ohel Rachel Synagogue as carriers to build activating utilization demonstration center of the world historical heritage, promote the protection and activation of more than 20 historical and cultural buildings on North Shaanxi Road, make the hundred-year-old history revive in the present, make the sedimentary legacy translate into cultural wealth, make cultural landmarks where the public and tourists can see, hear interact with and experience history, gather like stream and conduct personal experience become the demonstration of development of the historical and cultural street as a whole, and create the new path activating famous streets of Chinese history and culture with Shanghai characteristics and Jing’an features.

B. Protect and activate the historical and cultural heritages on both sides of the Su River Bend

The Protection and activation of the historical and cultural heritages on both sides of the Su River Bend include the restoration and opening of the former residence of Wu Changshuo, Liang’s houses and other municipal cultural relics protection units of the Ankang Court historical style protection block and projects of protecting, activating and rebuilding Shenyu Lane and relocating Goddess' Palace, and actively explore the organic model of urban renewal.

Wu Changshuo is the standard-bearer of the modern Shanghai-style painting and calligraphy art, a grand master with excellent creation and profound influence in the four fields of "poetry, calligraphy, painting and seal cutting". In his later years, he settled in No.12, Lane 457 Shaanxi North Road until he died in 1927, and the fifteen years was the peak period of art of the Shanghai-style art master with the most accomplishments in his life. The former residence of Wu Changshuo shall be renovated, officially opened to the outside world; Construct Wu Changshuo Art Museum, display its brilliant achievements and far-reaching impact, and build it into a hall inheriting and carrying forward the outstanding art of the Chinese nation.

Goddess’ Palace is one of the origins of modern Mazu culture in Shanghai. It is a public cultural facility with the theme of Mazu culture and folk beliefs, which is unique and original. It combines the construction of public green space on Zhejiang North Road. Restoration of Shenyu lane and relocation of Goddess’s Palace stage to make it a project of displaying the modern folk culture of Shanghai.

The former site of the Mixed Trial Court is the immovable cultural relics registered in this District and also the outstanding historical building of Shanghai. It was established in the Qing Dynasty Reign of Tongzhi, was originally a traditional Chinese bureaucratic organ, and gradually developed into the field where two kinds of legal cultures of China and the West had collision and integration, and later in the period of Republic of China changed to Jiangsu Shanghai first special court. It is necessary to explore the historical value of the Mixed Trial Court, make repairs, development and display according to the actual protection situation.

A number of urban renewal projects in East Siwen Lane, Su River Bend and Overseas Chinese town and on both shores of the Suzhou River are cultural highlights with the cultural context as the lead, combined with water context, greening context and human context, to be built into brand projects combined with inheritance of cultural context and activation development, Combined with the above projects, a cluster of museums on both sides of the Suzhou River will become cultural landmarks, comparable with the "Museum of a mile" and other on the Fifth Avenue in New York. Upgrade the Butterfly Bay Peony Garden, make it a place of leisure, sports, cultural and artistic activities, inheriting and carrying forward the traditional Chinese painting art.

C. Construct museum groups, highlight the spirit of Jing'an humanities

It is necessary on the basis of museums and art galleries to further construct carriers, perfect functions, and form the museum group with characteristics of Shanghai and Jing'an features, including:

Advance the repairs of the Yuan Lee pawn shop and display the revision works. Conduct the protective construction of the former site of the Yuan Lee pawn shop, establish the pawn industry museum, restore the space layout and trading scene of the pawn industry, open to the public, and endeavor to display the history and change of Shanghai commercial and financial culture by way of the innovative exhibition.

Inherit and revive the industrial heritage, and build the industrial museum gathering area. Combined with the industrial heritage function transformation, on both sides of Gonghe Xin Road and the Su River Bend, use innovative thinking to translate the industrial park inheriting the historical gene into the modern cultural and creative space integrating the museum display, science education and cultural creativity, and form the industrial museum gathering area.

Revitalize the intangible cultural heritage. Construct the intangible cultural heritage exhibition hall, through the physical display, skills demonstration, process reproduction, interactive experience and design and implementation of many functions, continue with the "oral city / city memory" cultural relics rescue project, develop "Jing'an memory", "urban historical and humanistic monographs" and other series of activities and special books, conduct in-depth excavation of the historical and cultural celebrities related to this District, learn from Hong Kong experience, try to take the Sihang warehouse and other places as the "living classroom ", explore the feasibility of carrying out the "program of activation of historical building partner", show the essence of Jing'an intangible cultural heritage, and let the public and tourists at home and abroad get in-depth experience.

