Implementation Recommendations for Further Deepening the High Quality and Healthy Development of Jing'an Tourism

Released on:2019-01-29


In order to further promote the high-quality and healthy development of Jing'an tourism, accelerate the pace of building Shanghai into a world-famous tourist city, and make Jing'an tourism a model of Shanghai's urban tourism, according to the essence of the Recommendations on Promoting the Construction of a World-famous Tourism City by Promoting the High-Quality Development of Shanghai Tourism (SMPG GO G[2018] No. 33) promulgated by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, and in line with the actual work of Jing'an tourism, these Implementation Recommendations are formulated:

I. Overall Goal

Carry out the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC in depth, take Xi Jinping's socialism with Chinese characteristics of new era as guide, focus on the construction of Shanghai's "five centers" and "four major brands", have in mind the goal of "building a high-quality world-famous tourist city in 2035", strengthen the deep integration of the convention, business, travel, culture and sports, inherit the exquisite Jing'an taste, provide excellent Jing'an service, highlight the high-end international style, enlarge and strengthen the “Happy Jing’an Tour" brand, take the "international Jing’an, dream paradise” as the goal, make Jing'an become Shanghai Style Tourism Center, Shanghai Urban History and Culture Exhibition Center, Shanghai Cultural Business Exhibition Center, Shanghai International Travel Hotel Leisure Center, and Shanghai Fashion Leisure Shopping Center.

II. Focus on the Construction of Shanghai's “Four Major Brands”, Display “Tourism Is A Big Industry, A Big People's Livelihood, A Big Show”

1. Deepening the form and connotation of Jing'an "Tourism Plus" and "Plus Tourism", and promoting the formation of Jing'an tourism industry

Through the "Happy Jing’an tour plus four major brands", we will continue to expand and enhance the added value of "Tourism plus". By launching the "Made in Shanghai" brand, we will introduce more Jing’an gifts with Shanghai characteristics and Jing'an connotation, highlighting Jing'an international style; and by launching "Shanghai Culture" brand, we will inject the red culture, Shanghai culture, Suhe (Suzhou River) culture, the national industry culture and the soul of film and television drama culture into Jing'an tourism; by launching the "Shanghai shopping" brand, we will create a "shopping paradise" of "global purchase" to attract domestic and foreign tourists to Jing’an tourism shopping; by launching the "Shanghai service" brand, we will provide all-round intimate services such as transportation, accommodation, catering, entertainment, consulting, etc., and build a standard, friendly, convenient, fast and comprehensive service system with rich connotation, so as to improve the recognition, observation and impression of visitors to Jing'an.

2. Creating a high-quality tour of Jing'an with unique features and promoting the deep integration of Jing'an tourism and people's livelihood

Combine Jing'an regional characteristics with rich cultural features and urban style,  create ten classic strolling tours - a tour of intoxicated night, a tour of leisurely family, a tour of lane style, a tour of fashion shopping, a tour of boutique hotel, a tour of urban essence, a tour of red mark, a tour of Shanghai-style culture, a tour of unique gout and a tour of heritages, to show the beauty of high-quality Jing’an tour, win big market and good reputation, and enhance the sense of satisfaction and happiness of citizens and tourists.

3. Enhancing the influence of the brand activities of the Jing'an brand in the four seasons, showing the international charm and cultural customs of Jing'an Tourism

Inherit and develop the essence of the four-season Jing’an brand activities of “spring flower appreciation, summer tea tasting, autumn carnival, winter Brahman sound”, create an important bearing area of the world famous tourist city, enhance the brand effect of “monthly activities, wonderful seasons”, and expand the impact of the big show.

Make excellent and bright the series of activities of Shanghai International Tea Culture Tourism Festival, the “Bloom Jing’an” Tulip Flower Expo and Shanghai Tourism Festival Jing’an Autumn City Tour, including the international "Happy Jing’an Tour" ace projects of International Sparkling Wine Festival, World Coffee Culture Festival, International Comedy Festival, and the strolling Jing’an mini-tour. Actively promote Shanghai Jing'an International Sculpture Exhibition, Jing'an International Shopping Festival, Jazz Festival, Modern Drama Valley and other brand activities, benchmark the world's first-class and the highest quality, tap new highlights and make new ideas to offer the best reasons for visitors to stay in Jing’an.

