Main Responsibilities and Organization of Baoshan Road Sub-district Office of Jing’an District People’s Government, Shanghai

Released on:2017-09-22


As an agency of the Jing’an District People’s Government, Baoshan Road Sub-district Office performs the corresponding government functions in accordance with laws and regulations.

I.  Main Responsibilities of the Sub-district Office

1.  Prepare and implement the community development planning, engage in the planning, construction and acceptance inspection of public service facilities and supporting public buildings of the sub-district, rationally allocate public resources and promote the development of communities.

2.  Organize and conduct the work closely related to residents’ life, such as community education, employment service, social security, community health, family planning, housing security, public culture, popularization of science, public sports and community service for benefiting citizens.

3.  Organize, guide and assist mass autonomous organizations like neighborhood committee to conduct self-governance and deal with public affairs, and encourage the residents, units in the district and various organizations to be involved in the self-governance of grassroots organizations.

4.  Help the masses including the aged, juveniles, women, the disabled, returned overseas Chinese, relatives of overseas Chinese and people of ethnic groups to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests.

5.  Organize and implement the comprehensive management of city grid, and coordinately conduct the work including urban management, population management, market supervision, safety production and environmental protection.

6.  Organize and implement the security construction work like management of public safety and comprehensive management of public security. Organize and conduct the work including fire management, emergency rescue, disaster reduction and prevention, emergency response, public security defense, handling of letters and visits from the masses, maintenance of social stability, mediation for the masses and drug treatment in communities, and assist to conduct the elimination of pornography and illegal publications and community correction.

7.  Support the army and give preferential treatment to military families. Promote the implementation of national defense mobilization and military service.

8.  Support the social organizations of communities to conduct community public service and mobilize social forces to participate in community governance.

9.  Supervise and review the work conducted by functional government departments, including the work of management, service and law enforcement.

10.       Report the opinions and suggestions proposed by residents, units in the district and grassroots organizations to the Jing’an District People’s Government.

11.       Complete other tasks assigned by the Jing’an District People’s Government.

II. Organization

The Sub-district Office has set up eight offices according to the orientation of functions, namely Party and Administration Office, Community Party Building Office, Party and Mass Affairs Office, Community Security Office, Community Management Office, Community Service Office, Community Self-governance Office and Community Development Office. The main responsibilities of the above offices are as follows:

(I)                Party and Administration Office

The office is responsible for the Party affairs and administrative affairs of the organizations, playing the role of bridge through the comprehensive and coordination service of Sub-district Party Working Committee and Sub-district Office, conducting the drafting, specification, review and issuing of important documents, plans and summaries related to sub-district affairs, holding the important conferences, supervising and handling the key work items assigned by the CPC Jing’an District Committee and the Jing’an District People’s Government, conducting the work of confidentiality, internal management and file management, implementing the formulation, implementation and final accounting of annual financial budget of the sub-district, taking charge of the financial management, funds management and internal audit of the sub-district, undertaking the application, construction, utilization and maintenance of community construction projects supported by public finances, conducting the management of fixed assets and government procurement, strengthening the administration by law and implementing administrative legal affairs, coordinating the public emergencies, promoting the communication between deputies to Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress and deputies to the Jing’an District People’s Congress and the masses according to the requirements of the Jing’an District People’s Congress and the Baoshan Road Sub-district People’s Congress Working Committee, drafting work plan of deputies to People’s Congress, arranging the training, inspection and survey activities for deputies and dealing with the suggestions, criticism and opinions proposed by deputies.

(II)             Community Party Building Office

The office is responsible for the work like Party building of communities, assignment of personnel and discipline inspection and supervision, implementing the system of responsibility for grass-roots Party building, strengthening the construction of service-oriented grass-roots Party organizations, promoting the in-depth regional Party building and the integration development of Party building in units in the district, residential areas, new economy organizations and new social organizations, undertaking the work of discipline inspection and supervision, enhancing the building of Party discipline and clean governance, taking charge of the assignment of personnel and the construction of cadre team, coordinately managing various teams including civil servants, staff of public institutions, community workers and other auxiliary forces, managing the performance and salary of community personnel, developing recruitment plans of the sub-district, conducting the educational training for various teams to foster and develop talents, managing and reviewing the agencies assigned by functional departments and their staff, proposing suggestions for the appointment and dismissal of people in charge of these agencies, implementing the work of veteran cadres, promoting the communication between deputies to Party Congress and the masses, serving the enterprises by daily contact and visit to create a good environment for developing enterprises and administrating the Community Service Center for Party Building.

