Jing’an District’s “13th Five-year” Plan for Investment Service

Released on:2017-08-04


The 13th Five-year is the first five years after the establishment of the new Jing’an, an important period for Jing’an to open a new chapter of development and stride into a new stage. Investment service work is an important starting point to enhance the energy level of all key industries in the District, and also the lifeline to promote the healthy development of regional economy.

I. Review the Investment Services During the 12th Five-year Period

During the “12th Five-year” period, the investment service work followed the overall arrangements of the “12th Five-year” Plan, took the vigorous development of key industries as the orientation, integrated resources, coordinated all parties, strove to create a normal and sound regional investment service environment, effectively promoted the optimized upgrading of industrial structure, and continuously enhanced the industrial competitiveness and radiation.

1. Introduced and attracted big and strong enterprises and effectively enhanced the industrial development level

Closely grasped the annual investment objectives, adhered to industry-orientation and project-orientation, and constantly innovate the working mode, gradually formed a clear industrial agglomeration advantage, and had the scale and quality of introduced enterprises keep lifting.

(1) Based on the project landing, comprehensively improved the quantity and quality of key enterprises

The foreign-related economy, building economy and headquarters economy made further contributions. During the “12th Five-year” period, the tax proportion of foreign-related economy accounted for 49.10%, that of the building economy, 56.79%, and that of the headquarters economy, 7.66%, of the original Jing’an district-level tax revenue; the original Zhabei District’s foreign-related economy accounted for 31.05%, that of the building economy, 38.84%, and that of the headquarters economy, 11.28%, of the district-level tax revenue.

(2) Featured the industrial agglomeration to cultivate new growth of building economy

In recent years, through investment invitation, attracted a large number of key enterprises with high popularity of the industry and a strong international impact to settle in the District, and radiation-drove the settlement of industry enterprises and supporting enterprises, made a new regional economic growth point, formed the industry agglomeration in the fields of medicine, cosmetics and luxury goods industries, and effectively promoted the shift of building economy from the first-mover to agglomeration advantage. Actively docking four new economies, introduced Guoxin Beidou Network Technology Co., Ltd. in the field of satellite navigation, Everbright Echung in the Internet crowdfunding field and Tide cloud computing in the cloud services field and formed the new bright spot of regional economic development.

(3) With mode innovation as the key, effectively enhanced the energy efficiency of investment invitation

First, increased the intensity of external publicity efforts. Focusing on the large data, cloud computing, and other industries with characteristics, the District Investment Office, the District Science and Technology Commission and Shibei High-tech Park jointly held in Beijing the Forum on ‘digital’ as the trend, ‘cloud’ gathering the future innovation, fully promoted six major service advantages of Shibei High-tech Park, making a good response in the industry and successfully held the Shanghai Jing’an Nanjing Road publicity series of promotion in Hong Kong, played a positive role in promoting publicity on the functional orientation of Jing’an Nanjing Road and expanding the influence of Jing’an business buildings. Second, broadened the communication channel with the building sides and the intermediary sides, through the holding of the tea party for professional institutions and the forum of owners’ representatives of key buildings including the Park Place, Plaza 66 and Kerry Center. Through the exchanges and talks, created a comprehensive understanding of the situation of the rental market and enterprises moving out and in, made the vacancy rate of the key buildings grasped, and provided first-hand market information for accurately grasping the market direction and carrying out targeted investment invitation. Third, explored the new way of introducing business by business. Enriched carriers, integrated associations, chambers of commerce and other resources, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Shanghai Zhejiang Businessmen Association and held a series of activities of Zhejiang businessmen seeing Zhabei, and Fujian businessmen seeing Zhabei, thus giving full play to the coordination role of corporate partners.

2. Service first, and constantly enhance the enterprise rooting ability

Since the 12th Five-year”, under the unified deployment of the District Party Committee and the District People’s Government, the demonstration drive of the District’s four teams of leaders, and the coordination, cooperation and joint effort of all sub-districts and towns, a pattern of joint service enterprises has been initially formed, and the working mechanism has been further optimized, thus laying a solid foundation for the building of a good economic ecology.

(1) Paid solid visit, strengthened communication, and enhanced the feelings with enterprises

The original Zhabei District took 100-people team serving the top 100 enterprises as the starting point, and with helping enterprises to coordinate in solving difficulties and problems as the goal, strengthened the system of leadership contacting and visiting enterprises. The original Jing’an District’s four teams of leaders have led to visit the top 100 enterprises and headquarters enterprises in a centralized manner for three consecutive years since 2013, paying a total of 352 visits to the enterprises, solved and responded to 326 problems and demands of business development, policy support and life affairs. The relevant functional departments and the sub-districts (towns) carried out synchronized visits on the responsibility enterprises for 11,474 visit times and helped enterprises to solve 1,041 problems, with good social response.

