Three Year Action Plan for Special Education in Jing'an District, Shanghai(2018 - 2020)

Released on:2018-08-10


Since the period of "12th Five-Year", Jing'an District has carried out the policy of the Party and the State and has listed special education as an important index to improve the quality of regional education and create a high quality education area. In particular, after the two districts of Zabei and Jing'an removed the two districts and established one, and the regional special education made rapid development and the combination of medical education and education promoted in depth in order to respond to the main line of development of new Jing'an as a "new benchmark in the center of the city and the new bright spot in Shanghai", and the development goal of "higher quality education internationalization and higher level of education modernization". Through the creation of the "321" project, that is, "based on the foundation of the three progressive projects, achieve a double network coverage and strengthen one course carrier", the management system of regional special education has been optimized, the dual service network of education institutions and medical institutions has been perfected, and the construction of various kinds of special courses at all levels has been promoted, and the teachers' professional education has been strengthened, so as to ensure that regional special education work has gradually embarked on a modern and connotative way of scientific development.

Compared with the requirements of the Second Phase Special Education Promotion Plan (2017 - 2020) issued by the seven ministries including the Ministry of Education, and compared with the goals put forward in the middle and long term educational reform and development planning outline of the State and Shanghai, there still exists a certain gap in special education in this District. The guarantee system of special education is to be improved further, the mode of joint service combining medicine and education should be further optimized, the quality of integrated education should be further improved, and the training mode of special teachers should be further innovated. In order to adapt to the new requirements and new goals of the development of special education in the new era, promote the connotative development of special education in the region, build a special support and service system for the sustainable development of the disabled students, make the disabled students enjoy the whole course of education, rehabilitation and health care, a new round of three-year action plan of special education in Jing'an District is hereby formulated.

I. Guiding Ideology

To carry out the 19th Party Congress spirit of "running a good special education" and the requirements of the Regulations on Education for the Disabled, the Planning Outline of the National Medium and Long Term Education Reform and Development (2010-2020),and the Planning Program for Middle and Long Term Education Reform and Development in Shanghai (2010-2020), carry out all the goals and tasks prescribed in the Second Phase Special Education Promotion Plan (2017 -2020), the 13th Five-Year Plan of Shanghai for the Basic Education Development and the Three-Year Action Plan (2018 - 2020) of Shanghai for Special Education, take the "combination of medicine and education, comprehensive rehabilitation, respect for personality and integrated promotion" as the development goal, further deepen the reform of system and mechanism, strengthen the construction of the special education system, deepen the combination of medicine and education, strive to provide education, rehabilitation, health care and other diverse and high-quality services, and run the special education to satisfy the people.

II. Main Objectives

The main goal of Jing'an District special education from 2018 to 2020 is to promote "four new" special education dreams through three years of effort, that is, “to seek a new special education management guarantee system, to renew the service mode of medicine and education combination, to innovate the integrated education development approach, and to update the construction of a special education talent contingent", so that every disabled student has his or her educational needs fully satisfied, his or her own potential fully developed, and educational resources fully shared, and that the special education work in the region will gradually take the road of modern and connotative, scientific development.

1.  To seek a new special education management guarantee system --- to continue to play the regional "1+3" government functions, strengthen the management of the guidance center of special education, improve the operating mode of the southern and northern guidance centers and clarify the responsibilities of various departments. To optimize the layout of preschool special education outlets, ensure the continuous growth rate of disabled children entering kindergarten at the preschool education stage; the enrollment rate of disabled students in compulsory education stage is over 99%, and the enrollment rate of disabled students in high school education reaches 70%. The personalized education for disabled students aged 0-19 is to achieve all the course, be given to everyone and make full coverage so as to provide a wide range of educational opportunities for the disabled in different categories and levels.

2. To renew the service mode of medicine and education combination---strengthen the cooperation of the departments related to the combination of medicine and education, and gradually improve the disability evaluation mechanism to make the coverage rate of the disabled children in the preschool education and compulsory education stage reach 100%. To make the concept of medicine and education combination permeate through the development and construction of school-based courses in every school so as to improve the quality of education and rehabilitation in an all-round way and provide appropriate services combining medicine and education for all kinds of disabled students.

