Some Recommendations of Jing’an District on Implementation of the Proactive Fiscal Policy to Promote Economically TransformedDevelopment

Released on:2017-08-04


In order to carry out in depth the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference on "continuing to implement a proactive fiscal policy and promote the economic operation maintained in a reasonable range", in accordance with the overall requirements of the Notice of the State Council on Several Measures to Expand the Opening to the Outside World and Active Use of Foreign Capital (SC G [2017] No.5 ),  Recommendations of the General Office of the State Council on Promotion of Development Zone Reform and Innovation and Development (SC GO G [2017] No. 7), Recommendations of Shanghai Municipal People's Government on Further Opening up and Speeding up the Establishment of New System of Open Economy (SMPG G [2017] No. 26) and the Notice on the Issuance of Recommendations for Further Standardizing and Improving the City (County) Financial Support Policy (Shanghai Finance [2010] No.69), and in combination with this District’s "13th five-year" development plan, the Some Recommendations of Jing'an District on Implementation of the Proactive Fiscal Policy to Promote Economically Transformed Development is formulated.

    I. Overall Requirements

      1. Basic principles

    Take the initiative to integrate into Shanghai’s fast march toward the science and technology innovation center with the global influence, basically build up the "four centers" and achieve the overall development of the socialist modernized international metropolis, conscientiously implement the Jing'an District’s "13th five-year" plan, and increase financial support geared to demands of economic innovation-driven transformation development. The industrial policy is geared to the "industrial agglomeration" with attention paid to the "industrial cultivation": take the headquarters economy, building economy and foreign-related economy as the basis, focus on the development of five industries of business services, financial services, professional services, cultural and creative industries and information services industry, push in depth the comprehensive reform of the national service industry; take the optimizing of the SME entrepreneurial innovation environment and the exploring of the establishment of government investment funds as an opportunity, actively dock the construction of the scientific center, make full use of fiscal capital leverage to guide financial capital and social capital to support regional economic construction, and constantly push forward the innovation-driven development and economic transformation and upgrading.

2. Main objectives

(1) To ensure the sustained and healthy development of regional economy. Vigorously develop the headquarters economy, building economy and foreign-related economy, focus on development of business services, financial services, professional services, cultural and creative industries and information services industry, and achieve the overall elevation of industrial energy and service functions.

(2) To deepen the comprehensive reform of national service industry. By further improving the mechanisms of "relax access, simplify approval procedure, innovate support and improve supervision", strive to produce the role of advanced model by 2020 in key fields and links of service sector, and basically build up a demonstration zone of international, intellectual, innovative and integrative service industry cluster development.

(3) To actively dock the construction of the scientific innovation center. Take the initiative to adapt to the new economic normal, gather innovative elements, and actively cultivate new industries, new formats, new technologies, new models, and promote the constant elevation of scientific and technological innovation capability. Promote the cluster innovation of cloud computing, large data, Internet of things and other dominant industries. Make a new growth point of regional economy and drive the smart urban construction to the forefront of this Municipality.

(4) To promote the transformation and development of small and medium enterprises (SME). Innovate the input mode of fiscal funds, promote SME business innovation, support SMEs to do strong and fine; increase financing support for SMEs, reduce financing costs, optimize the financing environment; build the SME public service platform and provide policy advice, education and training , investment and financing docking and other one-stop services.

    (5) To push on the "one axis three belts" strategic landing. Strengthen the linkage function of resources, actively guide and encourage the in-depth transformation of various types of industrial parks, create the complex development axis through the north and south, with communion and integration. Adhere to doing high, wide and thick, construct the high-end business commercial agglomeration belt on both sides of Nanjing West Road, highlighting the humanistic leisure business gathering belt on both sides of the Suzhou River featured by the "context of water, culture, greening and personal connections", do big and strong, highlighting the production-city integrated development cluster on two sides of Central Ring featured by the "innovation, creativity and production-city integration”.

     (6) To build the high-end entrepreneurial innovative talent highland. Make full efforts to build China Shanghai Human Resources Industry Park and advance in-depth the training and introduction plan of entrepreneurial innovative talent. Constantly improve supporting policies on entrepreneurial innovative talent, focus on supporting entrepreneurial innovation in five key industries including business services and financial services, and endeavor to build "international Jing'an" entrepreneurial innovative talent heights.