(III)          Party and Mass Affairs Office

The office is responsible for the work like publicity, education, united front work and mass organizations, positively publicizing the line, principles and policies laid down by the Party, national laws and regulations and core socialist values, conducting the construction of spiritual civilization of communities, leading the building of mass organizations through Party building, strengthening the construction of people’s armed forces, giving full play to the role of united front workers and mass organizations like Federation of Trade Unions, Communist Youth League and the Women’s Federation in community governance, supporting the mass organizations to conduct various works independently and responsibly and promoting the communication between chamber of commerce at the grass-roots level and members of People’s Political Consultative Conference.

(IV)          Community Security Office (working also under the name of "Office for Letters and Calls " )

The office is responsible for the work like the maintenance of stability and security of communities, organizing and conducting the comprehensive management of public security and security construction work for units and residential areas of the sub-district, coordinately promoting the establishment of crime prevention and control system including physical protection, technical security and protection and civil air defense, guiding and urging the units and residential areas of the sub-district to implement fire safety management and safety production, receiving the letters and visits from citizens, coordinating and supervising the handling of petitions, dealing with the unstable events within the sub-district, guiding the mediation for the masses and resolve conflicts and disputes, undertaking the work of legal publicity and legal aid, implement the placement, assistance and education for people under community correction or drug rehabilitation and released prisoners, coordinately conducting the work of anti-cult and managing the Center for Comprehensive Management of Public Security.

(V)             Community Management Office

The office is responsible for the work like the implementation of comprehensive management, implementing overall policies on regional and comprehensive affairs, organize, coordinating and integrating various administrative resources and professional resources to improve the community management, coordinately implementing the work like city appearance and environment (including patriotic health movement and elimination of “four pests”), municipal administration, landscaping, environmental protection, food safety and underground space, urging and coordinating the functional departments to deal with the affairs related to professional management and administrative law enforcement, taking charge of the work like land expropriation for reconstruction of old city and reconstruction of scattered plots to optimize the development environment of the region, improving the living environment of residents and implement the comprehensive management of residential areas, mobilizing the units and residents of communities to participate in the activities for preventing flood and typhoon and conducting emergency rescue and disaster relief, administrating all teams which are “utilized and managed by the sub-district and affiliated to the district”, and managing Comprehensive Urban Networking Management Center.

(VI)          Community Service Office

The office is responsible for the work like basic livelihood security and basic public service of communities, implementing basic livelihood security of communities, including labor security, social insurance, healthcare insurance, housing security, social assistance, social welfare and the special care and placement system, conducting the poverty alleviation by comprehensively taking measures like public welfare, charity and volunteering, providing convenient and efficient commercial service and life service to residents, especially the aged, the disabled and people with special difficulties, by mobilizing the government, market and society, implementing the work of Red Cross Society, developing the resources, conducting the work of project match-making, supporting the army and giving preferential treatment to military families, properly solving problems left over by history, such as the retired back to Shanghai from Xinjiang, former workers for supporting the construction of the border areas and educated youth going and working in the countryside, and managing the work of Community Affairs Service Center and Community Life Service Center.

(VII)       Community Self-governance Office

The office is responsible for the work like the guidance of self-governance of grassroots organizations and construction of residential areas, guiding and serving the neighborhood committees, establishing a sound management mechanism of residential areas, implementing working systems including the system of responsibility for first personnel of neighborhood committees receiving the masses, establishing and improving the rules of procedure to promote the publicity of affairs related to neighborhood committees, conducting the general election matters of neighborhood committees according to law to promote the building of democracy at the grassroots level, guiding and supervising the establishment, general election matters and daily operation of House-owner Convention and Owners Committee, resolving the contradictions related to Owners Committee, urging and supervising the neighborhood committees to conduct self-governance of grassroots organizations, improving the grass-roots autonomous construction and boosting the construction of autonomous organizations of residents to improve the sense of identity and ownership of residents towards communities, guiding the grassroots organizations to conduct social work practice and strengthening communities’ capability of self-governance to transform the service mode of residential areas into specialized service.

(VIII)    Community Development Office

The office is responsible for coordinating implementation of major decisions concerning community development and community construction planning and promoting the healthy, orderly and sustainable development, organizing, developing and orderly implementing the relevant community development plans, guiding, coordinating and supervising the social development work including popularization of science, education, culture, health, family planning, sports and tourism, paying equal attention to service and management to foster and develop social organizations, promoting the construction of community informatization and enhancing the capability for information analysis and application, broadening the institutionalized channels for the expression of public opinion, improving the consultation and communication mechanism, providing basis for leadership decision-making by collecting practical projects, assisting in implementing various types of statistical work related to community development, managing the work of Community Cultural Activity Center and Community Health Service Center and undertaking other special matters assigned by Sub-district Party Working Committee and Sub-district Office based on the central task of the CPC Jing’an District Committee and the Jing’an District People’s Government.

(The establishment of responsibilities and organizational structure is under adjustment)