Implementation Plan for Jing'an District All-people Fitness (2016 - 2020)

Released on:2017-06-13


Implementation Plan for Jing'an District All-people Fitness

(2016 - 2020)

All-people health is an important manifestation of national comprehensive strength and an important symbol of economic and social development and progress. All-people fitness is an important way and means to achieve all-people health, and is a basic guarantee for the general public to build up physique and happy life. Under the correct leadership of the District Party Committee and the District People’s Government, in the past five years, this District, based on the sports livelihood, carried forward sports spirit, developed sports culture, constantly raised the energy level of public sports service and made great progress in the all-people fitness program. In the next five years, in the face of citizens’ growing demand for physical fitness and Shanghai’s requirements for building a well-off society at a higher level and the opportunity challenges of pushing the construction of healthy Shanghai and the world famous sports city, it is necessary to more accurately grasp profound changes in the connotation of all-people fitness development in the new period, pay more attention to giving play to the supporting role of all-people fitness in the economic and social development, and accelerate the promotion of overall coordination and sustainable development of this District’s all-people fitness program. In order to further improve the physical quality and health level of citizens, according to the National Fitness Program (2016 - 2020), Shanghai National Fitness Implementation Plan (2016 - 2020), and in the light of this District’s actual circumstances, this Implementation Plan is hereby formulated.

I. Guidelines

Fully implement the spirit of the Party's 18th Congress and the Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Plenary Sessions of the 18th Congress, take Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thought of "Three Represents", and the scientific concept of development as guide, study in depth and carry out the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of important speech, in accordance with the "four comprehensive" strategic layout and the development concept of innovation, coordination, greening, open-up and sharing, actively cultivate and practice the socialist core values, serve the national strategy of "national fitness" and "healthy China", cycle the target of Shanghai building a world famous sports city and the positioning requirements of “Jing'an creating a new benchmark for the central city and Shanghai developing new bright spots", with the enhanced public health, improved health, enriched spiritual and cultural life as the fundamental goal, and with constant satisfaction of the citizens’ growing demand for diversified physical fitness as the starting point and foothold, adhere to the working principle of putting people first, innovation-drive, making up the short board, integrating resources, stimulating vitality and pluralistic mutual promotion, make overall planning for the construction of the district all-people fitness public service system, promote the development of public interest in sports, attract broad participation of the public, stimulate national fitness enthusiasm and make a positive contribution to the construction of "international Jing’an, dream-realized paradise".

II. Development Goals

    Strive to constantly improve the citizens’ scientific fitness accomplishment by 2020, participants in physical exercise continue to increase in number, the proportion of the frequenters to physical exercise in the whole district reaches to more than 45%, and sports become more citizens’ way of life. The national fitness management system and operating mechanism of "three-wheel drive" of the government, society, and market are more perfect. The national fitness is rich in regional features, with diversified services suppliers and comprehensive promotion of the "15-minute sports life circle" construction, and strive to make a demonstration area of the modern all-people fitness public service system in Shanghai, the lead district of sports intelligent services and the core area of the sports city full of fashion vitality.

Table: the main indicators of Jing'an District all-people fitness development during the “13th five-year plan" period


Indicator description






Proportion of frequenters of physical exercise




Around 45


Per capita sports area





Social sports instructors accounted for the proportion of the population in the district





Citizen physique monitoring compliance rate






Open rate of school sports ground






National-above sports events sponsored every year






Fitness team quantity






Civic fitness trails






Civic multifunctional fields






Citizens smart fitness centers, residents committee fitness walls






Citizen fitness centers





III. Main Tasks

1.Carry forward the sports culture, and promote the comprehensive development of human beings

Popularize fitness knowledge, publicize fitness effect, promote the new concept of health, and take physical and mental health as an important ability of comprehensive development and social adaption of individuals. Integrate the sports culture into the whole cycle and process of physical fitness, dig in depth the cultural connotation of fitness projects, give play to the role of sports fitness to a healthy civic lifestyle. By 2020, the public awareness of scientific fitness is widely improved, the personal development concept of taking participation in sports fitness with a strong body as an honor is formed, and a scientific fitness atmosphere where everyone loves to exercise, knows how to exercise and frequents exercise is established.