3. Promote and enhance the development of cultural industries

(1) Four major tasks

A. Make cross-border integration, strengthen new formats of the cultural industry

According to the trend of global cultural industry development, promote the intensive, large-scale, professional development of this District’s cultural industry, vigorously cultivate new subjects, new formats, new carriers and new space of cultural creativity, highlight the film, performing arts, creative design, convention and exhibition, artworks, cultural finance and other key categories, in line with the "Internet +" national strategy, vigorously develop sci-tech, intelligent and digital new formats of cultural industry, promote the cultural industry chain extension with IP as the center, combine the "local services, on-site services, online services", learn from the experience of Daning Debiyi Park, combine the film and television production, entertainment and other key categories and cultural E-business, cloud computing, intelligent logistics, E-business group buying industry, Internet shooting and other formats to cultivate 3-5 cultural industry leading enterprises and cultural industry gathering areas with revenue to reach one billion yuan level, and form a cluster of vibrant cultural industries.

B. Construct a new carrier and build a new version of cultural and creative industrial parks

Combine the cultural space layout and regional urban renewal of "one river, two shores, three districts, four streets", improve the existing 18 cultural and creative industrial parks, 6 municipal copyright model parks and other carriers, upgrade from the stage of " the gathering and cultivation of cultural and creative enterprises” to the stage of " integration of cultural and creative industry elements”, and then to the "radiation linkage of cultural and creative industry elements", and become a powerful engine for the development of cultural industries. The core of building a new carrier is to enhance the vitality of cultural enterprises, the key is to link up various resources and diversified markets, to form the industrial ecology with the higher market connectivity and the availability of resources, so that large and medium-sized enterprises with the market appeal, small and micro enterprises full of elasticity and activity, and individual practitioners and professional service agencies can coexist in harmony, constantly make efforts from the supply side and develop cultural new products, new services, new projects.

 C. Promote cultural, commercial and travel linkage, and explore new patterns of cultural consumption

The focus of cultural, commercial and travel linkage is to promote the integration of cultural, business, tourism and other industries, cultivate the new market format of cultural consumption. It is necessary to give full play to the advantages of this District as an international metropolitan city center, start from the "market intersection - product intersection - business interaction point" to create a more effective linkage industry chain. It is necessary to build more than 20 cultural tourism routes with Jing'an characteristics, including Jing'an city tour sightseeing, Shaanxi North Road China's historical and cultural street tour, circus city performing art entertainment tour, Jing'an riverside ecological culture tour, Jiangning Road cultural performing arts street experience tour, Natural Museum (Jing'an sculpture park) experience tour, and combine with the China Shanghai International Art Festival, "Modern Theater Valley" and other cultural festivals and brands. Highlight the form of "group - brand - corridor", take key enterprises, buildings, squares, theaters, exhibitions as the core, feature modern business, performing arts exhibition, fashion shopping, art and tourism experience, highlight cultural events, and make ecological greening as the background, form a large industrial artery with artistic stream like cloud and water, so as to arouse people's rich memory and imagination of hundred-year-old Jing’an.

D. Strengthen cultural market management and improve cultural law enforcement

Carry out in depth the Recommendations on Further Deepening the Reform of Comprehensive Law Enforcement of Cultural Markets of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council, establish and perfect the comprehensive legal system for the cultural market of “clear powers and responsibilities, normal conduct, effective supervision and forceful protection”, establish a cultural market comprehensive law enforcement contingent firm in politics, standard in behavior, proficient in business and excellent in work style, further integrate the cultural market law enforcement power, speed up the realization of cross-sector and cross-industry comprehensive law enforcement, specify the scope of comprehensive law enforcement; actively cultivate and build a modern cultural market system, use the law, economic and necessary administrative means to constantly improve the market layout, cultivate and improve this District's various cultural markets, and improve the cultural market credit system; combine with "Internet +", and actively cultivate the Internet cultural financial market, the Internet artworks market and other new formats; in accordance with the requirements of building the government by law and service-oriented government, change the government functions, optimize government services, simplify administrative examination and approval; adhere to the administration according to law, adhere to statutory duties having to be done and what without lawful authorization cannot be done, and promote the information-based construction of cultural market comprehensive law enforcement.

