Jing’an District’s “13th Five-Year” Planning for City Function and Land Use

Released on:2017-08-04


I. Background

    The "13th Five-Year" period is the decisive stage for our country to fully build up a well-off society, for Shanghai to basically complete the "four centers", the science and technology innovation center and an international cultural metropolis, and is also a critical period for Jing’an District to serve the overall situation of Shanghai, promote the economic and social development to a new level and achieve a new leap. The preparation of the "13th Five-Year" planning is an important starting point to guide the recent development and construction of Jing’an District, and the city function and land use planning is its important component.

    II. Main Contents of Planning

    1. Development goals

    During the "13th Five-Year" period, Jing’an District’s city function development will focus on the overall goal of “the most leading global urban core city", strive to create a vibrant, harmonious, beautiful, international and happy city, leading the construction of the central vitality leading area, innovation service engine area and new livable city. Set up a new benchmark for Shanghai central vitality zone, build Shanghai high energy innovative and creative engine, and construct a core city with high quality and modern livability.

    Urban land use will make the principle of reviving stock and efficient use, based on the three rules combined as one, planning in advance, ensuring key points, giving priority to the protection of land demand of "one axis and three belts" key development region, providing the guarantee for space development for improving the industry energy level; at the same time taking into account the livelihood of the public welfare, making key breakthrough in short boards of urban public services and ecological environment. Make full use of the new policy on reviving the stock of land, and strive to build a demonstration area of Shanghai city urban renewal, transformation and upgrading.

   2. Core indicators

   Extend and enlarge the advantages of location, resources, functions and humanities of the original two districts, and form the core system of Jing’an urban function development and land use in the "13th Five-Year" plan period through the implementation of key projects.

   In the field of public service facilities, carry out a series of high-level public service facilities; build a perfect community life circle and basically realize the full coverage of 10-minutes public service culture circle and 15-minutes sports life circle service.

   In the field of ecological environment, significantly improve the ecological environment, implement the construction of Pengyuepu wedge-shaped green space, with a total area of new public green space and ecological greenbelt not less than 26.5 hectares. Perfect the construction of fitness recreational greenway system, opening through the waterfront greenway not less than 4 km of "East Gaojing - Zoumatang- Suzhou River.

    In the field of features protection, take into account both the protection and utilization, tapping the value of historical and cultural resources, retaining and utilizing historical buildings of not less than 200 thousand square meters.

    In the field of traffic system, focus on the optimization of the traffic supporting, build and renovate the road network with the total mileage of not less than 25.4 km; build in the key area a slow road not less than 10 km in length; focus on strengthening the linkage on both sides of the Suzhou river, basically with a bridge every 300-400 meters.

    In the field of land use, strive for the reduction of industrial-use land not less than 90 hectares in the period, increase the public green area not less than 26.5 hectares and public service facilities (of science, education, culture, sports, health and elderly care ) not less than 25 hectares.

    3. Key construction projects

    During the "13th Five-Year" plan period, focus on the implementation of "one axis, three belts" development strategy, specify the development orientation and make strategy planning. Strive for the basic stability of "one axis and three belt" function structure, with remarkable achievements made in construction in key areas, with elevation of vitality in the south, cultivation of culture in the middle and innovation leading in the north; build up a group of engine driven projects with strong industrial competitiveness and outstanding iconic image.

    During the "13th Five-Year" plan period, the regional coordinated development is promoted by a complex development axis linking the north and the south, and sharing and melting together. Accelerate the implementation of the first phase of North-South Corridor (Changzhong Road-- Zhongshan North Road section), start the second phase of North-South Corridor, speed up the study of north and south extension of Pingxingguan road project. Strengthen the northern rail transit services, start in 2017 the construction of rail transit lines No. 19 and 20, and optimize the transfer node at Shanghai circus city station of line No.1. Speed up the implementation of cross-river and cross-line transportation facilities, and open up traffic bottlenecks.

   The high-end business and commercial agglomeration belt on both sides of Nanjing West Road highlights "internationalization, high-end and quality" characteristics, insist on doing high, doing wide and doing thick. Accelerate the completion of the project of the urban complex of HKRI Tailoo Hui, and further enhance the core energy level of the Golden Triangle of Mei, Tai and Heng. Make orderly advance of the construction of urban renovation and business offices projects in areas of Jing’an Temple and Caojiadu, such as the Caojiadu sub-district 118-3 block. Focus on the cultural connotation and promotion, strengthen the protection of the traditional townscape of Nanjing West Road and Yuyuan Road style areas and actively advance the renewal of Nanjing West Road Metro Line 13 station block and Zhang Garden area, accelerate the implementation of the Jiangning Road Street No. 103 block, etc. Expand back street functions of Jiangning Road, Nanyang Road, Fengxian Road and Changping road, and build North Shaanxi Road historical and cultural street.

    The humanistic leisure entrepreneurship agglomeration belt on both sides of the Suzhou River highlights the "context of water, culture and greening and personal connections", adhere to the high starting point, high quality development and high energy industry injection, and make stand out the industrial characteristics of the Suzhou River culture of humanistic leisure and fashion vitality. Tap the historical and cultural heritage of the two sides, advance the renovation of Xintai warehouse and functional transformation of China bank warehouse and China Industrial Bank warehouse on the north shore; accelerate the project construction of East Siwen neighborhood (Shimener Road Sub-district blocks No. 59,  66 and 67). Focus on speeding up the construction of Suzhou River Bend Financial City, and optimize the water space environment quality of Suzhou River waterfront. Accelerate the development of Jin Yuan land block, Suzhou River Bend 2, 4, 6, 7 neighborhoods and public green underground space. Transform the waterfront line of not less than 2 kilometers, basically realize all through waterfront line on both sides of the Suzhou River in this District. Increase the number of bridges across the river, including new bridges on Anyuan Road, Changping Road, Datian Road, No.91 neighborhood footbridge, and reconstructed bridges on Puji Road and Hengfeng Road.

    The production-city integrated development gathering belt on two wings of Central Ring of the city highlights the features of "innovation, creativity and production-city integration", endeavor to lift the industry level, do bigger economic increments, make efforts to optimize the urban environment and improve the quality of life. Focus on the promotion the in-depth transformation of Shibei Park, insist on innovation and transformation, and connotation development, create the "leader" of scientific and technological innovation in the whole District, the model of transformation in the central city park and the national high-tech industry demonstration base and the demonstration zone of service industry innovation and development. Accelerate the project implementation of original Xinzhong power plant land block, No.618 club block and Xinye neighborhood, and accelerate the integration of production and city.

    4. Land use

    During the "13th Five-Year" period, basically complete the reconstruction on a large scale of old areas below grade two and start the old district reconstruction of 27 plots, with an area of not less than 57 hectares and about 22 thousand households of residents to be relocated.

    The storage and transfer of land emphasize support for industrial development of functional zones and improvement of other regional supporting services. Compared with the "12th Five-Year" plan, there is a significant increase in the proportion of non-operational land-use of land plots to be stored and transferred.

    Explore ways of land use and popularize the plot transformation of a batch of industrial-use land stocks and plot urban renewals in the whole District. Focus on the transformation of industrial-use land stock, implement the pilot transformation of Xinye neighborhood, Huatong gear factory and Chengda building materials factory blocks, and Peng Pu Village Da Xu Jia Ge block in the northern area; and focus on carrying out the pilot urban renewal of mature commercial and business functional zone and residential area, and carry out the pilot renewal of Jing’an Temple square, terminal building, JC Mandarin, and Hang lung Plaza in the southern area.