Organized the activities of the Spring Festival group meeting, different industry entrepreneurs’ salon, corporate finance director friendship and other activities to enhance communication between the government and enterprises, and provided a service guarantee for the long-term development of enterprises in the District.

(2) Set up rules and systems, standardized the process and ensured the normal and long-term service

Laid down the Regulations on Work of Serving Enterprises, and exercised the whole process management on the enterprise service work. Coordinated various departments and sub-districts (towns) in carrying out normalized, standardized and efficient enterprise services. At the same time, in accordance with the principle of who takes the lead, who is responsible, through the optimized system of enterprise contact visit, established the enterprise phased service mechanism, improved the enterprise contact responsibility system and the mechanisms of problem collection, transfer, undertaking and feedback to solve all kinds of problem for enterprises and properly and promptly respond to enterprises’ business needs.

(3) Strengthened the training and classification guidance, and improved the professional level of enterprise service personnel

Respectively held special training on sub-district and department serving enterprises, and training for all staff on the industry development, investment invitation skills and business services as the main content to make the relevant personnel have comprehensive, in-depth understanding of such content as the new pattern of business invitation, new business establishment processes and information finding and reporting so as to improve the professional level of investment invitation services.

(4) Performed their duties, made innovation and breakthroughs, and properly handled problems and needs of enterprises

To solve and respond well to the problems and needs of enterprises is the key to well serve enterprises. All the relevant units and sub-districts and towns adhered to the orientation of problem and demand, focused efforts on tackling the tough and overcoming difficulties, made efforts in solving problems and made breakthroughs in innovation services. First, carry out the counterpart liability. Organized the functional departments and sub-districts and towns to sign the Letters of Responsibility for Corporate Services, specified service contents, modes and key points, and fixed the service responsibility; established the key enterprises contact commissioner system, set the standard service process, and assigned service commissioners to provide all-round tracking service for key enterprises. Second, made efforts to solve problems. All liability units seriously dealt with the problems and needs put forward by enterprises, performed their duties and did their best to make proper disposition. In respect to problems collected by visits in a centralized manner, did a good job of reference, continued to track, urged the undertaking departments on a regular basis and made timely communication for the progress to form a closed circuit of the problem solving. Third, improved service efficiency. For the timely and proper solution to the bottlenecks encountered by enterprises, the relevant units gave full play to functional advantages to provide point to point personalized services for enterprises. Explored the established building information base to help key enterprises to find suitable housing.

(5) Integrated resources, facilitated standards and sped up the standardization building of administrative service centers

As required by the examination reform work, the former Jing’an District Administrative Service Center was re-established on February 7, 2014, with a total of 18 departments, and 114 administrative approval items to be accepted by the center in a unified manner, realized the platform “one-recipient. The construction of online administrative service center projects was basically completed, including seven parts of the parallel examination and approval system upgrading, online business service platform, administrative examination and approval items management system, central service platform transformation, enterprise service cloud, “municipal and district line system docking and enterprise self-service service terminal, making the openable administrative approval items get 100% online. Matters to be handled in the center achieved “one-window handling (online service one entrance), one-code query (unified code for matters handling), one-stop feedback (one-window for feedback of outcome), and public supervision (complaints directly to the regulatory department), greatly facilitating enterprises to go through all examination and approval services. Meanwhile, the Administrative Service Hall set up three platforms, including a window for enterprise service consultation, network (i.e. Wechat and the government portal website), and enterprise service hotline, created three-dimensional integrated service network, and further improved the enterprise service channels.

3. Made linkage of all parties and steadily raised the buildings land possession rate

Followed the situation about the settlement and landing of the key building enterprises in the area, strengthened the communication and contact between the building owners and the property side, and gradually improved the land ownership rate of buildings.

(1) Explored and carried out the building-enterprise linkage to enhance the effectiveness of management

Aimed at the advantages and characteristics of broad social forces market information, strong professional force and big social influence, and actively guided the building carrier side, the intermediary, the park and other social forces to participate in enterprise services. Tried to promote the building -enterprise linkage to guide the building carrier side to take part in the territorial management.

