Three-year 2018-2020 Action Plan of Shanghai Jing'an District For Ecological Environment Protection and Construction

Released on:2018-08-10


In accordance with the overall requirements of the Municipal People’s Government, Jing'an District has continuously implemented the six rounds in a row of environmental protection three-year action plan, and the pollution control has been continuously strengthened, which has effectively solved a number of outstanding environmental problems, and the whole social environment management system has been improved gradually and the quality of the ecological environment improved continuously. However, there is still a gap between the environmental protection work and the regional environmental quality of Jing'an District, as compared with the overall requirements of "new benchmarks in the central city and the new bright spot in Shanghai", the overall goal of "international Jing'an, a paradise of a dream" and the growing environmental needs of the masses. According to the work of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal People’s Government, in order to improve the quality of ecological environment, promote ecological construction and environmental protection, deepen the reform of the system and mechanism of ecological civilization, promote the green transformation and development, ensure the overall realization of the target task of "13th Five-Year" in this District, and on the basis of the successful implementation of the first six rounds of three-year action plan for environmental protection, the Three-year 2008-2020 Action Plan of Jing'an District for Ecological Environment Protection and Construction, namely the seventh round of three-year action plan for environmental protection is hereby formulated.

I. Guiding Ideology, Basic Principles, and Overall Goals

    1. Guiding ideology

Fully implementing the spirit of the19th Party Congress and closely focusing on the overall goal of "the international Jing'an and the paradise of a dream", according to the overall requirements of development strategy of "new benchmarks in the central city and the new bright spot in Shanghai" and  "one axis and three belts", firmly establish the development concept of innovation, coordination, greening, open-up and sharing, with the construction of ecological civilization as dominance, with the improvement of the ecological environment quality and the promotion of the green development as the core, with the improvement of the environmental protection management regime and system as reliance, and with the advance in depth of the special action plan of environmental protection as the grasp, adhere to the principle of conservation priority, protection priority and natural recovery as principal, focus on the solution of the outstanding problems in key areas of atmosphere, water, soil, solid waste and ecological construction, further optimize the industrial structure and spatial pattern, promote the modernization of the ecological environment governance system and the governance capacity, speed up the formation of the production and living ways of resource conservation and green low-carbon, and build Jing'an District into a new model of the modern international urban area with a beautiful ecological environment and a green life.

2. Basic principles

(1) Adhere to the goal orientation and overall planning. In accordance with the green low-carbon development target of good ecological environment, advanced industrial development and advanced environmental management, highlight the planning guidance. In the new round of environmental protection three-year action plan, carry out in a meticulous way the "13th Five-Year" plan and all special plans of this District involving all task measures related to the ecological environment protection and the green development and reflecting the green development, and bring the goal of ecological construction in the overall situation and whole process of regional economic and social development.

(2) Insist on the demand orientation and ecological priority. Lead the regional development transformation with ecological livability, optimize the industrial structure, promote the intensive utilization of resources and energy, continuously improve the environmental quality, effectively control environmental risks, and accelerate the formation of the spatial pattern, industrial structure, production mode and life style of resources conservation and environment protection.

(3) Adhere to the problem orientation and breakthrough at key points. Focus on the outstanding environmental problems that the people and society pay close attention to, make efforts in solving the major contradictions in the fields of water, gas, soil and solid waste, and carry out synergistic prevention and control of multiple pollutants. Centre the key areas and key fields, make overall use of various means of source prevention, structural optimization, transformation upgrading, pollution control and ecological protection. Carry out the task of pollution control and ecological construction, effectively improve the environment quality, and build a green and livable environment.

(4) Insist on innovation drive and fine management. Strictly implement the same responsibility of the party and the government, and "one duty and double responsibility", implement the vertical management system of environmental monitoring and supervision, implement the reform of the ecological civilization system, strengthen the policy innovation and model innovation, enhance the responsibility of polluters, improve the systems of environmental credit evaluation, mandatory disclosure of information and severe punishment and heavy penalties, and improve the market-driven mechanism of environmental governance, make overall improvement of the social governance level of regional environmental protection, and promote the scientific, standardized and refined development of environmental protection and ecological construction.

