Implementation Scheme for Economic Construction of Backstreet of West Nanjing Road in Jing'an District

Released on:2019-01-29


In order to effectively link the construction of four major brands of “Shanghai Service, Shanghai Manufacturing, Shanghai Shopping, Shanghai Culture” proposed by the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal People’s Government, and to further accelerate the construction process of Shanghai International Trade Center and the international consumer city, and create a superior global city, this District will vigorously push on the construction of the regional business environment and the consumer environment by taking the promotion of the construction of the “International Consumer City Demonstration Zone” as a starting point, and with the goal of “go shopping and come to Shanghai and go to Jing’an”, this District will strive to build Jing’an West Nanjing Road into the symbolic area of “Shanghai Shopping”, and the core bearing area of Shanghai Shopping Paradise.

West Nanjing Road is a veritable “golden corridor” in Jing’an District and even in Shanghai. In order to further "make wider, thicker, and live" West Nanjing Road and promote the development of the backstreet economy, this District has officially released the Jing’an District West Nanjing Road Backstreet Economic Strategic Plan on April 12. In order to further promote the economic construction of the backstreet of West Nanjing Road in Jing'an and speed up the landing of the Strategic Plan, this Scheme is hereby formulated.

I. Overall Requirements

1. Guiding ideology

Carry out in depth the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, take Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics of new era as guide, focus on Shanghai's strategic positioning of building an "excellent global city" and launching the development goals of the "Shanghai Shopping" brand, and under the general trend of consumption upgrading and urban renewal, based on the global perspective and development needs of the West Jing'an Nanjing Road shopping district, through the more scientific and meticulous depth layout, enhance the extension, expansion and complementation of the backstreet function to the main street to realize the sustainable growth of the West Nanjing Road business district in terms of consumption attraction, diversified business states and individualized forms, thus promoting the healthy development of regional businesses.

2. Development goals

After the development of the main street is becoming more and more mature, through the scientific planning and precise positioning, the backstreet of West Nanjing Road will be extended to the main street (that is, the high-end business and commercial resources overflowing from the main street directly flow to the backstreet with complete facilities), and the backstreet will expand the core functions of the main street (that is, the backstreet introduces the vertical development with the same main street function and the different business state), and the backstreet supplements the function needed by the main street development (that is, the back street makes up the function of the main street’s insufficient deployment), forming three leisure life belts (Wujiang Road, Meitaiheng backstreet and Yuyuan Road) and three cultural experience axes (North Shaanxi Road, Jiangning Road and Tongren Road) and thus forming the main body of the backstreet of West Nanjing Road, and around the tidal Gemini (Fengshengli and Zhangyuan 99) and the cultural double landmarks (Paramount and 800 Show), create a new highlight of the development of the backstreet, with two professional streets (Xikang Road and Weihai Road) enriching the backstreet network, to become an ecological builder of the international business circle, and a refreshing highlight of the Shanghai-style culture.

II. Main Tasks

1. Opening the backstreet historical human resources

The backstreet is rich in historical and human resources, and has preserved a large number of historical buildings, time-honored brands, literati and other famous ruins, and has Shanghai-style specialty lanes that have been constantly refurbished. However, due to restrictions on property rights or management, most historical buildings are currently closed, with insufficient marketization, commercialization, branding, and linkage between literature and tourism. Gradually open the historical and cultural resources of backstreets, explore the cultural connotation of historical buildings, create famous scenic spots or cultural activities, highlight the characteristics of Shanghai-style culture and the creative vitality of the city, and enhance the attractiveness of the backstreet tourism destination. (Responsible units: District Cultural Bureau, District Sports Bureau, District Tourism Bureau, related sub-districts)

2. Increasing the backstreet public space

Gradually increase the greening, leisure and social intercourse space of the backstreet, introduce in an innovative way environmental design that is suitable for people's interaction and meets the needs of streetscapes, build a number of stroll demonstration roads, and form a common activity space with multiple functions. (Responsible units: District Construction Management Committee, District Environmental Protection Bureau, District Planning and Land Resources Bureau, District Greening and City Appearance Bureau, related sub-districts)