(2) Made linkage of functional departments to improve the professional management

Gave full play to the professional management advantages of the District Market Supervision Bureau and other functional departments, and effectively improved the professional level of territorial management. First, took dynamic control of information data. Did the dynamic update on the enterprise data in the building, and established the building information system to improve the efficiency and accuracy of data acquisition. Second, did a good job of new projects landing. Relying on the professional force of functional departments, regularly sorted out information on new enterprises in key buildings, made timely communication, and promoted the project landing. Third, strengthened the territorial management of enterprises that settled. Focusing on territorial work on out-of-the-district enterprises that newly settled, made communication and coordination through visits, and guided the enterprises’ registration place to be consistent with the operation place.

II. Development Opportunities of Investment Services During the 13th Five-year Period

During the 13th Five-year period, looking from the macro situation, the world economy is still in the depth of adjustment and winding recovery. China’s economic development enters a new normal, the economic development has great potential, toughness and leeway, with long-term good fundamentals unchanged, and is still in the big strategic opportunity of being able to do great. Looking from the specific circumstances of the District, investment services has ushered in an unprecedented three opportunities. First, the strategic opportunities brought by the construction of the Municipality’s scientific and technological innovation center. The Central People’s Government, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal People’s Government have made it clear that we should respect enterprises and talents, and strive to create a good investment and service environment, and put forward a clear industry-orientation and reform and innovation direction for the regional investment invitation and enterprise service. Second, the overall-planned opportunities brought by the withdrawal of two to build one. Along with the development of regional integration going into the depth, industrial planning, urban layout, public resource allocation and other aspects will be optimized and upgraded, with more comprehensive strength, more spacious development space, and more abundant resource elements, which must provide strong support for innovation and development of investment services. Third, the convergent opportunities brought by the full integration of investment services. The consolidation of relevant institutions and functions has laid the premise basis for the innovation, mechanism optimization, and force integration of “the 13th Five-yearinvestment services, and the full formation of the aggregation effect of 1 +1> 2.

III. The 13th Five-year Plan for Investment Services Work

1. Guidelines

Take the spirit of the First Party Congress as a guide, closely aim at the one axis three belts development strategy, follow the overall deployment of the District’s 13th Five-year Plan, specify the target tasks and make scientific and rational planning. Make the organic docking of the District Party Committee’s 211 subject research work, follow the laws of market economy, earnestly respect the subject status of economic development of enterprises, play a good role of the service subject of the government in economic development, promote the overall elevation of the regional industrial development level, form the more optimized and perfect institutional mechanisms, create a more rational and efficient lifeline of the regional economic development, consolidate the foundation for the construction of international Jing’an, dream paradise”, and promote the formation of central city new benchmark, new bright spots of Shanghai development.

2. Development goals

Take business services, financial services, professional services, cultural and creative information services and other industries as the development direction, with enterprises as the core, buildings as the carrier and service as the starting point, take the initiative to take position in the overall situation of Jing’an development, adhere to inviting the big, introducing the strong, developing the increment, interchanging information, showing concern for the variable, and stabilizing and retaining business to ensure stock, strengthen the overall planning, effectively raise the level and quality of investment services, and strive to build a new normal of investment services, with the modern service industry as the service object, the financial industry and professional services as an important support, the social service industry as a supporting, and the government specialization as the reliance. Specifically establish the five development goals based on international Jing’an, brand invitation:

Attach importance to the quality of investment invitation. Adhere to attracting the big and introducing the strong, straighten out the relationship, optimize the system, gradually make unified policies and linkage on investment invitation, and introduce a number of leading enterprises with an industry influence.

Serve enterprises in a rich and varied way. Adhere to the simultaneous use of multi-measures, specify the subject and object of enterprise services, combine all aspects and take into consideration all sides, and make all-round construction of an investment services environment suitable to long-term development of enterprises.

Standardize the policy-related support. Adhere to planning for the overall situation, and while carrying out policy-related support to scale enterprises, pay close attention to market developments and give consideration also to support of enterprises with growth potential.

Make the orderly development of the financial industry. Adhere to the differentiated development, and in deepening the financial innovation and reform and giving support to the real economy of financial services, strengthen the regional financial risk prevention and effectively safeguard the regional financial market stability at the same time.

Make efficient and convenient administrative examination and approval. Adhere to the people orientation, innovate ways and build a platform to achieve efficient operation of the administrative service centers.