(2) Two key projects

A. Improve the Huanshangda international film and television park and strengthen the advantageous industry brands

Give full play to the advantages of resources of Shanghai as the birthplace of China's film industry, take the "education" and "production" function as the core symbol, give full play to the advantages of Shanghai University Vancouver Film Academy and take film and television production and animation game as the core industry, As required by “up to level, scale and grade”, make linkage with the surrounding various cultural subjects, make film and television production jointly with Shanghai University, make cultural performances jointly with the Shanghai Theater Academy, and make multimedia performing arts jointly with the Shanghai circus city, guide a group of domestic and foreign strength Film and television enterprises and projects to gather to form the international film and television park with the film and television post-production as the core; to build three leading industrial parks of film and television media, digital content and creative design, and two derivative industrial parks of cultural finance, and leisure and cultural tourism, initially form the industrial chain effect of film and television post-production, set up  the "film and television - finance - Internet" film and television industry gathering area, integrating functions of education training and enterprise incubation, creation and design, production and distribution, and technology innovation of film and television, leisure and entertainment, and display and dissemination.

 B. Construct Jiangning Road International Cultural Performing Art Street and build a cultural experience highland

Combine with favorable conditions of brining Jiangning Road International Cultural Performing Art Street into the Three-year Action Plan of Shanghai for Development of Cultural and Creative Industries (2016-2018 years) and the Plan of Shanghai for Development of Performing Art Industry in the 13th Five-year Plan Period, strengthen cooperation with the Shanghai SMG Group and Shanghai Radio and Television, build a new theater on No. 1013 West Beijing Road, Asia's first to take immerse theatrical performances as the principal. It is necessary on the basis of "connecting points into line, culture and business interacting, radiating the surroundings" formed in early stage, use the key cultural facilities such as Huanyi Studios, Art Theater and Majestic Theater, push forward the reconstruction and opening of Paramount to promote the integration of many formats of culture, business, finance and tourism, and actively promote the implementation of "one belt one road" international art festival cooperation network, strengthen the linkage of Jiangning Road and surroundings, including the formation of north and south linkage with the modern drama Valley, and cooperate with the advantages of Shaanxi North Road Chinese history and culture famous street, highlight the international, artistic and noble industrial advantages, build Jiangning Road into the international cultural experience highland and the International Modern Theater Center integrating performing art, leisure, artworks and fashion.

4. Cultivate and promote international brands of cultural exchanges

(1)Three major tasks

A. Deepen strategic cooperation with major projects at home and abroad

Deepen cooperation with the Shanghai International Art Festival, the Shanghai International Film and Television Festival, the Shanghai Cultural Property Exchange, the Christie's (Shanghai) Auction Co., Ltd., and strengthen cooperation with universities and art institutions such as Shanghai University and Shanghai Theater Academy. Hold the international theater venture capital meeting and international artworks auction, cooperate with Huanshangda Film and Television Park, attract international cultural investment institutions and excellent cultural resources, and jointly create the outstanding repertoire and cultural service items.

B. Support participation in international cultural exchanges and cultural trade

Actively encourage cultural enterprises and institutions in this District to participate in international cultural exhibitions, transactions and performances, and other activities and projects, and actively develop export-oriented cultural products and services, and cultivate 4-6 national cultural export key enterprises and projects. Actively introduce high-quality cultural resources at home and abroad, make the district become a big platform for the development of export-oriented cultural enterprises and institutions, attract more outstanding cultural and art institutions and people in the world to set the original, premiere, first distribution and exhibition programs, R & D center and master studio in Jing’an and build the district into a cultural and cultural resources gathering place.

C. Strive for the national level international cultural exchange base

Strive for the Ministry of Culture to set up the international cultural exchange base in this District, and cooperate with the China performance group and the Shanghai Performing Arts Group to hold the  international drama festival, "Edinburgh – Jing’an" Two-city Theater Festival and other important festivals; combine with the reconstruction of "Paramount" well-known at home and abroad, construct "Paramount" jazz center to build Paramount into the Shanghai-style cultural comprehensive experience hall.

(2) A key project

Build international cultural exchange brands, expand international influence. According to the strategic vision of Shanghai marching towards the global civilized city, highlight the characteristics of the cosmopolitan city center, strengthen the inheritance of traditional culture and the development of new cultural brand projects, and promote the five public cultural projects with extensive mass base to become mass cultural projects connecting and benefiting people's livelihood and also international cultural exchange brands docking international cultural and artistic trend, and favored by people near and far, at home and abroad.

Deepen the "Jing'an drama" brand building. The "Modern Theater Valley" has been held for many years, it is necessary to expand the connotation and influence of the brand, integrate regional performance venues resources, establish the "theater alliance" with mutual win-win and coordinated development, guide domestic and foreign outstanding repertoire to display in a centralized manner in this District, create a vibrant, colorful opera culture ecology and cultural atmosphere. It is necessary to continue to lift the "public theater" public welfare brand, adhere to the guiding ideology of "cultural sharing, drama benefiting people", achieve the zero distance contact between the public and drama, promote the stage and life docking, form the drama culture atmosphere of public-welfare performance, innovation experience, extensive participation, and build the public theater stage of the people, by the people and for the people, showing this District's public cultural construction level and the international level.