3. Improving the backstreet infrastructure

Make the overall packing upgrade of the landscape and appearance of backstreets in combination with the backstreet theme, infrastructure conditions, green space and architectural features to improve the identification of the blocks. At the same time, further improve the wireless infrastructure of the backstreet, reasonably set up the passage of motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles, enhance the comfort of the blocks, and create a high-quality, high-end shopping environment. (Responsible units: District Construction Management Committee, District Science and Technology Commission, District Environmental Protection Bureau, District Planning and Land Resources Bureau, District Greening and City Appearance Bureau, District Cultural Bureau, District Tourism Bureau, related sub-districts)

4. Guiding the style of the backstreet block

Clarify the business functions of each backstreet in line with the development theme of each backstreet, form a block style with dislocation development, complementary advantages and distinctive features. On the basis of the market-oriented backstreet development, establish a standardized backstreet business format guidance and management mechanism, give encouraging policy support to the key formats that conform to the overall development layout of the backstreet, and meantime resolutely remove the unlicensed shops that do not conform to the backstreet layout and have been opened by breaking the wall so as to ensure that the backstreet is clean and tidy and under orderly management. (Responsible units: District Commerce Committee, District Environmental Protection Bureau, District Market Supervision Bureau, District Investment Office, related sub-districts)

III. Promoting the Key Projects

1. International Trend Gemini: Fengshengli and Zhangyuan 99 form the “Tidal Gemini”, with international elements embedded in, to create a never-ending night economy. Meet the diverse consumer needs at night of foreign business people, international tourists, and trend-oriented people as targeted clients. Around the design concept of “the night never falls”, highlight the characteristics of internationalization, diversification, prosperity and fun, and create a rich and diverse business state portfolio. With the night economy-related business state as main force, attract music pubs, theme bars, beer houses, Live House, late night dining halls, night theaters, and such other business states, along with a variety of international restaurants, boutique cafes, boutique gift shops, and former residence of cultural celebrities enriching the targeted clientele experience. Based on the “bright and prosperous” international blocks, retain and repair the Shanghai-style Shikumen buildings, add night lights to create “a city with lights turned on all night”, plant plane trees along the street and design colored “climbing tiger” plants to add interest and charm (Responsible units: Real Estate Group, Jing Gong Group)

 2. Wujiang Road Experience-style Leisure Belt: Take advantage of HKRI Taikoo Hui and Pedestrian Street to build a street for restaurant experience consumption. Fully rely on the pedestrian street's popular driving effect and the strong guiding effect of the subway line convergence, further extend the food label of Wujiang Road, and take the vision of “coming to Wujiang Road to experience a new life” to create the most cutting-edge consumption of West Nanjing Road shopping district. Satisfy the consumption preferences of “novelty aspiration” of corporate white-collar workers, young hipsters and parent-child families as targeted clientele. Around the design concept of “bustling attraction”, lay out the latest interactive experience and interactive consumption projects. Introduce experiential shopping, such as unmanned retail stores, online celebrity store offline experience stores, brand flash experience stores, trendy lifestyle stores, etc.; experiential catering, such as cross-border catering integrated with supermarkets, beauty makeup and other business formats, flashing bars, themed casual restaurants; experiential leisure, such as the parent-child DIY toy store, IP-based flash shop, the most In lifestyle experience store. Design streetscapes with the theme of “vigor” and “fun”, create a personality and trend atmosphere through architectural graffiti and roof greening; make full use of small spaces such as shop corners, street surfaces and stairs to create a step-by-step different view; embellish small music fountains on pedestrian streets to add vitality and refreshment, and optimize the walking experience. (Responsible unit: Real Estate Group)

 3. Meihengtai Backstreet Personality Fashion Belt (including Nanyang Road and Fengxian Road): While highlight fashion buyer’s shop, tidal brand shop, personalized customization, and Internet celebrity catering to attract young fashion groups, provide life supplies for the surrounding working people. Rely on the existing network of Internet celebrity catering and tidal brand business formats to bear some of the supporting functions of Meitaiheng office building, With the vision of “novelty • tide • wave •young”, create a new era personalized fashion street that makes hipsters linger, to satisfy the demands of “personality, self-love, playing and jitterbug” of young hipsters and corporate white-collar workers as the target group. Around the design concept of “tidal, bursting, magic city”, we will gather a combination of customized, personalized and unique fashion business styles. Introduce personalized shopping, such as personalized customization, remodeling stores, fashion brand designer stores, fashion buyer’s stores, Tyuukoten, Vintage stores, ; Internet celebrity catering, such as Internet celebrity IP restaurant, high face-value restaurant, popular snacks, etc.; tidal life supplies: appearance design, fun integration business state, community new retail, and high-end domestic services. With the theme of the street “with model and style” shooting holy place, design the road features, encourage the store to create a distinctive fashion style and enhance the openness of the building; as for the streetscape, create a cherry blossom road along with lights to create a beautiful night view effect, so that Nanyang Road, Fengxian Road become the Internet celebrity street shooting holy place in magic city. (Responsible unit: New Jingan Group, Jing Gong Group)