3. To innovate the integrated education development approach--- rely on the subject of “the integrated education practice research oriented to the individualized needs of special students (children)” to actively carry out the research on individualized integration education in each schooling section to follow the full course of the development of special children and form a new approach of multi-dimensional personalized integration service research, so that the special children can get the earliest intervention, the most systematic rehabilitation and the greatest degree of integration opportunities, thus creating a suitable development path for the students to integrate into the society.

4. To update the construction of a special education talent contingent --- take "the development plan for the key teachers contingent of the district special education" as the grasp to carry out the training for all teachers of the regional special education, make efforts to cultivate the compound-type teachers with both the professional ability of special education and the teaching ability of the subject, so as to promote the professional development of the teachers. Carry out the standards for the establishment of special teachers and the treatment of teachers, and in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Education Commission, 50% of the schools carrying out regular classes will be staffed with full-time special education teachers.

III. Concrete Measures

1. Deepening the mechanism reform and renewing the guarantee system of special education management

(1) Continue to play the role of the regional "1+3" government functions. Give full play to the function of the district joint meeting of special education, and constantly improve the regional special education management system of "combining medicine and education with comprehensive rehabilitation".

A. The District Education Bureau shall make overall plans for the development of special education undertakings in the region, manage special education institutions, construct a contingent of special education teachers, rationally resettle students with disabilities, carry out curriculum construction and teaching scientific research, and ensure the quality of special education.

B. The District Development and Reform Commission will integrate special education into the overall planning of the development of social undertakings in the District, make a plan for the layout and construction of special education as a whole, and ensure the balance and quality of special education resources.

C. The District Civil Affairs Bureau shall bring the eligible disabled students and their families into the scope of social assistance and social welfare policies, and cooperate with the education department to maintain the rights of students with disabilities to enjoy education.

D. The District Finance Bureau shall, in conjunction with the relevant departments, study and establish a funding mechanism adapted to the economic and social development of the district and suitable for the needs of special education development, set up a special budget for special education, and provide financial support for the development of special education undertakings.

E. The District Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security shall, in accordance with the relevant regulations of the State and this Municipality, implement the management policies on special education teachers, such as the treatment of teachers and the evaluation standards of professional titles, and enhance the professional level of teachers.

F. The District Health and Family Planning Committee shall organize medical institutions to provide testing and screening services for disabled children, organize medical institutions and medical experts to provide rehabilitation services for children with special needs, and participate in the formulation of relevant policies and systems for the regional integration of medicine and education.

G. The Organization Office shall, in accordance with the spirit of relevant documents, approve the establishment of teachers in special education schools, pre-school special education classes, area resource centers and regular schools.

H. The District Disabled Persons Union shall conduct the investigation of disabled children and cooperate with the education department in doing well the enrolment, rehabilitation, vocational and technical education of disabled students and employment after their graduation, strengthen the work of accurate rehabilitation and accessories for disabled children, actively carry out social project research and provide support and guarantee for the disabled education work.

(2) Optimize the district special education management network. The District Special Education Guidance Center shall strengthen the system construction and improve the district special education management network. The District Special Education Guidance Center shall set up the preschool section, compulsory education section and high school section, and make clear the responsibilities of various sections, and shall continue to enhance the functions of management, research, guidance, resources and services in the regional special education work, and form the three-level linkage service mode of the special education guidance center, the area resource center and the special education outlet.

(3) Improve the layout of pre-school special education outlets. According to the regional characteristics, the spread of disabled children and the distribution of preschool education resources, give full play to the radiation effect of the three special education outlets in the south, middle and north of the preschool section. In each of the fourteen sub-districts and towns, one kindergarten shall be selected to set up a special class, and adopt a double track system to establish the "4+1" education model with the main body of the common kindergarten integration education. Encourage and support ordinary kindergartens to receive children with slight disabilities, improve the settlement mode of preschool integration education, and form a preschool special education pattern of transversal perforation and longitudinal extension

(4) Make steady development of special education in high school. Actively develop the special high school education with vocational education as the main part and broaden the channels for disabled students to receive secondary vocational education. According to the layout of the special education classes held in the ordinary vocational school, the suitable specialty shall be set up according to the special students' situation, and take the special students’ integration into society as the purpose to carry out multi-level and diversified training, and set up a platform for the special students' employment.