II. Continue to Promote the Development of "Three Major Economies and Five Major Industries"

Take the initiative to adapt to the new normal of economic development, increase fiscal support and endeavor to improve the pertinence and effectiveness of proactive fiscal policy, focus on the improvement of quality and efficiency, and give certain fiscal support to newly introduced enterprises and those that keep making significant contributions to the regional economic development.

1. Promote deep development of the headquarters economy

      Further implement the "Regulations of Shanghai for Encouraging Multinational Companies to Set up Regional Headquarters" (SMPG G2017No. 9), and give to eligible enterprises start-up and rental subsidies support, executive incentives and certain fiscal support respectively.

(1) Encourage multinational companies to set up regional headquarters or headquarter-typed agencies, and support their business concentration, function exploration and capacity improvement.     

(2) As for the research center, operation center, settlement center and sales center of large companies at home and abroad and the company headquarters set up by group company and listed company, policies for the headquarter or headquarter-typed agency may be referred to.

2. Promote the development of the building economy

      Accelerate the construction of key areas and key projects, and provide high-quality carriers for the development of the building economy. Give full play to the advantages of location and vigorously develop the building economy. Give certain subsidies to building owners who take the initiative to dock the development plan, adhere to "doing high, wide and thick", build a high-end professional industrial system, and make a significant contribution to the layout of the district’s industrial development.

3. Improve the quality of foreign-related economic development

In order to carry out the Implementation Opinions of Shanghai Municipal People's Government on Carrying out the Recommendations of the State Council on Further Making Good Use of Foreign Investment (SMPG G [2011] No. 83), continue to optimize the foreign-related economic structure and utilize the location advantages of the central node of Shanghai Municipality’s east-west development main axis, highlight the "international, high-end and quality" features, strengthen the cluster of high-end elements, and gradually build up the global urban core CBD area in line with the global urban status and with international factor resources allocation capacity. Give certain fiscal support to eligible foreign-related enterprises.

4. Continue to strengthen the high-end business services

    Implement the Recommendations of the State Council General Office for Promotion of Online and Offline Interaction to Speed up the Innovation Development and Transformation Upgrading of Commerce Circulation (SC GO G2015No. 72), gather high-end, settlement- and chain-type brand trading enterprises, encourage the development of buyers-system department stores, experiential stores and other emerging formats. Promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional business, guide traditional business enterprises to develop online business, network retail enterprises to expand the offline function, promote online and offline business integration, and build a full range of marketing channels. Enhance the radiation influence of Nanjing West Road, Daning International Commercial Plaza and other municipal-level business districts, promote the dislocation operation and functional complementarities between commercial carriers, and give certain fiscal support to eligible business enterprises.

5. Continue to develop financial services

Implement the Guidelines of the State Council General Office on Financial Support for Economic Restructuring and Transformation and Upgrading (SC GO G [2013] No. 67), and the Notice of Shanghai Municipal People's Government on the Issuance of Regulations of Shanghai Municipality for Gathering Financial Resources and Strengthening Financial Services to Promote the Development of the Financial Industry (SMPG G[2009] No. 40), attract securities, futures, funds, trusts, capital management and other financial enterprises to settle in this District and guide the gathering of such licensed financial institutions. Vigorously promote the emerging financial development of domestic and foreign private equity funds, industrial investment funds, venture capital funds and such others. Promote the standardized operation and active transformation of Internet financial enterprises, and build a financial industry system of diversified structure to provide strong support for the real economic development. Give certain fiscal support to eligible financial enterprises.

6. Gather and develop professional services

Actively develop professional services such as management consulting, legal services, accounting auditing, human resources, testing and certification, introduce internationally renowned companies, cultivate domestic professional service brand enterprises; vigorously develop the third-party inspection and certification services in the fields of strategic emerging industries, medical health and food safety; promote the coordinated development of professional services and other industries. Give certain financial support to eligible professional service enterprises.

7. Make integrated development of cultural and creative industries

Implement the Recommendations of the State Council on Promotion of Integrated Development of Cultural Creativity and Design Services and Related Industries (SC G2014No. 10) and the Implement Opinions of Shanghai Municipal People's Government on Carrying out Recommendations of the State Council on Promotion of Integrated Development of Cultural Creativity and Design Services and Related Industries (SMPG G2015No. 1), support the gathering development of various types of film and television enterprises, actively build a trading platform for cultural products, intellectual property and other elements and achieve breakthroughs and innovation in the cultural and financial, drama industry and other fields; attract top enterprises and leading projects to land, gradually improve the service system of large film and television, media and drama industries, and give certain financial support to eligible cultural and creative enterprises.

