Implementation Recommendation of Jing’an District on Promoting Sci-tech Innovation and Development

Released on:2018-01-02


In order to conscientiously implement the essence of Some Recommendations on Deepening the Reform of the System and Mechanisms to Accelerate the Implementation of the Innovation-driven Development Strategy (Zhong Fa〔2015〕  No. 8) and Recommendations on Accelerating the Construction of the Science and Technology Innovation Center with Global Influence, dock in-depth the construction of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center, take great pains to build a scientific and technological innovation model with Jiang’an characteristics, accelerate the cultivation of scientific and technological innovation and good ecology, and promote the construction of the urban area with international entrepreneurship and innovation vitality, the implementation recommendations are hereby formulated.

I. Overall Requirements

1. Guideline

The "13th Five-Year Plan" period is the important five years for Jing'an District to speed up the transformation and upgrading, and deepen the reform and innovation, especially under the great background in which the state vigorously promotes the "one belt one road" strategy and the construction of Shanghai's science and technology innovation center with a global influence, it is imperative to profoundly understand and accurately grasp the new requirements for the new normal of economic development and new trends in scientific and technological innovation at home and abroad, systematically plan a new path of innovation and development, to develop a new realm of Jing’an with science and technology innovation as the lead.

2. Overall goal

(1) Vigorously cultivating and developing strategic emerging industry cluster

Encourage and support enterprises to enter the field of strategic emerging industries, increase the total R & D investment, enhance the ability of independent innovation; support the strategic emerging industries determined by the State and Shanghai to develop rapidly in the region, focus on Internet of things, Cloud computing, large-scale data, artificial intelligence, cultural and creative industries; actively cultivate 3D printing, robots, new energy, new materials and energy-saving and environmental protection industries; vigorously promote film and television post-production, animation games, information security, virtual reality, multimedia software, building information model (BIM) and other industrial segments, so as to promote the rapid development of this District's strategic emerging industries.

(2) Promoting the development of large-scale data, cloud computing and other key industries

Support the construction of the industrial cluster and base of large data and cloud computing, build Shanghai's leading and domestic first-class large-scale data and cloud computing industry base; set up Jing'an large data and cloud computing industry special development funds to support the construction of industrial cluster and base of large data and cloud computing; introduce leading enterprises of domestic and foreign industry and all kinds of innovative enterprises to be settled in the industrial base to form the innovation heights of large data and cloud computing industry in this District; support parks, enterprises, research institutes and other enterprises and public institutions to build large data and cloud computing innovation application display center, industry data resource aggregation platform, jointly open technology laboratory and other related public service platform in this District; focus on supporting the construction of Shanghai data trading center, support the registration and operation of Shanghai data trading center in Jing'an, and give priority support to the center; and carry out communication and publicity on a variety of large data and cloud computing brands to form a number of brand activities with domestic and foreign influence, and become a business card of Jing'an urban area.

(3) Carrying out promotion and demonstration of application projects of key industries

The government shall actively play a guiding role in organizing a number of large data, cloud computing, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, cultural and creative projects in this District to make first pilot practice; carry out the government cloud and other large data demonstration application projects to provide intelligent public decisions for the government, and intelligent and convenient services for enterprises and society; promote the in-depth application of the Internet of things in the E-business, logistics and other industries, achieve visualized and refined management; promote the large-scale commercial application of artificial intelligence in intelligent products, intelligent manufacturing and other fields to consolidate the foundation for intelligent upgrade of production-type services in Jing’an District; support this District's key industries to participate in the construction of various demonstration projects in this District, Shanghai, and abroad.

(4) Promoting cross-border, integrative development of industries

Straighten out the innovation industry chain, promote the integrative, interactive development of large data, cloud computing, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, and cultural and creative industries, give play to the role of link and drive between the industries, combine the achievements of science and technology industry and modern service industry and production-type service industry, apply the latest technology to the business, legal, accounting, media, fashion and medical fields, and cultivate a new economic growth point. Focus on high-end business, media industry, advertising industry and information technology services industry, take leading enterprises as the core source of innovation to guide cross-border cooperation, and continue to derive and innovate new industries, new technologies and new models through dislocation competition and cross-platform integration. Encourage the development of emerging service forms such as data mining and business analysis based on information resource processing and innovation. Promote the management and sharing of user data, and promote the transition from traditional business model to precision marketing based on large data.

II. Budget Management

Establish "Jing'an District special funds of science and technology innovation and development", and conduct the management and use of such funds according to the provisions of the Implementation Recommendations of Jing'an District on the Standardized Use and Management of Special funds of Industrial Development.

Ⅲ. The Scope of Support

Give financial support to scientific and technological innovation enterprises and qualified new enterprises with territorial relationship of registration and tax in this District. At the same time, guide the social capital to support the development of scientific and technological innovation enterprises, focusing on supporting projects in line with the regional science and technology innovation and development goals.