2. Forming a long-term mechanism to renew the mode of combining medicine and education

(1) Strengthen cooperation between the various professional departments and institutions. Give full play to the role of Shanghai First Hearing Impairment Center and the District Special Education Guidance Center in the aspects of daily management, professional evaluation, business guidance, student service and research and promotion, and establish the cooperative mechanism of the hearing impairment center and the district special education guidance center, the cooperative mechanism of educational institutions and medical institutions, and conduct classified guidance to various kinds of disabled students. Continue to strengthen cooperation with Pediatrics Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, Xinhua Hospital Affiliated to the School of Medicine of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Children’s Hospital and Shanghai Third Rehabilitation Hospital. Through project cooperation, promote in depth the rehabilitation of students with disabilities, such as cerebral palsy and hearing impairment, and consolidate medical rehabilitation and educational rehabilitation so as to meet the needs of students.

(2) Improve the evaluation mechanism of disabled children. The district special education guidance center shall actively promote the effective use of the five field assessment tools in cognitive ability, language and communication ability, sports ability, perception ability and social adaptation ability of disabled children, and carry out individualized assessment for disabled students. Actively carry out a diversified educational process assessment, establish a personal growth profile of disabled students and record the whole growth process of each student. Study and formulate the disability assessment system for students with disabilities, conduct one-stop services for enrolment, class attending affirmation, participation in all kinds of entrance examination, transfer and other services, and strengthen the management of the evaluation work.

(3) Deepen the "CIF" management and service mode of combining medicine and education. Various schools at all levels shall deepen the exploration of the "CIF" management and service mode of combining medicine and education, take the national curriculum and local curriculum as the blueprint, on the basis of basic courses, developing courses and compensatory courses, based on the development needs of special students, actively develop school-based curriculum, into which integrate the concept of medicine and education combination. Make education and teaching activities integrated in educating people, community resources sharing and life experience guidance, respect personality, explore potential, compensate defects, rehabilitate functions, promote their intelligent development and improve their life practice ability.

(4) Establish and improve health care services and strengthen daily management. All kinds of schools engaged in special education shall establish a health care system, integrate the work of school health care, education and teaching, logistics support and other departments, and make clear the requirements of their duties. According to the characteristics and individual needs of students with disabilities in different categories and ages, special schools shall be encouraged to rationally assign care-givers and provide personalized care services through the purchase of social services, and to pay attention, make analysis, adjustment and guidance to special children's diet, nutrition, health and safety, and to set up a file for a student and carry out related research.

3. Focusing on practical subjects, innovating the development approach for the integration education

(1) Actively carry out the research on the subject of integration education. Take the key subject of practical research on integration education oriented to meeting the individual needs of special students (children) as the grasp, constantly improve the quality of integration education. Various schools at all levels shall focus the subject to conduct related sub-research, gradually form the new approach of studying multi-dimensional personalized integration services to children aged 0-19 years.

(2) Expand the implementation form of the preschool integration education. The preschool special education institutions shall actively carry out the requirements of the Guide to the Implementation of the Preschool Special Education Curriculum in Shanghai, strengthen the research on the implementation of the curriculum, start from the needs of the disabled children with different disability categories and degrees, respect their personality, choose suitable education and rehabilitation contents and methods, and actively carry out various modes of integration activity of kindergarten integration, of kindergarten and kindergarten and of class and class with focus on cooperation between family and kindergarten, and strive to improve the quality of preschool special education.

(3) Strengthen the study of the effectiveness of class attending. The school that enrolls students attending classes shall actively implement the requirements of the Guiding Recommendations on the Implementation of Curriculum in Compulsory Education in Shanghai, according to the development needs of students attending classes, clarify the individual development goal, conduct the targeted "IEP" individualized education and research, and attach importance to the curriculum consolidation of ordinary and special schools, make appropriate development of school-based self-made courses and reasonable arrangements of such students’ learning content, study time and space, so that the students attending classes may merge into the school life and get a comprehensive development.

