Recommendations on Implementation of the "Reinforcement of Junior High School" Project

Released on:2018-11-16


In order to further implement the deployment of the Municipal Education Commission, the District Committee and the District People’s Government on the comprehensive reform of basic education in this District, further improve the quality and balanced development of junior high school education, and strive to ensure that every child can enjoy fair and quality junior high school education, we decide to implement the project of “Reinforcement of Junior High School” in this District.

I. The Overall Idea

Adhere to the concept of “running well every junior high school, accomplishing every teacher, and teaching each student well”, follow the idea of “making precise policy, focusing on connotation, and improving quality”, combine with the tight school district grouped school-running, with the implementation of the requirements for the reform of the school entrance examination enrolment system for senior high school in this Municipality, and with the further improvement of the construction level of junior high school principals and teachers; the whole junior high school staff of this District participate in the whole process, and through institutional innovation, policy support and project implementation, stimulate the endogenous motivation of junior high school-running, improve the quality of school-running, and create a healthier junior high school education ecology.

II. The Work Target

After 3-5 years of hard work, the junior high school in this District shall achieve a marked improvement in the status of education and teaching. The school's school-running characteristics shall be enhanced significantly, the overall quality of school-running improved significantly, parents' satisfaction with the school improved significantly, and “the good junior high school in front of the house" built up. The regional high-quality balance degree of junior high school development shall be further improved, with various indicators in a leading position in this Municipality.

III. The Work Strategy

The principal is the person responsible for the “Reinforcement of Junior High School” project, responsible for organizing the development and reform plan of the school, conducting overall consideration, improving it constantly and implementing it by step. While ensuring the school’s power of law-based school running on its own, the District Education Bureau shall organize expert groups to conduct in-depth research and strengthen the classification and guidance work for junior high schools. According to the actual school-running level of each school, focus on the different development priorities and areas of improvement of each school, adopt the strategy of “one school, one policy”, fill in the shortcomings, highlight the characteristics, guide and help the school to make rapid growth.

IV. The Main Task

1. Implementing the Jing’an Program of “School Reinforcing Project” of this Municipality’s Hundred Schools

The Municipal Education Commission has established the Jing’an District’s five schools, including Pengpu No. 4 Middle School, Hetian Middle School, Pengpu No. 3 Middle School, Wusi Middle School, and Hualing School, as the experimental schools of “School Reinforcing Project” of this Municipality’s Hundred Schools. Combine with the actual level of school running in the five schools, adopt a variety of forms such as tight school district grouped school running, high-quality private school trust, and the construction of a junior senior high school running union, strive to enhance the school's school-running characteristics, so as to improve the overall school quality significantly.

2. Promoting the junior high school district grouped school running

Take the research on the Fenghua Junior High School grouped school running system as a breakthrough, constantly deepen the construction of supporting systems, stimulate the vitality of school running, and guarantee the high-quality and sustainable development of the education group. Adopt a model of strong drive of high-quality brands to carry out the pilot tight school district grouped school running. Give full play to the radiation, leading and driving role of high-quality schools, realize the output of high-quality educational resources and the rapid replication and enrichment of excellent school-running experience, and better meet the growing demand of the people for quality education.

3. Continuously strengthening cooperation in running schools

Further strengthen cooperation with Tongji University, Shanghai University, Shanghai International Studies University and other universities and research institutions in school running, constantly enhance the school running characteristics, improve the junior high school running quality, and actively accelerate cooperation with Shanghai Theatre Academy to jointly run a nine-year school. Constantly increase the introduction of quality education brands throughout the city and even the whole country, enhance the junior high school running characteristics, and constantly improve the regional junior high school running level.

4. Enhancing the level of construction of advantageous disciplines

Through the establishment of the school's modern management system, the school version of national curriculum and the school-based curriculum system, etc., raise the level of high-quality junior high schools in this District. Through cooperation with Shanghai International Studies University, further improve this District’s teaching level of the dominant subjects such as English. Organize the curriculum exploration of high-level thinking training for junior high school students, and create a number of school-based brand courses for junior high schools.

5. Exploring the evaluation reform of junior high school education

Through teaching improvement and assignment optimization, improve the adequacy of the assignment content, and constantly consolidate the foundation of the green index optimization of school academic quality. Summarize the experience and achievements formed by the Municipal Education Commission's “Pilot School-based Education Quality Assurance System Construction” project, and play a role in promotion, guidance and demonstration. Study and respond to the program of Shanghai senior high school entrance examination reform, and explore the comprehensive quality evaluation of junior high school students and make it done well.

6. Condensing the characteristic brand of school running 

Intensify the guidance of this District's teaching and research institutions on the construction of school curriculum, encourage social professional institutions to participate in the construction of characteristic courses and the cultivation of featured teachers in junior high schools to help schools build special courses that meet the school conditions. Focus on the fields of moral education, science and technology, art, sports, humanities, etc. based on curriculum construction to create school-running characteristics and strive to form a brand.

V. The Safeguard Measure

1. Establishing a sound leading organization

According to the needs of the work, establish a leading organization in a timely manner and regularly discuss and promote this work. For the mature development and reform plan of junior high schools, the District Education Bureau shall provide the guarantees of policies, resources and platforms.

2. Increasing the financial investment of junior high school hardware construction

Further increase the financial investment, establish a special fund for the “Reinforcement of Junior High School” project, mainly for the transformation of school buildings, the construction of special classrooms and new learning spaces, the upgrading of facilities and equipment, the building of school quality and the construction of featured courses in junior high schools.

3. Further improving the construction level of the teaching staff

Strengthen the construction of famous principals, famous disciplines and famous teachers in junior high schools, combine with the training methods of the city and district teaching staff, give the famous junior high school a certain number of positions on the selection targets, and further enhance the training of the leading figures of the junior high school principals in this District. Form gradually a group of exemplary teachers in the teaching of junior high school education. In the “Reinforcement of Junior High School” project, give a certain inclination to the recruitment of teachers in both schools with mutual help and in pairs, and set up teachers’ “reservoirs”. In the middle school senior title review, explore the junior high and senior high school separate review, and appropriately tilt to the junior high school.

4. Strengthening the performance appraisal incentive role

Establish and improve the performance appraisal system for “Reinforcement of Junior High School” project. The salary regional pool part can be tilted to the junior high school that has achieved results in the said project according to the implementation situation, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the school staff.

5. Strengthening publicity and guidance

Make full use of various news media such as websites, newspapers, and televisions, focus on the hot spots of public concern, increase the publicity of the results of the construction of junior high schools, and report mainly on the high quality, balanced development and school running features of junior high schools, create a good atmosphere of caring and supporting education in the whole society and create a new bright spot in the development of Jing'an education.