    8. Strengthen and develop information services

     Implement the Policies of the Municipal People's Government on Further Encouraging the Development of Software Industry and Integrated Circuit Industry (SMPG G2012No. 26), support the development of "Internet +", Internet of things, large data, cloud computing and other emerging information fields, combine with the construction of the large data industry base, introduce a number of influential leading enterprises at home and abroad, enhance the technological innovation capability of information service industry, make a new growth point of regional economy, and give certain fiscal support to eligible information service enterprises.

III. Deepen the Comprehensive Reform of the National Service Industry

Make in-depth the implementation of the Notice of the National Development and Reform Commission on the Pilot Work of Comprehensive Reform of the Service Industry in the “13th Five-Year" Plan Period (DR Industry [2016] No. 2557), establish "national service industry comprehensive reform special funds" to speed up the establishment of the international, quality-oriented, innovative modern service industry system, build the core bearing area of Shanghai outstanding global city, the antecedent area of the service industry system and mechanism reform, the demonstration area of cluster development of the productive service industry and the benchmark area of the elevation of life service industry quality, and become the leading area of the national high-end service industry development with a strong core competitiveness and significant radiation influence.

1. Support a breakthrough in the service industry system mechanism

Focus on key areas of reform, try first, take the lead in making a breakthrough in the reform of service industry market access system, administrative examination and approval system and other fields, and create an efficient and convenient, fair and open market environment with a sound system for the high-end and international development of the service industry. Give certain fiscal support to the service industry system innovation projects with a significant impact.

2. Support the construction of public service platform

Vigorously promote the integration of enterprises and social public resources elements, pay attention to the integration of decentralized high-end service resources and achieve resource sharing and effective use, broaden the service area and enlarge the market size. Give certain fiscal support to the public service platform project that can provide information, technology, personnel, trade, funds and other service support.

3. Support the construction of the basic environment of the service industry

Take the initiative to dock international standards, improve the service industry standard system; promote the creation and use of intellectual property rights, and promote the construction of the intellectual property service system. Give certain fiscal support to enterprises that participate in the construction of the service industry standard system and intellectual property service system and achieve certain results.

IV. Promote the Construction of the City with International Entrepreneurial Innovative Vitality

Aim at the goal of Shanghai constructing "a science and technology innovation center with a global influence", stimulate Jing'an District’s innovative vitality, increase innovation support efforts, set up a " special fund for the scientific and technological innovation and development", make in-depth promotion of innovation and transformation integrated development, and create a good scientific and technological innovation ecology, mainly for the following four areas:

1. To enhance the technological innovation capability of science and technology enterprises

Strengthen the subject status of enterprise innovation, continue to implement inclusive policies on the accreditation of high-tech enterprises, accrued deduction of enterprise R & D costs, accreditation of technical advanced service enterprises; implement the support plan for small micro sci-tech enterprises to start up business and make innovation, innovative sci-tech small giant projects, pilot excellence innovative enterprise engineering and other policies. Give certain fiscal support to eligible enterprises.

2. To promote all kinds of innovative carriers to play the gathering role

Accelerate the construction of Zhangjiang National Independent Innovation Zone Jing'an District Sub-park, promote the quality of public creation space, enhance the introduction of international entrepreneurial innovative talent and the gathering of international innovation incubators, support the establishment of the national and Shanghai municipal engineering and technology research center, enterprise technology center and such other platforms, promote the establishment of a number of technological innovation and industrial cooperation alliances, and give certain fiscal support to eligible enterprises.

3. To focus on construction of cloud computing and large data industry

Make full Support for the gathering development of cloud computing and large data industry in the Shibei high-tech park, build the industrial base leading in Shanghai and first-class in the country, support cloud computing and large data to carry out and apply innovative projects and demonstration projects in this District, and give certain fiscal support to eligible enterprises,

4. To improve the scientific and technological innovation investment mechanism    

Give full play to the guide role and leverage of the risk compensation mechanism of the fiscal discount and subsidy with policy-related guarantee, support the establishment of the multi-channel, multi-level industry investment and financing system; encourage banks, micro-credit companies, insurance companies and other financial institutions to provide sci-tech financing guarantee, equity pledge and other financial services to guarantee the fund supply for the whole chain and all factors of scientific and technological innovation.

