Programs Closely Related to the People's Life that the District Government Is Going to Complete in 2018

Released on:2018-04-28


1. Start a new round of "beautiful homeland" three-year action building. Complete repairs of 60 thousand square meters of the whole project of public-sector housing; complete the comprehensive renovation of 700 thousand square meters of the multi high-rise residential buildings; complete the renovation of the roofing and related facilities of 1 million square meters; complete the rain water diversion and transformation of 300 thousand square meters; and deepen the reform of the property management.

2. Go all out to push forward the construction of "beautiful city". Make upgrading transformation of city appearance environment on 98 roads; complete overhaul of 16 roads and moderate repairs of 18 roads; complete 4 special projects of traffic jam alleviation; construct public green space of 70 thousand square meters, and three-dimensional greening of 60 thousand square meters, promote the phase-2 construction of wedge-shaped green space and central green space of Suzhou Bay, complete phase-2 construction of Dong Jiaojing green space, promote the transformation of Zhabei Park and Yonghe Garden; reform and upgrade 123 public toilets in the whole district, create 50 "smart toilets", add 30 "third toilets", and enhance the service level of public toilets in the whole district.

3. Add the land through area of 1 kilometer on Pengyue Pu and Yujing Pu bank sections; construct the new land area landscape of 13 thousand square meters along the Zouma pond and Yujing Pu River; continue to improve the water quality of small and medium rivers in this District, realize the water quality of 6 district-controlled rivers to the surface V water, and realize the improvement of the water quality of 3 municipal-controlled rivers on the base of the elimination of black odor; consolidate garbage classification of 360 thousand households and a coverage of 280 thousand green accounts, add new garbage classification of 13 thousand households, and green accounts of 90 thousand households, and realize the target that the wet waste (kitchen) disposal amount in the whole district is up to 160 tons / day.

4. Wholly renovate fire facilities for 20 high-rise buildings with above 15 years old age and with defective fixed fire protection facilities; add 2 new small fire stations; add fire equipment to the mini fire stations in 253 high-rise residential buildings, train 1000 firemen for the mini fire stations, and install 20 thousand single point fire alarms for residential houses in old quarters; install electric fire protection current limiting devices in 1108 wards of 15 community health service centers, and popularize the installation of 10 thousand household simple anti-theft devices.

5. Add 3 new community-based comprehensive elderly service centers, 3 new elderly-care homes; build and rebuild 15 standardized senior citizens' activities rooms and old service stations; conduct the construction of the Ping Xingguan Road elderly care institutions (three popularization bases) and the 285 neighborhood elderly care institutions, and promote the full coverage of  Shanghai long-term care insurance pilot work in this District; purchase comprehensive insurance against accidental injury for the elderly in this District, and carry out barrier-free transformation for 600 disabled families in need.

6. Help 590 long-term unemployed youth to get employment; help lead 800 people to start business, including helping 480 young college students to start business.

7. Complete the construction and reconstruction project of the teaching building of Shanghai Zhabei No.8 Middle School, and build 2 school cage-type football fields.

8. Optimize and adjust the layout of community health services, add 6 new standardized community health service sites; complete the construction of community health service center of North Station Sub-district; build and rebuild 4 community health service center TCM comprehensive service areas (traditional Chinese medicine halls); put into use of the phase-2 medical technology auxiliary room in Zhabei Central Hospital; add 1 new Health Posthouse and 70 new Health Gardens.

9. Complete the renovation and upgrading of the Daning Theatre; implement the upgrading transformation of the Hubei cinema; build 2 new round-the-clock self-service libraries, operate and popularize the 4 round-the-clock self-service libraries already built, launch the public-welfare film distribution, provide 160 thousand low price movie tickets for citizens; build 6 new public fitness footpaths, and 2 new public basketball courts; rebuild 28 fitness centers, add 15 new community fitness walls, and provide free physical fitness testing services for13000 citizens.

10. Reconstruct 5 standardized vegetable marketplaces, add 15 community smart food markets, optimize the adjustment of 10 white-collar lunch outlets, and carry out 52 week activities of the time-honored service coming to the community to benefit the people's livelihood.