IV. Main Measures

1. Improving the innovation support system, intensifying the main subject position of enterprise innovation

(1) Build a full coverage, multi-level policy system

According to the full life cycle of innovation-oriented enterprises, respectively implement the innovation support program for small and micro sci-tech enterprises, innovative sci-tech little giant project, pilot excellent innovation enterprise project and other policies to support the enterprise growth; continue to implement general benefit policies such as the affirmation of high-tech enterprises, super deduction of enterprise R&D expenditure and affirmation of advanced technology services; establish all-chain service mechanisms for innovative enterprises, strengthen the classified guidance, and promote the continuous improvement of enterprise innovation capability.

(2) Vigorously support enterprises to enhance the ability of independent innovation

Improve the government's fiscal input mechanism for enterprise innovation, guide enterprises to increase investment in innovation, encourage enterprises to carry out various types of original innovation, integration innovation and collaborative innovation with independent intellectual property rights and other innovation practices such as introduction, absorption, digestion and re-innovation; promote the government management innovation, deepen the service management model of the system of “list of powers, list of negatives and list of responsibilities”, increase clean-up efforts in administrative examination and approval matters related to fields of investment, entrepreneurship, innovation, production, operation, and high-tech services, activate the innovation vitality of enterprises to the maximum; carry out the activity of the innovation policy entering enterprises, establish collaborative mechanisms, standardize the operational process and strengthen the policy communication and sharing between the government and the enterprise.

(3) Accelerate the industrialization process of enterprises’ R & D achievements

Set up a platform for communication between the government and enterprises, and between enterprises, provide pertinent business guidance and policy advice to enterprises, carry out relevant special training and services to enable enterprises to accelerate the translation of research and development achievements; promote the "production, learning, research" related units to establish stable and cooperative relations through policy guidance, project support, market development and other ways to further expand the translation channels of scientific and technological achievements; promote the healthy development of science and technology services, accelerate the development of technology transaction, brokerage, investment and financing services, technical assessment and a number of professional sci-tech service agencies to actively create a good environment for the quick translation of enterprises’ scientific and technological achievements.

(4) Support the development of various R & D innovation institutions

Encourage multinational companies to set up regional R & D centers and open innovation platforms in this District, support foreign R & D institutions to participate in the construction of public service platform in this District and undertake national and Shanghai municipal government research projects,   build laboratories and personnel training bases jointly with units in this District and jointly conduct the tackling of industrial chain’s core technology; support multinational companies in this District to establish global R & D centers, laboratories, enterprise technology research institutes and other new R & D institutions; encourage strong R & D institutions to actively participate in the international science and technology cooperation, international major science programs and related foreign aid programs in the field of basic research and major global science and technology, so as to create a favorable environment conducive to cross-border flows of innovative elements.

2. Creating innovative space carriers, enhancing regional innovation level

(1) Focus on the construction of Shibei innovative industrial park

Guide the dislocation development of Shibei Park with the Shanghai Free Trade Zone and Pudong Lujiazui and attract the settlement of domestic and foreign large and medium-sized enterprise group R & D center headquarters to form the headquarters cluster layout and bring about the industrial chain agglomeration; promote the construction of park innovation demonstration base (large data) with municipal and district linkage, make efforts in the introduction of leading enterprises with leading technology, industrial data resources, data mining and innovative abilities to establish the core competitiveness of industrial development; lay out and construct a number of public technical service platforms in the fields of cloud computing, large data, inspection and testing with existing industrial cluster advantages in the Shibei Park to strive for the settlement of a number of state-level R & D institutions in the Park; speed up the land purchasing and storage to provide sustainable development space for deepening the transformation of the Park, continue to deepen the concept of development of "East-west linkage, large scale development, production and city integration", focus on promoting the development and construction of "wedge green space" and such other projects; explore the introduction of high-quality partners and establish an investment system with full cycle and pluralism to further enhance the incubation capacity of the entrepreneurship and innovation center of energy gathering bay.

(2) Promote the specialized construction of mass innovation space

Promote the quality lift of mass innovation space, create the mass innovation space with an influential brand, specialization and internationalization; strengthen the introduction of international entrepreneurship and innovation talent and the gathering of international innovation incubation agencies to form a mass innovation space cluster with international characteristics; make efforts to build three specified cluster belts of mass innovation space of Nanjing West Road business innovation, cultural creativity on both sides of the Suzhou River and technical innovation on both sides of Middle Ring, taking aim at the economic social development and industrial chain upgrade in the service area of mass innovation space, encourage the industrial leading enterprises and large and medium-size enterprises with strong R & D innovation capability to open resources and establish mass innovation space; organize international innovators and entrepreneurial teams and organizations to hold, in this District, venture salons, industry summits, business competitions and other exchange activities with domestic and international influence to create a social atmosphere for entrepreneurship and innovation, and lift the social impact of entrepreneurial innovation;  promote the development of industrial organizations of mass innovation space, the government shall provide public services for entrepreneurial innovation by purchasing services to support associations, alliances and other social organizations to carry out public welfare training, consulting and other activities.