V. Vigorously Support the Construction and Development of Key Areas

To further promote the "one axis three belts" development strategy and promote the rapid development of key regional urban construction and the quick gathering of dominant industries, establish a "special fund for key regional construction." Endeavor to crack the imbalance within the development of the region and realize the shift of spatial suture to spatial integration; through the integration, complementarities, linkage and release of the whole district’s resources, constantly enhance the balance and coordination of development and promote the new elevation of urban space form, environmental quality, comprehensive function and overall strength.

1. Give full play to the coordination function of the composite axis through the north and south, sharing and communion

Intensify the traffic connection function, strengthen the resource linkage function, connect the key functional area and industrial agglomeration area, continue to enlarge the advantages of location, resources, functions and humanities from the south to the north, promote the organic convergence of industrial parks, service facilities and public space resources along the line, and achieve the overall optimization and strategic elevation of urban resources allocation.

2. Optimize and elevate functions of the high-end business commercial agglomeration on both sides of Nanjing West Road

     Make use of location advantages of the central line node of Shanghai Municipality east and west development axis, highlight the "international, high-end, quality-oriented" features, strengthen the gathering of high-end elements, and upgrade to build an international business port. Improve this Municipality’s comprehensive functional support and community service facilities, enhance the bearing capacity of core streets, constantly enrich and expand the development thickness of Nanjing West Road cluster, extend and enlarge the Nanjing West Road radiation function, and build the Nanjing West Road clustered belt into the most iconic area in Shanghai, the modern international metropolis.

3. Build new bright spots of development of the humanistic leisure business clustered belt on both sides of the Suzhou River

      Give play to the role of the development of important areas along the rivers in Shanghai, rely on the deep cultural heritage on both sides of the Suzhou River, adhere to the high starting point planning, high-quality development and high-energy industry introduction, adhere to the coordinated linkage development on both shores, build a waterfront demonstration area in the international city center, an exhibition area of Shanghai history and culture charm and a central activity area of noble humanistic  leisure to become the new benchmark of integration development on both sides of the Suzhou River and the new bright spot of Shanghai International Metropolis.

4. Enlarge and improve the scale of production-city integrated development clustered belt on two sides of the Central Ring.

Undertake the central ring "Golden Corridor" function, make efforts to lift the industrial energy level, enlarge the economic increment. Promote the deep transformation of Shibei Park, create a demonstration base of the national high-tech industry and demonstration zone of service industry innovation and development; deepen the linkage development of Daning region and build the "production, learning, research" integrated world-class film and television base; lay emphasis on the comprehensive function development of production and city integration, create a production-city integration model of Shanghai central city to become an important bearing area and livable and work adaptable demonstration area for the construction of Shanghai Science Innovation Center.

VI. Continue to Improve the Service System for Small and Medium Enterprises

SMEs play an extremely important role in their own business innovation, promotion of economic growth and employment solving. Continue to optimize the development environment for SMEs in this District, and set up a “special fund for SME development", mainly to guide SMEs to take the professional, refined and characteristic road of development, and stimulate the inherent vitality of SMEs.

    1. Support and enhance the ability of technological innovation

      Encourage SMEs to develop technology and products with independent intellectual property rights, increase R & D investment and technological transformation, strengthen the core business and create their own brands, and give certain fiscal support to eligible enterprises.

2. Support entrepreneurship to promote employment

      Deepen entrepreneurship to promote employment construction, establish the policy support system covering the whole process of entrepreneurship, set up the market-oriented business ecosystem with venture capital participation and enterprise incubation; actively carry out on-the-job, re-employment and other vocational training. Give certain fiscal support to eligible enterprises.

3. Increase fiscal and financial support

      Set up a financing service platform for SMEs, broaden the financing channels for SME technological innovation and reduce the financing cost. Optimize the financing environment, improve the SME listing cultivation mechanism, further broaden the financing channels for SMEs, and give certain fiscal support to eligible enterprises.