3. Overall objectives

(1) Effective improvement of environment quality. The environmental quality of the surface water is obviously improved, with the black and smelly water body basically eliminated and the water body losing use function (inferior class V) basically eliminated, all the examination sections reach the water quality target, the excellent rate of environmental air quality (AQI) reaches about 80% as much as possible, and the annual average concentration of PM2.5 reaches 37 micrograms per square meter; the problem of regional noise is effectively controlled.

(2) Continuous optimization of the industry structure and the spatial pattern. Continue to promote industrial restructuring and accelerate industrial green development and transformation upgrading. Actively cultivate new industries, promote the relocation and structural adjustment of pollutant enterprises in an all-round way; In accordance with the overall spatial pattern of "one axis and three belts", make the proportion of all kinds of functional land use suitable, and realize the coordinated development between the north and the south, and the effective improvement of the level of regional sustainable development.

(3) Effective improvement of the green development level of low carbon. Obviously improve the efficiency of the resource environment of economic development, further increase green buildings and fabricated buildings, and spread the green and low-carbon production and life style.

(4) Continuous improvement of fine management mechanism. Comprehensively upgrade the social governance level of regional environmental protection, and promote the scientific, standardized and refined development of environmental protection and ecological construction. Further improve the environmental governance system and the risk prevention and control system, initially form the environmental governance system with a better responsibility system for environmental protection, with the government dominance and the participation of enterprise subjects, social organizations and the general public; and the satisfaction of the public to the quality of the ecological environment is steadily improved.

II. Special Water Environmental Protection

1. Action goals

Focus on the implementation of the comprehensive treatment of small and medium-sized rivers, the mixing of the rain and sewage pipe network and the reconstruction of the pumping stations, promote the construction of the sponge city, quicken the making up of the short board of the water environment management system, and ensure the steady improvement of the surface water quality.

2. Main tasks

(1) Comprehensive promotion of overall treatment of small and medium rivers

Centre the treatment goal of basically eliminating the inferior class V water body by 2020 and realizing the improvement of water environmental quality assessment section, adopt the measures of controlling source pollution and ecological restoration, continue to promote the treatment of small and medium river channels in the jurisdiction, and complete the up-to-standard task of water quality of the city examination section of rivers such as Xujiazhai River, Jiangchang River, Xiachangpu, Zhongyang Lake, Pengyuepu and Zoumatong, etc.

Promote the construction of river course comprehensive treatment project of Yujingpu - Xisitang, improve the ecological construction of the river course, improve the water environment and the landscape level in the management range of the riverine land area.

(2) Improve the construction of municipal infrastructure

On the basis of the great survey of rain and sewage mixing in the distributary area, complete the renovation of rain-sewage mixing of the municipal sewer in the distributary area, basically eliminate the municipal mixed connection, the mixed connection of the merchants along the street and the mixing of enterprises and institutions in the distributary area in the jurisdiction by 2020. Cooperate with the municipal drainage company to carry out the dry flow sewage interception works of the municipal rain water pumping station.

(3) Continue to promote the construction of the sponge city

Carry out the municipal recommendation on the implementation of construction of the state's sponge city, draw up the professional plan for the district-level sponge city, carry out the requirements of the construction of the sponge city to the whole process of planning, design, construction and operation management, and complete the pilot demonstration construction task of the sponge cities in the key areas of the Suhe Bend.

III. Special Atmosphere Environmental Protection

1. Action goals

Focusing on the implementation of PM2.5, volatile organic compounds and ozone pollution coordinated control, stressing on the field of transportation and social life, improving the construction of green integrated transportation system, deepening in an all-round way the prevention and control of air pollution and further improving the environmental air quality through the measures of energy structure adjustment, dust pollution prevention and control, flow source, social source air pollution control and volatile organic matter treatment.

2. Main tasks

(1) Deepening the adjustment of energy structure

Enhance supervision over the use link of highly polluting fuels, deepen energy restructuring, and complete the intensive control of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from small and medium-sized oil and gas-fired boilers. By the end of 2020, complete the renovation of medium and small oil and gas-fired boilers, and realize the oil-fired boilers’ "oil to gas" and "oil to electricity" change.

(2) Taking control over volatile organic compounds

Make more efforts to perfect the list of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emission in this District and carry out dynamic updating. Fully implement the control over the volatile organic matter industry and the source substitution of low VOCs content products, promote VOCs treatment in automobile and spare parts manufacturing, packaging, printing and other industries, and carry out the source substitution of low VOCs content products in packaging, printing, engineering machinery manufacturing, steel structure manufacturing and other industries in an all-round way.