 4. Yuyuan (East) Road Quality Leisure Belt: Serve the surrounding white-collar workers for 8 hours and the weekend leisure needs of the senior intellectual people in various districts of Shanghai, and create business states of diversified catering, high-end life training, petty bourgeois entertainment, etc. Relying on the catering service and leisure entertainment industry, retaining the cultural charm of historical buildings and celebrities' former residences, and with the vision of “slow down and live happily”, we will create the most exquisite and slow life path with the most fun and style. With the surrounding white-collar workers, local residents and weekend visitors as the main target group, we will meet their demand for leisure consumption beyond 8 hours. Around the design concept of “being full of love for life”, we will highlight the slow-life business state with exquisite, elegant, literary and artistic, petty-bourgeois characteristics and rich layout. We will introduce exquisite life experience shops such as various high-end studios of painting, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, dessert, embroidery, pottery and handmade DIY; introduce slow leisure entertainment, such as the private cinema, cat cafe, private book bar, library, etc.; introduce diverse cuisines, such as specialty themed restaurants, snack shops, etc. Design street features with the theme of “exquisite art” living blocks, create sculptures and manhole covers that reflect local characteristics, adding street interest and delight; learn from London backstreet experience, add theme-style aerial hanging landscape design to increase literary atmosphere. (Responsible unit: New Jing’an Group, Jiubai Group)

 5. Cultural double landmarks: Showcase Jing'an traditional cultural charm at Paramount and the modern fashion culture at 800 Show, adding a cultural double landmark to Jing'an. As the birthplace of Shanghai jazz culture and the model of Shanghai-style architecture, Paramount takes the vision of “Ten Miles Foreign Dream, Shanghai-style Jazz Charm” as the vision to create a landmark of Shanghai-style culture and reshape the prosperity of the past. With cultural enthusiasts, domestic and foreign tourists, and local old Shanghai as the target group, we will satisfy their exploration of Shanghai culture and historical memory. Focusing on the design concept of "Jazz Culture Origin", with the jazz performance, jazz culture corridor, 3D light and shadow show and other cultural experience activities as the core products, along with the fine Western food, French afternoon tea and other style food and beverage, and dance bar, New Year concert, and other social entertainment activities, we will jointly create the retro feeling of Paramount and the Shanghai-style charm. At the same time, set up around Paramount such business formats as vinyl record stores, boutique men's clothing stores that match the image of “Old Clerk” and jazz culture shops. The 800 Show will rely on the main street Shanghai Exhibition Center as a high-energy resource entrance to create the next Jing'an modern culture and fashion landmark with the vision of “leading the fashion and shining the stars”, and with the "focus field" as the design concept, conduct the exhibition-exhibition linkage with the Shanghai Exhibition Center, taking the initiative to undertake the main venue exhibition and the focus event, and use the "convention, culture, business and travel" linkage ideas to drive the development of the surrounding backstreet group. Take the fashion premiere in the exhibition as an example. The 800 Show can be used as a breakout venue to carry out the fashion release activities of niche brands and designers, and organize related activities such as DIY design. At the same time, the designer products will move directly to Shaanxi North Road and Meitaiheng backstreet for marketing. Take the double-creation contest in the competition as an example. The 800 Show can be used as a sub-meeting venue to hold small hacker contests, youth creative contests, TED talks, road show publicity and other focus activities, and at the same time drive Weihai Road in the backstreets to carry out entrepreneurial experience sharing sessions, and other activities. (Responsible unit: District Cultural Bureau, Jing Gong Group)

