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Announcement on the Relocation of the Centralized Site for Accepting the Inquiry of the Disclosed Governmental Information

Released on:2016-07-12


  Because of the need for work, since July 18, 2016, the centralized site for accepting the inquiry of the disclosed governmental information will be relocated from Jing'an District Archives (the 3rd Floor, No. 575 Jiangning Road) to the information disclosure window of Jing'an District Administrative Service Center (temporary office site, the 1st Floor, No. 553 Datong Road). Jing'an District Archives will continue to keep the centralized site for consulting the disclosed governmental information, providing convenience for citizens, legal persons or other organizations to access to governmental information.

    Contact Tel: 1. The centralized site for accepting the inquiry: 52137856 ext. 808

              2. The centralized site for consulting the information: 52281273

    We are sorry for any inconvenience to you. Your understanding will be highly appreciated.

    The above is hereby announced.


                           Jing'an District Archives, Shanghai

                            June 30, 2016