3. Work measures

(1) Adhere to the industrial development orientation, and continuously enhance the energy efficiency of investment invitation

Closely combine the District’s industrial structure optimization and upgrading, aim at the one axis three belts development strategy, and insist on attracting the big, introducing the strong and selecting the excellent. First, focus on key industries, and pay attention to attracting the big and introducing the strong. Establish the industry leading enterprises’ information base, and promote the formation of industrial agglomeration advantages. Pay attention to the development of foreign-funded enterprises, track the direction of development of central enterprises, State-owned enterprises and listed private enterprises, and bring enterprises in line with the District’s industrial structure orientation and market trends into the key investment invitation projects. Vigorously support the introduction and cultivation of innovative enterprises, while paying attention to the tax size and quality of investment attracting enterprises, pay special attention to the industrial nature of the industry, and adhere to selecting the excellent from the good. Make efforts to optimize the industrial environment, support enterprises in the District to develop with the help of multi-level capital markets, promote industrial linkage, and do a good job of systematic work of the supporting cultivation development. Second, focus on the urban functional layout, and promote enterprise agglomeration development. Based on the West Nanjing Road area, relying on high-quality commercial buildings, convenient traffic environment and high-level professional services, focus on the development of high-end business services; based on the area of Suzhou River Bend, relying on the advantages of State-level human resources industrial park and important zones developed along the river, develop the human resources industry and the financial industry; based on the production-city integrated development gathering belt on two sides of the Central Ring, relying on Huanshangda film and television industry park and Shibei high-tech park, vigorously develop the cultural and creative industries and information services. Third, focus on path innovation, and expand the market, socialization, professional investment attracting channels. Rely on functional areas to carry out market-oriented investment invitation, and actively explore the going out investment attracting model. Rely on industry associations, chambers of commerce and other social organizations to carry out please come in investment attracting activities and expand cooperation space. Strengthen exchanges and interaction with international professional organizations and international intermediaries, carry out specialized investment invitation and attract enterprises to pay attention to Jing’an and invest in and develop in Jing’an. Fourth, focus on stock enterprises, and explore the industrial chain investment attracting model. Target at the stock-scale enterprises, make in-depth analysis and study of the development trend of the industrial chain and the relationship between upstream and downstream industries, actively introduce leading enterprises and core projects on the industry chain, lead the upstream and downstream enterprises to settle and promote further agglomeration development of enterprises on the industrial chain.

(2) Grasp the market development trend, and make the optimized preparation of relevant policies

First, seize the opportunity of building the scientific innovation center, and cultivate and promote the development of key industries and enterprises. From the angle of encouraging and guiding the development and talent entrepreneurship of scientific and technological innovation-type enterprises, and new format enterprise with strong growth, explore the establishment of the selection and cultivation mechanism for key industries. Vigorously support the introduction and cultivation of innovative enterprises, and work out the appropriate industrial policy and personnel incentive mechanism to promote the enterprise development. Second, actively coordinate functional departments, and explore the optimized support policies. Strengthen the communication and linkage with the relevant functional departments of the Municipality and the District, and deepen the understanding of relevant policies on enterprises of the free trade zone and various departments, and combine with the actuality to explore and make support policies that meet the requirements of the development of enterprises in the District and have certain attraction.

(3) Do excellent business services, and specify counterpart services responsibilities

Combine the regional enterprise development characteristics, dock enterprise development needs, and effectively improve the relevance and effectiveness of enterprise services. First, counterpart services. Set up three-level networks for giving counterpart services to enterprises. The first level, the District’s four teams’ leaders lead to carry out services; the second level, the relevant functional departments and functional areas take the lead in offering services; the third level, the functional areas, parks, sub-districts and towns carry out services. At the same time, establish and operate an online comprehensive service platform for enterprises, and continuously expand the service coverage and recipients. Second, the contract service. In order to further implement the main responsibilities, and scope and contents of services, of the relevant departments’ counterpart services, the District Investment Office takes the lead, starting from the functions of various departments, one by one to prepare the Letter of Responsibility for Department Serving Enterprise, in the first quarter of each year, organize to hold the enterprise service unit contract signing ceremony, and at the year-end by comparing with the Letter of Responsibility, conduct the departmental service efficiency assessment and evaluation in conjunction with the District Organization Department and the District Supervision Bureau, and give notification within a certain range. Third, special services. The District Investment Office shall, in conjunction with the District Commerce Committee, the District Science and Technology Commission, the District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the District Bureau of Culture, the District Market Supervision Bureau, the District Tax Bureau and other departments, hold different industry salons, promptly answer enterprise policy issues, and actively set various types of services fit for their own development of enterprises. At the same time, consolidate the regional quality resources to facilitate the work and life of employees. Fourth, two-way services. On the one hand, organize on a regular basis the forum between two representatives, one committee member and the enterprise, make use of the portal website, Jing’an Newspaper, microblogging and other carriers, promptly release to enterprises the district government affairs, service information, and, in conjunction with the organization departments, actively recommend key enterprises and excellent enterprise representatives to participate in personnel selection, and further strengthen communication and exchanges with enterprises; on the other hand, organize to carry out visits exchange activities for enterprise representatives to give advice on the construction and development of this District. Encourage enterprises to develop their special skills, actively participate in the District’s public welfare undertakings and reflect the social value of enterprises.