III. Strengthening the Integration of Tourism and Convention, Business, Culture and Sports, and Telling Well “Story of Jing'an” in International Language

1. Take the exhibition and tourism as a carrier to display the "crown charm" of international Jing'an

Vigorously develop the "convention and exhibition economy", and take Shanghai Exhibition Center as a round dot, actively cultivate high-star-rated hotels, comprehensive commercial entities, industrial parks and other exhibition tourism clusters in the region, and showcase Jing'an "celebrity, famous street, famous museum, scenic spots" resources to comprehensively improve the energy level and connotation of the tourism industry, further improve the reception service level of convention and business tourism, do a good job in the exploitation and development of the international market for convention and business tourism, and extend the value chain and industrial chain of Jing'an tourism and festival activities.

2. Take the opportunity of becoming a new symbol of “global shopping tourism” to create a high-quality business travel experience

Relying on business buildings and commercial circles on West Nanjing Road, we will develop sightseeing and shopping radiation belts in the surrounding areas, introduce domestic and foreign famous brand flagship stores, specialty stores, creative specialty stores, and carry out tax refund policies. With an elegant shopping environment, high-end international brands, and high-quality service quality, we will attract tourists from all over the world to form a brand effect of “walking into Jing'an, enjoying fine products; entering Jing'an and shopping globally”. Around the "three belts, three axes and two streets", lay out the backstreet main pattern of West Nanjing Road, make Zhangyuan 99 and Starbucks baking workshop the new highlights of the backstreet development. For different groups of people, focus on unique cultural details and personalized fashion atmosphere, create an exquisite slow life backstreet network of health and leisure, scientific innovation, literature and art to make Jing'an become an important gathering place for Shanghai's downtown urban fashion business and unique historical tourism and leisure belts, as well as Shanghai stylish people and tourists at home and abroad.

3. Dig into the resources of "cultural tourism" and tell well the story of Jing'an humanities

Combine the development of tourist souvenirs, Jing'an albums and other promotional materials to integrate the "cultural tourism" resources. Vigorously publicize the red culture of "the birthplace of the party", integrate the history of the party building with cultural tourism, and create a red tour boutique line. Extensively promote the custom tour of “encounter on the historic culture street of Shaanxi north road” and the “Klemen Cultural Salon” activities, inherit the Shanghai-style culture and tell the humanities story. Combining the principles of urban renewal and retention protection, we will explore the historical story of Zhang Yuan’s “First Garden at Sea”. Carry out the exhibition and experience of non-legacy craftsmanship of time-honored stores such as cheongsam making, Hengsheng bow tie making, Western bakery and Lu'an ink making. Make full use of the 18 May International Museum Day and the 19 May China Tourism Day to design and develop the Jing’an tour activities by “riding bicycle and metro".

4. Find out the entry point of "physical travel" and promote the integrated development of sports tourism

Focusing on "Jing'an on the sword", "Jing'an on the chess" and "Jing'an on the road", we will make the professionalism of sports and the leisure of tourism infiltrated and integrated organically, find out the entry point, attract the citizens to feel the charm of sports activities and be aware of the humanities and taste of nature. Take advantage of the “Jing’an District 10,000 people welcome new run”, Shanghai Foil World Cup Grand Prix, Asia Pacific Kyokushin Karate Elite Invitational Tournament, International Jing’an Women's Marathon, Shanghai International Marathon, "Shenjiang Cup" Shanghai Mulan Boxing International Invitational Tournament, China Go Class-A League and other large-scale events to promote Jing'an tourism and drive the tourism development.

5. Initiate “Belt and Road, Tourism First” to deepen regional cooperation and exchanges

Promote the construction of the “Belt and Road” bridgehead in Shanghai and strengthen the interconnection with the tourism cities along the “Belt and Road”. Consolidate the cooperation and exchange results between Jing'an and the Baltic countries, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia and other countries for the promotion of tourism resources and non-legacy cultures, optimize the group visit policy, and continue to promote the good neighborliness, mutual trust and tourism exchanges between Shanghai and countries and important tourist node cities along the “Belt and Road”, strengthen cooperation and exchanges in international tourism, and strive to create a new type of international tourism demonstration belt in the future. We will comprehensively promote exchanges and cooperation in the Yangtze River Delta region and establish an integrated linkage development mechanism.