2. Speed up the construction of public sports facilities, lift the utilization efficiency of sports resources

Comprehensively promote the construction of "15 minutes sports life circle" in combination with "one axis three belts" development strategy. Effectively expand the incremental resources, encourage social forces to build "small, diversified and convenient" sports venues and fitness facilities; build public multifunctional fields and public fitness centers; and speed up the construction of sports facilities in the commercial building shelters, building roofs, basements and other parts. Further revitalize the stock of resources, do well in the use, management and upgrading of the public fitness ground facilities already built. Promote the linkage cooperation among departments of sports, education, greening, health, culture and tourism, strengthen the integration of gymnasium resources of schools, organs, enterprises and institutions and promote the opening-up of such resources to communities. Establish and improve the public sports facilities management system, promote the public sports venues "turning from business to sports", timely maintain and update public sports facilities, and prevent the public sports facilities from being idle waste, occupied or misappropriated. Strengthen the national fitness facilities services. The cumulative opening time of public sports venues and community sports facilities shall be not less than 56 hours a week, free of charge on the National Fitness Day; fitness centers and fitness trails are free of charge all year round, other public sports facilities open with public welfare; The rate of school playgrounds opening to communities shall be more than 86%.

3. Reinforce the basis of physical fitness organizations, stimulate the development vitality of national fitness

Improve the national fitness organization system with the government as the dominance, all kinds of sports social organizations as the hub, and mass and social sports and fitness organizations as the basis. Give full play to the role of administrative network, sports association network, social organization network and grassroots sports organization network in the national fitness social management. Promote the development of grass-roots sports fitness organizations, this District’s 14 towns all having sports social organizations; the central sports association and individual sports event associations gradually achieve substantiation, physical fitness clubs and youth sports clubs have greater development, and the socialized national fitness organization network with a wide coverage and large capacity is formed. Strengthen the construction of street and town community cultural activity centers, community public fitness centers and community sports clubs, basically realizing both the place of public sports activities and the position of sports fitness organization activities, with both specialized staff management and social sports instructor fitness guidance, and realizing the substantive construction of sports fitness organizations and social sports instructor teams. Construct over 20 national and municipal sports clubs that serve the youth fitness.

4. Carry out national fitness activities in depth and promote the frequent participation of all kinds of people

Endeavor to promote sports development of all groups of youngsters, working people and the elderly. Promote the implementation of youth sports promotion program, speed up the construction of youth sports public services, deepen the combination of sports and education, strengthen the construction of traditional sports schools at all levels and campus alliances mainly of school football, basketball and volleyball, and promote youth football popularity. Give full play to the role of demonstration guide of the "Youth Sunshine Sports League" and other sports brand activities, ensure that students during school have at least one hour of physical activity every day, master more than 2 sports skills, cultivate sports interest, form a good habit of lifelong exercise and improve physical fitness. Encourage government organs, enterprises, institutions and social organizations to carry out various types of fitness activities, exercise the fitness system during breaks, develop "three big balls", road running, outdoor sports and other favorite sports, and advocate one hour of fitness every day for employees. Carry out the elderly fitness program of "healthy aging", promote the combination of health and sports, make overall planning for the construction of public-welfare elderly fitness and sports facilities, develop elderly community sports, promote sports events such as gate ball and shadowboxing suited to the characteristics of the elderly and provide scientific guidance for elderly fitness. Strengthen the classified guidance for fitness and rehabilitation of the disabled, to let them enjoy more social care. Strengthen the international exchanges of mass sports, encourage launching national fitness activities with sharp international characteristics and pushing the development of all-people fitness to a higher level.

 5. Endeavor to promote the integration development of health and sports, and intensify scientific and fitness guidance services

Give full play to the basic role of scientific fitness in the health promotion, speed up the construction of the health post of sports and medical cooperation, and raise the coverage rate with point to line and radiation to the surface. Optimize the proportion of occupational composition of social sports instructors in this District. Make organic combination of family sports instructor skills training and public physical monitoring, sports fitness culture and scientific fitness methods, and enhance efforts to distribute scientific fitness guide into families. Establish district-level health and physical management resources database, carry out physical testing and athletic ability assessment, and provide personalized scientific fitness guidance services.