(3) Strengthening the control system of mobile pollution source

Improve the green comprehensive transportation system, strengthen the prevention and control of mobile sources pollution, and raise the level of pollution control of road motor vehicles. Continue to promote the application of new energy vehicles, increase the promotion of new energy vehicles in the environmental sanitation industry, accelerate the construction of supporting infrastructure such as charging piles, strengthen the treatment of in-use vehicle exhaust and pollution discharge control, promote the prevention and control of non-road mobile machinery pollution, and strengthen the law enforcement inspection of non-Road machinery.

(4) Continuously strengthening the control of dust pollution

Promote the development of regional fabricated buildings and green buildings. Exercise green building standards for all new buildings; the proportion of new public buildings in low carbon development areas and key functional areas is not less than 70% in accordance with the standards of two-star and above green buildings. Vigorously promote the construction of fabricated building projects, and adopt the fabricated architecture in principle for all eligible new buildings.

Improve the level of dust pollution prevention and control at the construction site. Enhance the responsibility of the main body, implement the measures for the prevention and control of dust pollution, promote the installation of the dust pollution on-line monitoring system at the construction site, and strengthen the law enforcement application of the dust on-line monitoring data, and gradually promote the use of the dust reduction sprayer at the site. By 2020, this District’s civilized construction up-to-standard rate reaches 98% or more, and the rate of this District's demolition site taking water spraying or sprinkling measures reaches 100%.

Deepen the control of road dust pollution. Strengthen the source control, increase the joint investigation and punishment of the phenomenon of running, leaking and dripping of transport vehicles, and strictly prohibit vehicles from illegally dumping residue and refuse. The dreg and soil transport vehicles shall have sealing devices installed and ensure the normal use, and if they are on road failing to meet the requirements, they shall be punished strictly according to law upon investigation. Continue to improve the road cleaning rate and cleaning quality. By 2020, the road washing rate shall reach over 82%.

(5) Further deepening the treatment of social domestic pollution source control

Fully implement the online monitoring and third-party management of cooking fumes, promote the intensive management of centralized catering enterprises and improve the co-purification efficiency of cooking fumes and VOCs. Increase publicity efforts to promote the application of low VOCs content products in automobile repair industry, use waterborne coatings for color coatings and high solid coatings for intermediate coatings and primers.

IV. Special Soil (groundwater) Pollution Prevention and Control

1. Action goals

Take the safety guarantee of human living environment as the goal and the left industrial site as the key point, conduct the detailed survey of soil (groundwater) pollution condition, make strict control and prevention of the soil pollution and carry out the whole life cycle management of construction-use land.

2. Main tasks

(1) Fully understanding the situation of soil environment

In accordance with the survey plan of potential pollution sites in the whole Municipality, conduct a detailed investigation of the soil pollution in the key industries in the jurisdiction, basically master the distribution of the contaminated plots and the environmental risks in the land used by the key industries; launch the survey of the potentially contaminated sites in jurisdiction, and establish the data bank of the potentially contaminated sites and the enterprises under key supervision.

(2) Taking strict control and prevention of soil pollution

Strictly implement the siting requirements of the layout and location of related industries, make the orderly relocation or closure of enterprises which have caused serious pollution to the soil, promote the control over heavy enterprises’ heavy metal emission and the clean production transformation, strengthen the source management of industrial enterprises, and regularly monitor the soil and underground water of enterprises under key supervision.

(3) Carrying out the whole life cycle management of construction-use land

Conduct the whole life cycle management of the construction-use land, execute the hierarchical management and control system of potentially contaminated sites, and regularly track the environmental risks of potentially contaminated sites, conduct the orderly treatment and restoration of the contaminated sites after the relocation of the enterprises, and conduct 2 pilot projects of soil treatment and restoration of contaminated plots.

V. Special Prevention and Control of Solid Waste Pollution

1. Action goals

Improve the classification and reduction of domestic waste, consolidate the decontamination results, break through the bottleneck of reduction, and through the resource-making channels, and basically build up a systematic system of solid waste classification, transportation, disposal and recycling.