IV. Accelerating the Construction of Tourism Throughout the Region and Improving the Energy Level of Smart Tourism Cities

1. Tell the story of Jing'an behind the buildings, relying on the VR panoramic travel map,

According to the requirements of the Municipal People’s Government and the Municipal Tourism Administration for the installation of two-dimensional code guides for outstanding historical buildings and celebrities' former residences, make a “two-dimensional code panoramic reading map” with the single building as the “point”, the street with buildings relatively concentrated as the “line” and the historical and cultural area of West Nanjing Road as the “face”. With almost hundred points of Shanghai Exhibition Center, the Memorial Hall of the 2nd General Assembly Site, the Sihang Warehouse, the former site of Shanghai Chamber of Commerce, the former residence of Wu Changshuo, Paramount, Mahler Villa, etc. already completed, put the two-dimensional codes on the wall in a unified manner and publish them online, so as to build a new pattern of joint construction and sharing of regional tourism.

2. Realize that the building is “visible, audible, readable, able to be booked, purchasable, and enjoyable”, and pushes “a mobile phone for Jing’an tour”

Strive to create a VR panoramic view, audio guide, full media reading, online reservation, mobile mall, real-time sharing of "six-dimensional experience", use rich building resources to form a "tourism + culture + business + Internet" multi-dimensional model, to achieve Jing’an tour by a mobile phone, promote the deep integration of smart tourism, and gradually improve the regional tourism function.

3. Expand the coverage of VR panoramic travel maps and vigorously promoting “readable architecture”

Make multi-angle all-round "architecture reading", tell stories of historical buildings and blocks clearly, and tell new stories at times so that visitors will remember and spread them. The VR panoramic travel map making should cover the outstanding historical buildings in this District, the national and municipal celebrities' former residences, the historical landscape protection areas and the landmark buildings in this District, and realize the online and offline regional travel function with sound, and the internal, external, historical and current status.

4. Create a comprehensive smart tour platform of “reading + tour + public services” and improve the energy level of intelligent services

Set up "READ JINGAN happy tour stage" at the two-dimensional code-set-up mature points of the Zhangyuan, Fengshengli, Starbucks Baking Workshop, Paramount, the Chinese Communist Party Second Congress Memorial Hall and the Museum of Natural History, combine the online contents and the offline units that may give cooperation to form a “read + travel +” mode to release the latest information on business, travel, culture and sports such as forum exhibitions, cultural performances, sports events, and business developments in real time. Set up the public service center in the Starbucks Baking Workshop, the Zhangyuan Grand Classroom, and the Party Constitution Hall of the Memorial Hall of the 2nd Congress Hall, improve the service level and form an intelligent service model for offering convenience, benefit and interest to the people.

V. Making Efforts on Optimizing the Tourism Development Environment and Improving the Overall Quality of the Tourism Industry

1. Accelerate the construction of the internationalization system of tourism public services

Strengthen the construction of tourism service hardware environment, improve the service level of multi-functional, multi-lingual, intelligent and humanized services, improve the construction of tourism identification system, promote the construction of tourist toilets, scenic spot (point) parking lots, and the function upgrading of tourist service centers, and improve tourist complaints, travel warnings and travel emergency response, provide safe, orderly, convenient and efficient travel services and meet the service needs and consumer demands of visitors at home and abroad.

2. Strengthen support, guide and standardization management for tourism enterprises

According to the relevant provisions of the Tourism Law of the People's Republic of China, in line with the characteristics of Jing'an tourism development, formulate effective policies and incentive support from the aspects of incremental quality improvement, excellence making and innovation, to help tourism enterprises become bigger and stronger, and regulate operations. Encourage small and medium-sized travel agencies to participate in A-level travel agency evaluation, encourage social hotels to participate in the evaluation for high-quality and standardized service compliance units, and encourage tourism enterprises to participate in standardization construction. Provide policy support for tourism companies that actively participate in the tourism industry rankings and actively promote the establishment of tourism standardization, provide legal aid services, guide the development direction from the front, vigorously promote the development of inbound tourism, formulate inbound tourism support policies, and give policy support to tourism enterprises that have a large number of inbound tourists, proper organization and good effects.