 6. Actively innovate the sports product supply, and constantly expand the sports fitness consumption

Give full play to the role of power source of national fitness in the development of sports industry, and take development of fitness industry and promotion of fitness consumption as a new economic growth point to be nurtured. Promote the "three-wheel drive" of the government, society and market, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the general public participating in the national fitness program, broaden the channel of social resources entering the national fitness program, and establish the open, competitive and orderly modern sports management system. Give full play to the role of central sports associations, individual sports event associations and sports social organizations in the development of the national fitness program, nurture and support sports social organizations in the development and expansion, perfect the system and mechanism of the government purchasing sports services, improve the supporting policies on financial security, supervision and management, and performance evaluation, and comprehensively enhance the endogenous motivation of socialized plural subjects participating in the supply of public sports services, and gradually build the multi-level, multi-way sports service supply and security system. Enhance the venues’ comprehensive and diversified operational capacity, develop the multi-functional sports industry cluster with "three big balls" as the lead, and with e-sports, baseball, roller skating, fencing and other fashion leisure sports as supplement to provide a quality and rich sports fitness environment for more community residents. Expand the field of venue services, extend professional support services such as fitness training, apparatus and equipment, events sponsoring and sports social intercourse, enhance the complex operation capacity of venues, optimize the fitness experience of sports enthusiasts, and cultivate citizens’ sports consumption habit. Support the construction of a number of social sports clubs and community fitness clubs, improve the government purchase of services system, actively guide all kinds of sports social organizations to participate in mass fitness activities, and guide the sports development by stratification and classification. Vigorously boost new formats of the national fitness industry including fitness information aggregation, intelligent fitness hardware and fitness online training and education to enrich sports activity contents.

IV. Promote Key Points

1.      Perfect the "public sports facilities circle"

By 2020, the new sports venues have an area of ??about 60,000 square meters, per capita sports venue area reaches to ??0.61 square meters (according to 1.1 million population).

Focus on diversified fitness needs of the "white-collar" and "white-haired" crowds, promote the district’s balanced development of public sports facilities, with stress put on the construction of public sports grounds in the northern part, fitness centers in the middle part and fitness trails in the southern part to form the national fitness facilities circle system with rational layout with “H2O ( home to the office)" as axis, wide coverage, strong benefit and combination of point, line and surface. Enable residents to reach the facilities on a "point" in five minutes’ walk (community smart fitness spot or community supporting fitness club, morning and evening exercises spot) to meet the daily and basic needs of community residents; reach the facilities on a "line" in 10 minutes’ walk (residents committee’s fitness room, wall or building’s fitness room and school playground) to meet the needs of nearby fitness of community residents and white-collars during breaks, weekends and fragmentary time and reach the facilities on a “surface” in 15 minutes’ walk (public gym or public sports field, public fitness trail, district sports gym and business-nature sports venue), to meet citizens’ demands for systemic, specialized sports fitness, sports leisure and social intercourse.

Build up the green wedge (Sports Park), Jing’an finance street public comprehensive sports venue and 10 public multifunctional fields, 10 public fitness trails, 6 public fitness centers, and over 80 public sports facilities such as public smart fitness spots and fitness walls. Construct buildings’ refuge floor fitness room projects in Garden Square and China Enterprise Building. Push forward the construction of “one street one pool (swimming pool)", "one street one center (community civic fitness center including fitness guide, fitness facility, and physique monitoring and team organization)". Build up a new sports center, promote the operation work of the venue and complete the overall maintenance and reconstruction of district sports center, district gymnasium and district all-people fitness center, so as to lift the hardware level of regional sports venues facilities.

2.      Establish and improve the "sports event activity circle"

By 2020, basically establish the three-level sports events circle system with the international and domestic professional events that show the urban charm taking the lead, with the city-level brand events guiding and with street, town and community specific events as the basis, and form a sports event pattern with events every week and big contests every month.