As this District’s cultural brand and also Shanghai's iconic cultural activity, the "Passion Jing’an- Jazz Spring" Music Festival has 11 sessions successfully held. During the "13th Five-year Plan" period, it is necessary to excavate in depth the brand connotation, innovate the carrier of activities, promote social operation, combine with the Daning music season to form the situation of north and south cooperation,  create music events with world influence and add cultural vitality to the construction of "International Jing'an".

Lift the brands of "Beautiful Jing'an" citizen culture and art series. Docking the Shanghai Citizen Culture Festival, through the "Art Street Wind", star cultural group appraisal, "Scholar Music Space" and "Melody on the Sea" series of public welfare painting and calligraphy exhibition, "Space on the Sea" photography exhibition, "Meeting with Masters" art popular lectures and such other projects, widely attract public participation, and fully display the achievements of the development of mass culture in this District.

Lift the activity of "Hanfen Auditorium" reading series. It is necessary to further integrate the region's reading activity brands, including "Hanfen Auditorium", "Pleasure Reading Jing’an" reading week, "Literary Tour", "Meeting with Masters" art lectures, "Riverside Story-telling Session" and so on, make joints efforts to promote the in-depth development of "All-people Reading" activity, pushing on all-people reading and learning habits in the whole District.

VI. Safeguard Measures of Jing'an District "13th Five-year" Cultural Development

1.      Strengthen the unified leadership, form this District's cultural construction pattern

Perfect the jointly-building win - win management model. Take innovation as the first driving force, make a plan with the layout of large cultural views, and guide the formation of joint force of the whole society jointly building the culture, make efforts to strengthen the management model of the planning lead, overall plan of resources, integration development and division of labor. Make comprehensive use of legal, administrative, economic, scientific and technological means to improve the management efficiency, and create a healthy cultural market order.

Give full play to the functions of the cultural competent departments. Support the development of basic, guiding and other major cultural industry projects, establish an open and unified management platform for intercommunication and interconnection, strengthen the service management innovation, stimulate the development vitality of various types of market subjects to the maximum extent, strengthen the planning policy guidance, improve administrative efficiency and improve the statistics and other basic work system.

Improve the working mechanism of the coordination group of Jing'an District public culture service, make overall coordination of the various subjects and various resources in this District, perfect the relevant regulations and the implementation procedure of specific matters, form the mechanism of cultural co-construction and cultural sharing, and promote the coordinated development of modern public cultural service system.

2. Specify the time node, and promote the implementation by phase

(1) Start-up period: In 2016, make full start of this District "13th Five-year" cultural development planning, specify responsibilities of units, form the coordination and promotion mechanism, through the organization, mobilization and publicity, form social consensus, gather forces from all sides, and comprehensively start the construction of every key project.

(2) Construction period: In 2017-2018, comprehensively promote the main work and key projects set out in the "13th Five-year" cultural development plan, make these tasks and projects continue to produce image, create efficiency, expand influence and become representative of the district’s cultural development strength and the benchmark and demonstration of the vision.

(3) Deepening period: In 2019 - 2020, make in-depth implementation of the "13th Five-year" cultural development plan, on the basis of the key projects built and opened one after another, endeavor to build the innovative cultural operation mechanism and the modern culture management model, making overall promotion of this District’s cultural comprehensive strength.

3. Perfect the jointly-building and win-win modern cultural governance model

Specify the functional orientation of different cultural institutions, and promote the perfection of the personnel management, income distribution, social security and funding system of public welfare institutions. Constantly establish and improve the recommendation system of qualified subjects of community cultural activities center’s socialized and professional management, introduce more qualified social subjects to manage community cultural activities centers and other public cultural facilities. Explore and innovate the mechanism of the government to buy all kinds of public cultural service products from social forces, introduce the standardized practice of public cultural service, guide social forces come into the public service field to construct and operate the public service platform of cultural industry.

4. Innovate the mode of input in public culture and heritage protection

While ensuring the year-by-year growth of the financial investment in public cultural services and cultural heritage protection, combine with the actual situation, improve the input mode, strengthen fund management, improve the fund-use efficiency, give play to the role of promoting basic public cultural services "showing bottom line, improving weak links". Make good use of public finance, taxation, finance, land-use and other leverage and resources to increase support to the social forces to participate in the protection of cultural heritage, and encourage state-owned cultural enterprises and institutions to link social capital.