3. Explore and perfect the building of tourism integrity

Select a group of typical cases of false propaganda, contract fraud, vicious price competition, compulsory consumption and other untrustworthy operations and illegal business practices to carry out education warnings, clear the source, guide tourists to establish correct and rational consumption concepts, and establish a good practice of "honor for sincerity, shame on dishonesty”. Take joint disciplinary action against the persons relevantly responsible for serious dishonesty in the tourism field, so that the untrustworthy person “who commits dishonesty at one place will go nowhere”. We will rely on the system, the rule of law in particular, to maintain social credit, and establish and improve the perfect supporting system such as the credit record system for enterprises, service personnel and tourists in the tourism field, the credit information disclosure system, the integrity evaluation system, the integrity result application system, and the social supervision system.

4. Standardize the industry management to ensure a healthy and orderly tourism market

Probe in depth into law-based administration and tourism, strengthen supervision, improve the responsibility system for division of labor, and strengthen the system building of administration standards and transparency, standardized process of office work and high efficiency. Accelerate the on-going and post-event supervision mechanism, form a large regulatory database, explore the risk classification supervision and social co-governance management, and build an on-going and post-event supervision system based on comprehensive supervision and supported by professional supervision. Promote safety production, standardization construction, civilized tourism construction, etc., optimize the environment, improve quality and the overall level of the industry to achieve the Jing’an tourism development goal of the "four unities" of safety, order, quality, and efficiency.

VI. Improving and Perfecting Safeguard Measures to Protect the Development of Tourism

1. Strengthen organizational leadership

Under the overall coordination of the municipal tourism development leading group, under the correct guidance of the municipal tourism management department and the district people’s government, establish and improve the comprehensive tourism service system, improve the tourism coordination mechanism with various sub-districts and towns, and give play to the community tourism service function. Rationalize the relationship between the government and enterprises, the government and industry associations, tourism authorities and other functional departments, jointly promote the normalization and long-standing of relevant mechanisms, and focus on tourism development projects, such as tourism environment optimization, enhance the linkage and work together and with united strength.

2. Increase financial support

In line with the national policies and Jing'an reality, improve and optimize relevant preferential policies, increase financial support for tourism publicity, personnel training, public services, etc., put in place special funds, and give policy support and rewards to tourism enterprises that comply with relevant policy requirements in terms of tourism image promotion, tourist product innovation, and tourism environmental protection to promote the healthy development of tourism enterprises.

3. Deepen the work of building a talent team

Make good use of the special funds for the training of outstanding personnel in the tourism industry, and carry out various special training on new regulations, new standards, new knowledge, new technologies and new methods for professional service personnel, high-end technical personnel and administrative management personnel; improve service skills and practical ability by skill and tour guide competitions. Strengthen the training of tourism practitioners, set up special funds, consolidate regional education resources, optimize the profession specialty, expand students, strengthen the counterpart transfer, and provide guarantee for the development of tourism enterprises in the region; train and enhance talents in the region, attract and introduce out-of-town talents. Establish and improve the personnel use mechanism, break the restrictions on household registration, age, education and qualifications in the work, reasonably set up job posts, and focus on solving the problem of insufficient labor force in tourism enterprises. Actively cooperate with the district to promote employment policies, strengthen linkages with community reemployment work, formulate tourism employment incentive policies, create a fair and reasonable competitive environment, and enhance the confidence of tourism personnel.

4. Excavate and utilize big data to do a good job in tourism planning and development

Make full use of the advantages of the Internet, open up big data research and global travel, and do a good job in industry forecasting and analysis. In respect to the hotel price, occupancy rate feedback, visitor group structure, visitor comments and comments, tourism contribution to economic development and other aspects, make big data applications to achieve accurate positioning, precision marketing and precise management of the tourism industry market, improve and enhance tourism services, and promote the high quality, healthy and orderly development of Jing'an tourism.