Give full play to the “business card" charm of Jing’an central city, take the International Fie foil World Cup Grand Prix, Suzhou River International Canoe Marathon and other professional events as the lead, extend the content of the event, launch supporting amateur events of the masses such as "Jing'an Fencing Competition", "Jing’an Karate Competition” and “Jing’an Chess Competition”, "Jing'an Football" and "Jing'an Indoor Boating Challenge", register and establish the water sports association, promote the socialized competition holding, youth event popularity and skills upgrading, and cultivate the mass basis of sports events in this District.

Sponsor all events of the Shanghai city amateur league and enhance innovation in the national fitness event activities. Inherit and develop regional sports traditional events, accelerate the development of football, promote the linkage development of campus football, social football and professional football. Hold annual football events, encourage individual sports associations to carry out event activities with a certain level. Organize well the New Year's Day fitness running, district competition of setting up exercises to radio music, city orientation challenge competitions and other regional brand activities, aimed at characteristics of different groups including young people, working people and community residents, and guide all organs, enterprises and institutions, schools and communities of this District to broadly participate in all-people fitness and raise the level of civic sports skills.

Regularly hold district sports meets, establish district-level sports records, expand channels for international exchange of sports events and sports talent, push the national fitness to a higher level of development. Innovate the Jing’an Sports Square weekly competition holding mode, start the street and town tour, send national fitness activities to the community residents’ "door". Increase the promotion and support of all the street and town characteristic sports events, and guide the streets and towns to rely on their own advantages to develop the community games and alley games that the masses love to watch, promote the civic sports life-oriented, and create a healthy, happy and harmonious community sports culture atmosphere.

3.      Create the "scientific fitness service circle"

By 2020, the public awareness of scientific fitness and independent fitness ability are generally improved, fitness knowledge and physical health education are widely carried out, and sports fitness becomes part of the lives of the people. The citizens’ physique monitoring compliance rate reaches 96%.

Fully rely on the district-level physique test center, community health stations, community hospitals and other professional medical resources, integrate Jing’an sports cell phone APP, public WeChat and other "Internet +" media convergence service platform and resources sharing to build the Jing'an scientific fitness service circle with contents of home-based fitness, sports intervention, physique test service and scientific fitness culture promotion. Give play to the basic role of scientific fitness for health promotion, push the in-depth integration of national fitness and national health, and improve the physical health monitoring system with the district physique test center as the original point and the community health station and community hospital as radiation radius. Improve the cooperation mechanism with the health department, explore the construction and management of the platform spreading the combination of physique monitoring and health check-up, and push physical monitoring data entering the residents’ health records. Widely carry out mobile health station services, make physique tests “enter communities, buildings, organs and schools", expand the coverage of physique monitoring services, and provide an annual average of not less than 10,000 people physique tests. Promote the "combination of sports and medicine", and reinforce the non-medical health intervention function of physique monitoring. Aim at different groups of people, different environments and different positions to make exercise prescriptions, guide the public to do scientific fitness to improve physique; aim at the community elderly people and building white-collars to develop exercise intervention programs, give play to the positive role of physical exercise in the aspects of lowering risks of chronic diseases and lifestyle disorders and against sub-health, and enhance citizens’ fitness effect. Integrate the public health information database of health departments, achieve the close combination of civic physique monitoring, health guidance, exercise intervention and disease prevention, and push the health pass moving forward.

4.      Deepen the "Internet + sports"

With the help of the mobile Internet, large data and other emerging technologies, by 2020, build a convenient and efficient sports information service system, with the level of public sports intelligent services standing in the forefront of the city.