      4. Build a service platform for SMEs

      Through the purchase of services and other innovative ways, give play to the position role of the small micro-enterprise service base and provide the SME development with information consultation, personnel training, policy support, investment and financing and other one-stop services.

    VII. Give Full Play to the Talent Pool Effect

      Build a diversified talent introduction mechanism, attract high-level talent to participate in regional economic development and construction; the district will set up a "special fund for entrepreneurial innovation talent".

    1. Enlarge the key industry talent pool

      Focus on five key industries including business services and financial services, implement the high-end talent gathering project, spare no effort to introduce and gather a number of high-end talent at high level and with a high impact and high driving effect, and give certain reward and subsidies to high-end talent who make a significant contribution.

2. Make efforts to optimize the talent development environment

Take the continuous improvement of the talent policy system as the basis, give certain fiscal support to all kinds of talent who start up enterprises by use of scientific research achievements and invention patent; adhere to the high-end lead, give certain subsidies to the region's high-end elite management personnel, and outstanding professional and technical personnel who participate in high-level organizational training; further increase the financial investment for the construction of talent apartments.

    3. Increase the construction of talent apartments

      Comprehensively use the land and capital policy, increase the top design and overall planning of the talent apartment building, make the corresponding talent apartment management method, and specify the requirement for identification of talent apartments, reporting procedures and preferential policies. Such as: reduce the length of residence permit and social security and other restrictions; appropriately extend the rental period for talent apartments and make flexible rental standards; reduce the access standards for talent apartments, and make multi-channel financing; effectively solve the housing problem after the introduction of high-level talent and further optimize the talent living environment.

VIII. Explore the Establishment of Government Investment Fund

Implement the major decision-making arrangements of the District Party Committee and the People’s Government of this District, and according to the Notice of the State Council on Issuance of the Scheme for Promoting the Overall-planned Use of Fiscal Funds (SC G [2015] No. 35), and the Notice of Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau on Promoting the Overall Planned Use of this Municipality’s Fiscal Funds (Shanghai Finance Budget [2015] No.117), avoid the departmental use of funds; set up Jing’an District government investment fund funded by the People’s Government of this District, focus on supporting entrepreneurial innovation activities, SME development, industrial transformation and upgrading, promote infrastructure, public services construction and urban renewal and development, and guide all kinds of social capital to invest in key areas and weak links of eco-social development.

1. Support entrepreneurial innovation activities

Accelerate the establishment of a market environment favorable for innovation and development, increase the supply of venture capital, encourage venture capital enterprises to invest in seed, start-up and other early-stage enterprises.

2. Support the SME development

     Speed up the implementation of this District’s industrial policy and regional development planning, support medium, small and micro-enterprise development, improve the enterprise service environment and financing environment, stimulate enterprises’ entrepreneurial innovation vitality and enhance the endogenous power for sustainable development of economy.

3. Support industrial transformation and upgrading

Focus on the "13th Five-Year" plan, lay emphasis on supporting the development of five major industries of business services, financial services, professional services, cultural and creative industries and information services, and effectively promote the economic restructuring and optimal allocation of resources.

4. Support infrastructure construction

Innovate the public facilities investment and financing model, encourage and guide social capital to participate in construction of infrastructure projects. Promote the use of parking guide, intelligent terminal, and mobile payment in the construction of infrastructure such as roads, transportation and so on. With the aim of "digitizing, networking and intelligentizing" as the main line, lift the infrastructure service level and promote the construction of intelligent city.

5. Support the promotion of non-basic public services

      Reform the non-basic public service supply mechanism, encourage and guide social capital into non-basic public service areas, and improve the non-basic public service quality and level.

6. Support the urban renewal

Innovate the government management and service capabilities, improve the level of investment and trade facilitation, speed up the pace of urban renewal, improve the existing urban space and land use efficiency, and further promote the construction of beautiful home and city and create an open, international, new Jing ‘an.

IX. Supplementary Provisions

1. For the provisions applicable to relevant policies of the State and Shanghai Municipality as well as to the provisions of these Recommendations, the relevant provisions of the State and Shanghai shall prevail, and the same supporting object may be preferred, but the same fiscal support shall not be repeated.

2. During the implementation of these Recommendations, in case of major changes in the State or Shanghai policies, the corresponding adjustments shall be made. If any provisions promulgated in this District are inconsistent with these Recommendations, these Recommendations shall prevail.