 6. Historical and Cultural Street of North Shaanxi Road (north of West Nanjing Road): Relying on the rich historical building resources in the northern section, with the vision of “Hundred Years of Memory, Classic Heritage”, we will create a new stage for Shanghai to promote the Shanghai-style culture. Give priority to attracting domestic and foreign tourists and Shanghai residents to come there for consumption, sightseeing, and satisfaction of their demands for experience of Shanghai style, review of Shanghai memories, and purchase of special sentiment. With the theme of block tour in comfort and leisure, we will create street features, renovate the classic Shanghai-style architecture and historical sites, and enhance the openness of the blocks to give the pedestrians the feelings of dreaming back to old Shanghai. In the streetscape, we will build the old Shanghai historical corridor by reference to the model of Hollywood Walk of Fame to make visitors feel the more historical charm. (Responsible unit: Jing’an Investment Company, District Cultural Bureau)

 7. The time-honored shop street in the northwest of Shaanxi Road (south of West Nanjing Road): With many time-honored brands on the time-honored shop street already formed in the southern section, and with the design concept of “Old Shanghai Memory”, we plan to build five centers, one is to create the time-honored shop customized experience center to enrich the existing business format of the time-honored shop of clothing category, to strengthen the experience function through customized service, traditional costume experience and master studio setting; two is to build the Shanghai-style Cultural Exhibition Center and rely on the existing Shikumen architecture to show the old 30s. Shanghai life scenes and objects and make a real experience. At the same time, introduce copious local food to let tourists taste Shanghai; three is to combine the new product release center to make a smart cultural tourism, through APP tour guide, real open-up + VR / AR and walking tour, let visitors touch the history of the past, and regularly hold new product launch activities along with tourism projects; four is to set up a technical apprenticeship center, fully exploit the Shanghai-style cultural connotation, learn from the experience of the Forbidden City to set up souvenir shops, let visitors participate in the production process, and introduce independent creative studios and hold various exhibitions and lecture activities; five is to set up a sales experience center, make full use of new technologies, new models, display new sales methods, and provide consumers with a good consumer experience. (Responsible unit: Kaikai Group)

 8. Jiangning Road Drama Culture Axis: Rely on the three major drama carriers of Majestic Theatre, Yihai Theatre and McKinsey Hotel, to extend the connotation of culture and drama, and create a modern culture drama valley and China's Broadway with the vision of “drama telling life and youth”. With culture lovers, domestic and foreign tourists, and local residents as the main clientele, we will satisfy their diverse spiritual and cultural demands. With the design concept of “neglect neither play going nor book reading”, we will further enrich and strengthen the existing theatrical performances, learn from the successful experience of London West and Broadway, introduce the famous drama IP at home and abroad, and enrich the existing drama carrier, carry different type, different scale performances, and introduce specialty bookstores, recording studios, music and dance and other multicultural art business formats. We will create sub-district features with the theme of “modern and elegant” cultural districts, starting with architectural facade design, street art performance space, posters and neon display, etc. to create cultural landmarks. (Responsible unit: Jing’an Investment Company, District Cultural Bureau)

 9. The art axis of Tongren Road Gallery: develop art, auction, design and other industries, and form the linkage with Shanghai Exhibition Center. Rely on the existing large-scale galleries, Jinghua Art Space and exquisite shops to further demonstrate the elegant and exquisite artistic atmosphere and create a path of elegant art life with the vision of “artistic elegance, poetry and painting paradise”. With domestic tourists, art people, and senior white-collar workers as the main clientele, we will satisfy their demands for art appreciation and consumption. Further integrate high-end galleries, small boutique art museums, boutique auction houses, antique shops and other business formats, with the design concept of “the most style of painting and taste”, to enrich existing art functions and enhance the attraction to tourists; at the time arrange a little boutique shopping and catering with artistic flavor to form a complete artistic life ecology. Create the sub-district features with the theme of the “elegant and exquisite” art blocks, and highlight the unique elegance of the sub-district through the classic-and-fashion-integrated architectural style and the artistic streetscape design. (Responsible unit: Jiubai Group)