Strengthen the integration with the infiltration of new media, use Internet to promote the transformation of sports publicity, expand the influence of public sports services and enhance the soft strength of sports culture. Optimize the function of "sports Jing’an" smart cell phone APP and "Jing’an Sports" WeChat public information service platform, so that the public can customize quality, diverse, personalized, scientific fitness guidance services without going out. "Sports Jing’an" smart cell phone APP provides handheld sports fitness information services of sports fitness electronic maps, venues opening, venue booking and others; endeavor to open fitness video courses of different series and effects to guide the public to do fitness at home and physical exercises during breaks, connect sports venues according to different event characteristics and fitness equipment to achieve offline substantive interaction. Start the "Sports Jing'an" WeChat public service, timely send information bulletins, event forecasts, venues opening and other information to the public and carry out the national fitness micro-class, fitness card accumulate points converting and other online activities for offline sports activities to gather popularity.

5.      Optimize the "book and deliver" public sports service distribution platform

By 2020, this District's total number of fitness teams reaches 2000 with 20 fitness organizations per ten thousand people. Social sports instructors accounted for 2 ‰ of the proportion of this District's resident population.

Based on the needs of the public, construct the "order and deliver" public sports service distribution platform to provide the public and groups with personalized distribution services in the form of “service menu" and raise the popularity and use rate of the "order and deliver" public sports service distribution platform. Evaluate and optimize the services distributed at present such as sports fitness facilities, lectures, training, free fitness experience and sports instructors, and push on fitness services into the community, park, campus, building, barrack and temple, and guarantee the accurate match of supply and demand. Extensively carry out the public welfare social sports instructor specialization fitness skills training, focusing on the development of professional sports instructors’ teams with community hospital doctors, sports fitness team backbone and physical education teachers as the training objects. Promote family sports instructor services, assign social sports instructors to pair with community families, providing family members with "face to face", "zero distance" personalized, precise, specialized, scientific fitness guidance services, cooperating with the intelligence support of expert advisory teams to provide the "family exercise prescription" and develop the "sports home" according to the different fitness needs of families and members.

V. Safeguard Measures

1. Strengthen effectively organization and leadership

It is necessary to attach great importance and strengthen the organization and leadership, firmly and closely grasp the national fitness program as a part of accelerating the economic development of this District, further strengthen the government's social management and public service functions, and bring the national fitness program into the national economic and social development plan, and the public sports facilities into the urban planning. The relevant departments and social organizations shall establish the overall concept, specify their duties and tasks, joint cooperation and cross-border integration, carry out various policy measures and promote the implementation of this Plan. Establish the sports work evaluation system, perfect the assessment mechanism and accountability system, and strengthen supervision and inspection.

2. Speed up the development process of regulating sports according to law

Thoroughly implement the laws and regulations such as the Sports Law, the Regulations on National Fitness and the Regulations on the Administration of Lottery, and closely follow the actual development and needs of the current sports reform to speed up the construction of sports legal system in this District. Improve the government purchase of public sports services and other related systems. Through deep and solid legal publicity and education and through the rule of law practice activities, further improve the legal awareness and legal quality of the sports system cadres and workers, further enhance the consciousness of regulating sports according to law and raise the ability and level of administration according to law. Promote the development of the national fitness think bank.

3. Increase the guarantee of capital investment input

It is necessary to increase funding input in the national fitness infrastructure and major activities, establish a stable long-term funding security mechanism to ensure that sports program funds match the national economic growth. It is necessary to bring the construction, maintenance and daily operation funds of public sports fitness facilities in the fiscal budget, encourage schools where conditions permit to open sports facilities to the public, ensure that grassroots public sports facilities continue to open to the public, promote the socialized sports service development through the government purchase of public services and other forms. The public welfare revenue of the welfare lottery is mainly used for the national fitness undertakings.

4. Create a good atmosphere of national fitness

Give full play to the publicity role of television, radio, newspapers, Jing'an sports public WeChat, Jing’an sports mobile phone terminal and other media convergence; rely on micro-publicity platforms of the venue publicity screen, public service advertising bar, fitness hall publicity column and health station scientific fitness lecture, promote scientific fitness knowledge, emphasize the sports life-oriented concept of life-long fitness, publicize and popularize sports health culture, master personalized fitness skills, and improve the scientific fitness accomplishment of citizens. With the help of civic games, national fitness day, civic sports league and other sports events at all levels, strengthen sports publicity, advocate a healthy lifestyle and create a strong atmosphere of national fitness in the whole society.