(3) Develop multi-level innovation carriers

Provide space carriers with different bearing capacity and tolerance such as "public space - entrepreneurial nursery - incubator - accelerator" regarding the different stages of enterprise growth; promote the park integration development of all kinds of science and technology, culture, finance, commerce, human resources regarding the different types of enterprises; accelerate the construction of Zhangjiang national independent innovation demonstration zone Jing'an Park, promote the merger of Zhabei Park and Jing'an Park, deepen the integration of functional layout, industrial layout and spatial layout in combination with a new round of Zhangjiang development planning; promote the innovation carrier going down to the community, fully tap the potential of commercial buildings and parks, upgrade and transform idle commercial carriers and old factories, revitalize the stock and release space resources; promote the landing in this District of national and Shanghai municipal engineering and technology research centers, enterprise technology centers and other platforms, and promote the establishment of a batch of technical innovation and industrial cooperation alliances.

3. Optimizing the allocation of innovative elements, improving the entrepreneurial innovation ecology

(1) Converge outstanding entrepreneurial innovation talent

Make full implementation of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal People’s Government’s Implementation Recommendations on Further Deepening the Reform of the Institutional System of Talent Development and Accelerating the Construction of the Science and Technology Innovation Center with Global Influence and improve this District’s talent incentive and support policies and implementation supporting details; strengthen the introduction, cultivation and encouragement of talent in key fields and industries of scientific and technological innovation, increase financial support to independent entrepreneurship and innovative scientific research of excellent talent in key fields, explore the establishment of the "talent + project" introduction mechanism and the "innovation + entrepreneurship" integrated talent allocation mechanism  to encourage the flow of talent and cooperation in problem tackling between business talent of enterprises and innovators of universities and colleges, promote the construction of workstations of academicians and experts, support enterprises and academicians and experts to establish a sustained and stable relations of cooperation by taking projects as a link and the workstation as a carrier; establish personnel training, assessment and incentive mechanisms, encourage technologies, patents and other scientific and technological innovation elements to participate in the distribution so that talented people can fully enjoy the system bonus by technological innovation and invention; organize all kinds of entrepreneurial innovation talent selection and publicity activities to create a good atmosphere of "failure tolerated, success encouraged" and arouse the innovative and creative vitality of talented people.

(2) Innovate the model of finance boosted development

Enrich the multi-level capital market, play the role of capital leverage, establish "Sci-innovation guiding fund" initiated by the government and with social capital as the main body, and establish  market-based screening mechanisms; support financial institutions to carry out differential credit and investment-credit linkage financing services, establish the productive and financial information docking service platform, and actively develop enterprise-oriented financial leasing, credit insurance policy pledged loans and other financial innovation services; improve the sci-tech enterprise listed financing service mechanism to provide effective coordination, guidance, planning and other policy-related services for enterprises; innovate state assets VC management mechanisms, allow state-owned qualified VC enterprises to participate in VC guide and Angel Fund operation, promote the development of private equity investment fund (PE), venture capital fund (VC) and other emerging financial agglomeration, attract the settlement of transnational institutions of investment, wealth management and information services, and encourage direct investment institutions to bring along outstanding entrepreneurial innovation enterprises  to land in Jing'an.

(3) Cultivate the gathering development of sci-tech intermediary service agencies

Gradually cultivate the sci-tech intermediary service system, promote the gathering and development of sci-tech service industry, encourage professional technical brokerage agencies and technology brokers to promote such activities as translation of high-tech achievements in a variety of forms, technical transactions and cooperation; focus on the development and support of professional sci-tech services such as research and development, technology transfer, inspection and testing, intellectual property, sci-tech finance, entrepreneurship incubation, science and technology consulting, integrated package, and other integrated sci-tech services, cultivate a number of well-known scientific and technological services and key enterprises to form several technology service industry clusters.

(4) Support the creation, management, use and protection of intellectual property rights

Promote the quality of IP creativity, give priority financial support to invention patent licensing and awards to excellent invention patents; guide enterprises to raise the level of standardized IP management, encourage enterprises to implement the Standards for Management of Enterprise Intellectual Property (GB / T 29490-2013) and carry out the evaluation of intellectual property rights, reward the pilot patent work, demonstration unit, pilot IP unit and demonstration park, and encourage the operation of patent transformation, support enterprises to set up patent alliances, promote IP pledge financing and patent insurance work; enhance the protection of IP law enforcement efforts and support enterprises to carry out the related IP protection behavior, and IP customs record protection to safeguard legitimate rights and interests.

    V. Supplementary Provisions

    1. Where there are provisions that apply both to the State and Shanghai municipal policy and to the Recommendations as well, the State and Shanghai municipal provisions shall prevail, and priority may be given to the same support recipient but the same fiscal support funds shall not be enjoyed repeatedly.

    2. The support recipient shall have continuous operation in this District for not less than five years.

    3. In case of major changes in the State or Shanghai policy during the implementation of the Recommendations, corresponding adjustments shall be made. If any provisions promulgated in this District are inconsistent with the Recommendations, the latter shall prevail.