(4) Explore the ways of special vocational education development. Actively implement the notice of Recommendation for Implementation of Further Promoting the Reform the High School Examination and Enrollment System in Shanghai, and expand opportunities for special education students to receive high school education. In addition, Shanghai Shibei Vocational School and Shanghai Deaf and Dumb Youth Technical School shall actively implement Shanghai Special Secondary Vocational School (Class) Curriculum Program, and according to the program requirements, actively formulate school-based curriculum implementation plan. With the needs of the students as the starting point, the market operation as the direction, set up a matching profession, attach importance to their living ability, social adaptability and professional skills training, and actively explore the effective ways and methods of secondary vocational education for disabled students merging in the environment.

4. Improving professional level and updating the construction of special education talent contingent

(1) Draw up and implement a team development plan for backbone teachers of special education. The District Special Education Guidance Center shall make a team development plan for special education backbone teachers, and establish a contingent of special education backbone teachers. Through the professional demonstration and guidance of the outstanding team of the backbone teachers, enhance the awareness of teachers conducting teaching practice and research on the first line, stimulate the teachers' vitality of innovative practice, encourage teachers to achieve results with regional and municipal influence in the fields of subject study, curriculum construction, teaching design, classroom practice, homework guidance and teaching evaluation through teamwork, lift the discourse power and popularity of special teachers in the education and teaching field, and lift the professional level of regional teachers as a whole.

(2) Conduct the regional special education training for all teachers. Bring special education and training courses in the compulsory courses of primary vocational and continuing education of ordinary school and kindergarten teachers with credits calculated and meantime bring the special education training courses in the principal's post training courses and carry out the special education training for all teachers. According to the actual needs of special education reform, launch various forms of special training to improve the ability of teachers to carry out special education teaching. Highlight the compound cultivation of humanistic care emotion, special education professional ability and subject teaching ability.

(3) Actively implement the establishment standard for special education teachers. According to the staffing standards of special education teachers in Shanghai, make full assignment of teachers, attach importance to teachers of special education classes in ordinary primary and secondary schools, vocational schools and kindergartens in particular, and to the staffing and management of full-time special education teachers attending classes and district tour instructors. Assign 2 full-time itinerant tutors for the area preschool special education points, and 1 special (concurrent) special teacher for the ordinary kindergarten with disabled children, the number of special teachers being appropriately increased with more than 5 special children. Study and formulate relevant policies, make explicit stipulations on personnel requirements, work tasks, employment process, enjoyment of treatment and teacher management, and bring the teachers mentioned above into the unified management of special education teachers and enjoyment of the treatment of special teachers.

(4) Improve the treatment of special education staff. Raise special education allowances for special education staff, which is reflected in the merit pay. The evaluation and recognition of titles and commendation awards of teachers and staff shall be inclined to special education staff under the same conditions. Show concern about the physical and mental health of special education staff and improve their working environment.

5. Improving the supporting facilities and optimizing the running conditions of special education.

(1) Launch the up-to-standard construction of the special school library. All the special schools shall, according to the guide (trial) to the construction of Shanghai special education school library, conduct the library construction in line with the school’s training objectives and requirements of the curriculum implementation, provide the students with rich books and multimedia facilities, create a diversified reading environment, cultivate the students' reading ability and broaden the students' learning horizon

(2) Speed up the construction of resource classrooms and barrier-free facilities in ordinary schools. According to the relevant state regulations and the Guide (Trial) to the Equipping of Special Education Resources Classroom in Shanghai Ordinary Schools and the Guide (Trial) to Equipping of Preschool Special Education Classes (Kindergartens) in Shanghai, issued by the Municipal Education Committee,  the regular primary and secondary schools, vocational schools and kindergartens running the special education class and conducting class attending work shall be scientifically equipped with teaching and rehabilitation facilities and equipment, and 50% of ordinary schools that carry out classes attending work shall allocate resource classrooms. In accordance with the requirements of barrier-free construction and the actual needs of students with different disability categories, it is imperative to conduct the construction of barrier-free facilities to support students with disabilities to better adapt to the school life.