2. Main tasks

(1) Constantly promoting the classified reduction of domestic waste

Continue to improve the classification and transportation system of domestic garbage, carry out the classification reduction of the domestic waste source, and promote the classification of domestic garbage in residential areas, vegetable farms and units. By 2020, basically realize the overall coverage of classification and reduction of the domestic garbage source; promote the construction of garbage transfer and disposal sites, the Wanrong green space and the underground municipal project (scale 1000 tons/day), and complete the construction of the main body of the project by the end of 2020.

(2) Promoting solid waste recycling and resource utilization

Improve the whole process control and resource utilization system for construction waste, promote the construction of district building refuse transfer sorting place, study and implement the resources utilization of building refuse, improve the utilization level of building refuse, improve the recycling level of regenerated resources, and establish and perfect the electronic waste recycling system covering the whole district and entering the community, and achieve the full coverage of all sub-districts and townships with electronic waste recycling boxes set up.

(3)Improving the safe collection and disposal of hazardous wastes

Strengthen the dynamic management of the whole process of hazardous waste and medical waste, improve the system of online declaration and bill management of hazardous waste and medical waste, strengthen the management and renewal of the preplan, and explore the related third-party service mechanism for the management of hazardous waste.

VI. Special Prevention and Control of Sound Environmental Pollution

1. Action goals

Focus on strengthening the prevention and control of traffic noise pollution, enhance the source control of industrial noise pollution, and strengthen the control over noise in social life.

2. Main tasks

(1) Strengthening the prevention and control of traffic noise pollution

Rely on science and technology support, strengthen the prevention and control of traffic noise pollution. Conduct the prevention and control of illegal honk by exercising sonar control, flow control and other measures. Gradually implement the project of road changing "from white to black" (changing cement concrete pavement to asphalt concrete pavement) to reduce the traffic noise pollution in the region.

(2) Strengthening the prevention and control of noise pollution in industrial and architectural construction

Make strict examination and approval and law enforcement supervision of new projects, intensify  the control over the source of industrial noise pollution, strengthen the supervision of construction noise, enhance the standardized examination and approval of night construction, implement the control of the total amount of construction at night, and strictly handle the illegal night construction behavior according to law.

VII. Special Prevention and Control of Industrial Pollution and Green Transformation Development

1. Action goals

Deepen the industrial restructuring and promote the development of green transformation. By 2020, the industrial structure shall be continuously optimized, and the tax proportion of service industry in the whole district shall reach over 95%. Promote the construction of demonstration green factory and promote the third-party management demonstration projects.

2. Main tasks

(1) Constantly promoting the adjustment of industrial structure

Continue to promote industrial restructuring and strictly enforce the industrial environmental access. Vigorously develop the key industries, such as strategic emerging industries, productive services and cultural and creative industries, and steadily increase the proportion of modern service industry in the regional economic structure.

(2) Promoting green (ecological) manufacturing

Make overall promotion of the construction of a green manufacturing system, promote the construction of green demonstration factories in accordance with higher standards, and guide the development of green products.

(3) Promoting the industrialization of environmental protection

Develop environmental protection industry, actively organize and promote the construction of third-party treatment demonstration projects.

(4) Promoting clean production and treatment renovation

Continue to promote key enterprises to implement clean production audits and technological transformations, implement clean production standards for retained enterprises or transitionally retained enterprises, and continuously improve the level of clean production.

(5)Improving the environmental management of the parks

Carry out the current regional environmental impact assessment of the parks, evaluate the environmental status of the parks, explore the environmental protection access conditions, implement the collaborative management of enterprise access, form a negative list, open a green channel for enterprises that meet the requirements, and provide more convenient conditions for enterprises to enter the park and optimize the business environment in the park.

VIII. Special Ecological Environment Protection Construction

1. Action goals

Further improve the greening layout in the whole District, strengthen ecological protection, and carry out all kinds of green space construction. Take the improvement of functional facilities, the optimization of plant communities and the creation of characteristic landscapes as the goal to conduct the transformation and promotion of the park green space; take "one axis and three belts" as the key development area, develop varied vertical greening including the greening of roofs, walls and edges, and improve the green coverage rate in the whole District, so as to alleviate the urban heat island effect.

2. Main tasks

(1) Actively promoting the construction of green space

Construct the "three horizontal one longitudinal" green space skeleton in this District, optimize the greening layout in the whole District. By 2020, the per capita park green area shall reach 2.89 square meters, complete 20 hectares of new green space of different types, the total area of green space shall reach 815 hectares; focus on the transformation of green space in Zhabei Park, Yonghe Park and other parks, complete the renovation and upgrading of 30 hectares of the park green space (Including the transformation of old parks).