Make good use of public culture support fund. Encourage and guide the social forces to participate in public cultural services, cultivate a group of innovation projects with distinctive themes, high pioneering and innovative nature, good demonstrative lead, and high social evaluation to expand the influence of public cultural construction, improve the use benefit of public funds and raise the effectiveness of public cultural services.

5.      Cultivate a pluralistic cultural construction subject

Explore and innovate the mechanism of the government buying public cultural service from social forces, provide an effective path for the multiple social forces to participate in cultural construction, improve the efficiency of public cultural services, and on the basis of giving full play to the role of this District’s existing 31 cultural and social organizations (including cultural associations and NGOs), encourage more social resources to participate.

It is necessary to actively seek the support of municipal relevant departments, encourage and establish public cultural projects and spaces such as diversified folk museums (art galleries), cultural associations and cultural institutions, give play to the enthusiasm of multicultural construction subjects, give full play to the role of associations, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities and other non-profit organizations, and form the industrial development pattern of reasonable division of labor and collaboration, complementary set-up and mutual promotion of the government, enterprises, and third-party organizations.

 6. Make good use of multiple levers, cultivate creative, innovative and entrepreneurial vitality

Establish Jing'an cultural development special fund, which includes two categories and two mechanisms:

(1) Jing'an public culture support fund is the necessary input of the government finance to the development of modern public cultural services. The annual growth rate of input must keep basic synchronization with the growth rate of the regional GDP and fiscal revenue.

(2) Jing'an cultural industry development fund is the pushing lever of the government for developing the cultural industry into the pillar industry of the national economy, with the total annual input in principle no less than 15% of the new part of added value of this District’s cultural industry the year before, and as the precursor, basic and policy-related investment, through the forms of loan guarantee, supporting support, excellent incentives, research and development, key support and platform building, play a promotion role in the development of this District's cultural industry.

It is necessary to make full use of tax, finance, land-use and other aspects of policy support to the cultural industry, attract more cultural industry entrepreneurs, service providers and suppliers to gather in Jing'an and establish more mass creation spaces and other carriers to cultivate new subjects. Give play to the decisive role of the market in allocating resources, explore the new mechanism of the government support to enterprises’ innovation in technology, management and business model. Lift the cultural enterprise’s market subject position, promote enterprises to truly become subjects of cultural industry R & D innovation and achievements translating, and break the industry monopoly and market segmentation that restrict innovation.

 7. Strive for the first try, innovative cultural management system and mechanism

Actively seek the support of the Ministry of Culture of the State and the Municipal People’s Government, implement relevant policies of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone and Zhangjiang independent innovation demonstration area in this District, carry out a series of innovative projects of artworks bonded transactions and bonded leasing, create conditions to conduct pilot work to attract international cultural organizations headquarters and centers to settle in this District, so that more international cultural resources and institutions gather in Jing'an.

8.  Develop new formats, and promote the cultural sci-tech integration and innovation

Use the "Internet +" thinking and achievements, combine the cultural industry’s three forms of “local production, on-site production, online production”, give play to the intelligent platform operating mechanism, develop digital content, mutual entertainment economy, cross-border culture E-business, culture service trade and other emerging formats, and combine the physical space development and virtual digital construction.

It is necessary to give play to the role ofdual platform working simultaneously” of government-funded public-welfare service platform and enterprise-funded commercial service platform, adopt such practices as the government dominance, financial support, enterprise (organization) operation, and performance-oriented to push on this District to become one of central areas with the most centralized excellent resources, the most convenient cultural business start-up, and the most advantageous development cost.

9. Pay attention to human resources, optimize the creative talent training mechanism

Perfect the mechanisms of talent training and development, evaluation and discovery, selection and appointment, mobile allocation and incentive protection to create a favorable institutional environment for the outstanding talent to stand out. Actively introduce and cultivate the cultural talents in short supply, carry out the intangible cultural heritage inheritor training program and improve the relevant policy measures. Implement the policy on gathering overseas talent who may come and go freely, with the international competition comparative advantage, and in line with the international practice, strengthen the domestic talent introducing mechanism of the market discovery, market recognition and market evaluation.

 10. Set up development indicators, strengthen the performance appraisal and incentive work

Set up the main indicators of the cultural development of the "13th Five-year Plan", including binding indicators and guiding indicators, classify and break them down to relevant functional departments, encourage this District’s cultural, business, travel, sports and relevant departments to give support to form a good synergy of all parties actively participating in the cultural construction.