(4) Pay attention to resource integration and strengthen the territorial management of buildings

First, have a comprehensive grasp of building information. Establish a sound building information database, regularly sort out the District’s key business building information, and have a comprehensive grasp of the vacancy rate, territoriality rate and other information. Second, promptly dock supply and demand. Actively coordinate the relevant building resources in the District, provide appropriate office space in time for enterprises, and give priority to guarantee of the needs of key enterprises’ office space. Third, form the normal of territorial management. Improve the mechanism of building work, specify the division of labor and strengthen the assessment. Establish the mechanism of building classification tracking services, and do a good job of statistical analysis of building data to provide the basis for the timely preparation and implementation of the territorial measures.

(5) Strengthen supervision, and guard against financial market risks

In deepening the financial innovation and reform, and supporting the real economy of financial services, strengthen the regional financial risk prevention and effectively safeguard the stability of regional financial markets. Implement the daily supervision of small loan companies and financing guarantee companies within the jurisdiction, further improve the local financial supervision mechanism, and guide the legal development of small loan companies and financing guarantee companies. Through on-site inspection, annual audit, compliance audit and credit rating, hold alert interviews with part of the small loan companies and financing guarantee companies, and strengthen the relevant alteration examination and other regulatory measures to ensure the scientific development of small loan companies and financing companies.

Further optimize the financial development environment, improve the cooperation mechanisms and platform focusing on both financial innovation development and prevention against financial risks, and strive to build Jing’an financial security port. Strengthen communication and cooperation with relevant regulatory departments and various departments in the District, improve the regular meeting system, effectively give play to the coordinating role, strengthen the information sharing and linkage between departments, continue to promote anti-counterfeiting, punish illegal fund-raising, crack down on other illegal financial activities, and properly handle relevant case risks. At the same time, strengthen the popularization and publicity of financial security awareness, and enhance residents’ awareness of financial risk prevention.

(6) Focus on the construction of administrative service centers, and highlight the humanization of window services

Adhere to the open, efficient, convenient and honest principle of doing things, and strive to build an intelligent, convenient, friendly, warm, standardized and fully functional business services hall. First, optimize the administrative examination and approval function. Extend the scope of administrative examination and approval, and gradually consolidate departmental administrative examination and approval matters relating to enterprises in the whole District, and take the service model combining the one window for the department and one window for the center to build all-round, zero-distance three-dimensional services for enterprises. Second, improve the efficiency of administrative services. Standardize the administrative approval process, compress the administrative examination and approval time, and strengthen efficient, transparent and open window services. Optimize the green channel of enterprise services, and strengthen services to the key buildings, parks and enterprises. Third, innovate administrative service modes. Gradually improve the handling efficiency of online administrative examination and approval matters, improve the assessment and supervision system of standardized services and staff of the settled department windows, intensify the standardized and normalized construction of window services, and comprehensively elevate the overall image of the administrative service hall.

4. Organizational guarantee

(1) Coordinate supervision, and ensure the smooth implementation of the plan

The District Investment Office shall take the lead in coordinating the relevant departments, in accordance with the District’s overall deployment of the 13th Five-year Plan, make detailed decomposition of investment service planning tasks, fix responsibility departments and persons, and make implementation in a planned, hierarchical and step-by-step manner. Regularly organize forces to carry out supervision and evaluation of the completion of planning.

(2) Make sound mechanisms, and orderly advance the work

Sum up, refine and innovate the mechanisms of investment invitation, enterprise services, territorial management and keeping stable business, and ensure that planning tasks advance and operate in a stable and standardized manner. Gradually form the solid position in line with the regional function and the supporting system and norm of investment services with Jing’an characteristics.

(3) Make linkage of all parties, and agglomerate joint forces of investment services

Through the portal website, online media, industry forums and other forms, increase publicity on investment services, consolidate regional resources, and effectively enhance the enthusiasm and initiative of the whole District’s joint participation in investment services, and work together to create an investment business environment in line with international standards.