(2) Promoting the construction of vertical greening, boulevards and green roads

Improve the service function of ecological resources, and actively promote the construction of roof greening, wall greening, edge greening and diversified forms of vertical greening, tree-lined avenues and green-ways. By the end of 2020, the implementation area of the vertical greening construction shall be 150 thousand square meters, the green coverage rate shall reach 24.24%, the annual growth rate shall be 0.3%; complete the construction of green-way of 6 kilometers, 6 new tree-lined avenue sections, and 1 characteristic greening area.

IX. Circular Economy and Green Life

1. Action goals

Fully implement the requirements of the national "circular development leading action", build a low consumption, less emission and circular industrial system, strengthen the demonstration guide, strengthen the innovation of science and technology, mechanism and model, stimulate the new kinetic energy of circular development, and gradually form a green production mode and life style.

2. Main tasks

(1) Promoting the construction of "two network integration"

Actively promote the "two-network integration" of the system of classified collection and transportation of domestic waste and the system of renewable resources recycling to realize the reduction of garbage and the increment of resources, and promote the implementation of the low-value, recyclable material resource-making projects in the residential area.

(2)Promoting green creation

Bring the relevant contents of green life in the index system of civilized urban area, civilized community, civilized town, civilized quarters, civilized village and civilized unit. Insist on the establishment guiding, promote the work to the ground, and further improve the establishment standards, and actively carry out the establishment of a city-level model unit, green family, green restaurant and green ecological community, green school, green travel and other actions to promote the establishment of green ecological urban areas, and guide the public to actively practice green life.

X. Special Policy Mechanism and Capacity Building

1. Action goals

Deepen the reform of the ecological civilization system, promote the reform and innovation of the system, mechanism and policy, and further improve the fine and scientific level of environmental management in urban areas, and promote the modernization of the environmental treatment system and ability.

2. Main tasks

(1) Construction of environmental protection mechanism

Establish and perfect the protection responsibility system of ecological environment, strengthen the protection responsibility of the ecological environment of Party Committees, governments and relevant departments at all levels, and implement the strict accountability system for the protection of ecological environment.

Deepen the reform of the environmental protection system, implement the reform of the vertical management system for the monitoring and supervision of the environmental protection agencies, adjust the management system of the environmental protection institutions and the power of the district environmental monitoring, and put the environmental law enforcement agencies in the sequence of the administrative law enforcement departments of the government, and improve the management system of the environmental protection of sub-districts and town/townships.

Improve and perfect the construction of two-platform mechanisms for the coordination promotion committee of environmental protection and construction and the law enforcement leadership group for strengthening environmental supervision to form a large regional environmental protection pattern.

(2)Establishing the environmental monitoring and supervision system

Improve the monitoring system for fixed pollution sources, strengthen the construction of on-line monitoring capacity for fixed sources, strengthen the automatic monitoring of enterprises under key control, and promote the on-line monitoring of the characteristic factors of the pollution sources of key industrial enterprises.

Promote the unified management of fixed pollution sources and promote the discharge permit system in batches and by steps according to the municipal plans.

Build the "big data and city management project" in Jing'an District, strengthen the construction and application of the environmental data center, realize the efficient integration of environmental information infrastructure, data, application and other resources, and improve the support capability of environmental management information.

Strengthen the environmental risk early warning and prediction and the emergency capacity construction, promote the enterprise environmental risk prevention and accident response capacity construction, supervise and guide enterprises to formulate risk prevention and control measures, improve emergency prevention and response ability, strengthen the emergency disposal capacity of emergency environmental events, and constantly improve the level of environmental risk prevention and control.

(3) Promoting common making, governing and sharing of environmental protection by the whole society

    Improve the level of environmental information, promote open information on environmental quality, environmental monitoring, key pollution sources, environmental emergencies, improve the environmental impact assessment information disclosure mechanism, implement the system of making open the enterprise environmental information, accept public supervision, and promote the whole social participation and environmental protection.

    Strengthen the publicity and education of ecological civilization, enhance the public participation, advocate green low-carbon, civilized and healthy lifestyle and consumption patterns, improve the consciousness of ecological civilization in the whole society, guide the orderly development of environmental social organizations, and promote the widespread popularization of the concept of ecological civilization in the whole District.