 10. Digital Culture Creativity Street of Weihai Road: Rely on the traditional media industry people to introduce digital culture creativity new business formats and set up Shanghai “Silicon Lane”. Relying on the existing media industry foundation, we will play an innovative role of the carriers of WeWork and Seven Cubes. With the vision of “young entrepreneur building a dream for the future”, we will build a digital cultural creativity highland in the core area of Shanghai and help Jing'an District to grasp the new economic wave. With the city's innovators and technology talents as the main clientele, around the "work and life integration" appeal, we will introduce frontier new business formats and new models of digital culture creativity. With the entrepreneurial office as the main business format, we will further introduce international creativity office, comprehensive entrepreneurial office and other science and technology carriers; at the same time, supporting social media, healthy catering, quality life, trendy entertainment, frontier shopping and other supporting business formats, we will create sub-district features with the theme of “Innovative and Convenient” office blocks, providing an optimal entrepreneurial environment for young innovators. Improve infrastructure support, achieve full coverage of WIFI, take the lead in piloting new technologies such as 5G; create occasional social space, increase public green space, stimulate inspiration collision; meet the low-carbon and environmentally friendly life attitude of creative people, develop bicycle lanes, and personalize decoration. (Responsible unit: Real Estate Group)

11. Xikang Road Healthy Life Street: Give priority to the gymnasium, sports goods store, organic catering and such other business formats to create a healthy lifestyle ambient. Rely on the high-energy public sports carrier of Jing'an Gymnasium to seize the opportunity of bottom business transforming and business format restructuring, and take the vision of “leisure and happy life delighting body and mind” to create international healthy life theme blocks. With urban white-collar workers, international people, and parent-child families as the main clientele, we will satisfy their demands for sunshine and vitality. With the design concept of “light and smart”, we will expand the connotation of sports and fitness, attract new modes such as shared sports studios and 24-hour smart gyms, and provide new contents of TRX, indoor surfing and parkour; at the same time, we will arrange healthy catering and sports goods experience retail, sports and entertainment, sports therapy and other business formats. Create sub-district features with the theme of “vigor and safety” fitness blocks, enhance the vitality of the blocks with bright lighting, and enhance the safety of people exercising at night; embed fun sports facilities in public facilities and public spaces such as street lamps, walls, seats, etc. to provide fitness enthusiasts with a comfortable workout environment. (Responsible units: New Jing’an Group, District Sports Bureau)

IV. Policy Guarantee

To promote the economic development of the backstreet, we must establish a working mechanism of “government-arranged, enterprise-led, market-oriented operation”, that is, the government should plan and guide, comprehensively coordinate and manage, make necessary inputs, and study and introduce corresponding policy support; related enterprises  will seize the opportunity of development and become the leading factor in the construction of backstreet, and promote the formation of market agglomeration effect.

1. Setting up a leading group for backstreet economic construction management and coordination

The backstreet economic construction and development is a systematic project with high comprehensiveness, strong professionalism and close correlation with the development of the main street business formats. Establish a leading group for Jing’an district backstreet economic construction management and coordination with leaders of the district government committees, offices and bureaus as members, consolidate relevant resources, form a joint force of the work to comprehensively manage and coordinate the construction and development of the backstreet economy in this District; the leading group has an office, which is located in the district commerce committee, mainly responsible for the daily coordination and promotion of the backstreet economic construction work, regularly submitting the construction matters, and solidly promoting the smooth development of related work.

2. Establishing a special fund for promoting the economic development of the backstreet

In order to ensure the smooth development of the backstreet economic construction and mobilize the positive and initiative of the relevant interested parties in the backstreet economic development, the district finance will arrange a budget every year to set up a special fund for the backstreet economic development in Jing'an District, and support the leading department of the backstreet economy to promote the backstreet brand adjustment and introduction, conduct publicity and promotion activities, streetscape renovation and maintenance.

3. Clarifying the main body of responsibility for various backstreets

Under the direct leadership of the backstreet economic development management and coordination leading group of Jing'an District, specify the main body responsible for the development of each backstreet (the one at the top of the responsible units’ list is the lead unit), define the annual tasks of each responsible entity and establish corresponding street committees in cooperation with all interested parties in the backstreet, and all parties in society shall participate together to achieve overall planning and joint deliberation, and promote the orderly development of the backstreet in a synergic manner.

4. Formulating concrete construction plans for various backstreets

According to the overall layout of the strategic plan, the lead main body of each backstreet shall formulate corresponding backstreet construction schemes, and clarify the main projects of the backstreet economic construction, specific implementation plans, and advance schedules.