Main Responsibilities and Organization of Culture Bureau of Jing'an District, Shanghai

Released on:2017-09-22


Shanghai Jing'an District Bureau of Culture, under the jurisdiction of Shanghai Jing’an District People’s Government, is the administrative department in charge of cultural affairs within Jing’an District.

I   Main Responsibilities

It is mainly responsible for implementing guidelines, policies and laws & regulations related to cultural affairs released by the party and the state; planning the construction of cultural facilities within the district; managing district-level cultural undertakings and promoting sound development of the cultural undertaking; organizing and guiding various cultural and artistic activities; managing entertainment activities and book markets within the district; and managing and protecting cultural relics within the district.

II Organization

CPC Party Committee Office: The office is responsible for the Party Committee’s work and secretarial work, supervising implementation of the Party Committee’s resolutions and handling documents approved by superior authorities and leaders; taking charge of inspection of Party disciplines; being responsible for the party conduct construction of cultural system; being responsible for ideological publicity and consolidation of the whole system; being responsible for Taiwan affairs, overseas Chinese affairs and national security within the district; and being responsible for petition/coordination and comprehensive management, for work related to veteran cadres and retired staff management committee and for work of the labor union, the women's federation and the communist youth league.

Executive Office: The office is responsible for various administrative affairs, such as circulation of administrative documents, draft of comprehensive written materials, liaison & reception, documentary archives, safety and sanitation. Being responsible for statistics, financial work, financial budget/statement and internal audit of the system; being responsible for good operation of the state-owned assets within the system and ensuring preservation and appreciation of the state-owned assets; guiding and managing various cultural units at grass roots of the system; and ensuring logistics.

Organization and Personnel Section: The section is responsible for construction of leading bodies and management of government officers of units directly under the Shanghai Jing'an District Bureau of Culture. Organize educational training for party members; and being responsible for construction of basic-level party organization and development of party members, work related to intellectuals, political records examination and management of deployment, professional title evaluation and cadre assessment in the system.

Public Cultural Section: The section is responsible for discussing innovative mechanisms and measures to boost work related to mass culture; guiding, planning, organizing, coordinating and arranging various mass cultural activities; guiding and coordinating service construction of cultural fields, such as Jing’an District Cultural Center, Jing’an District Library, Jing’an District Research Institute of Culture and History, exchange center and writing center; organizing service training for all workers engaged in mass culture within the district, strengthening theoretical research and boosting the work related to communal mass culture; coordinating and guiding various cultural associations to make pre-approval well done (photography, painting and calligraphy, dance, collection, etc.); well protecting, developing and utilizing cultural relics in the district; getting to know mass cultural information, grasping the trend of mass culture and strengthening mass cultural exchange.

Market Management Section (Cultural Industry Section): In accordance with relevant policies, laws and regulations, the section is responsible for reasonably arranging the layout of cultural market, implementing laws, regulations and rules on cultural market management stipulated by the state and the city, developing the district-level management regulations regarding market management and managing the cultural market in accordance with laws; examining and approving business certificates for various public entertainment places, theatres and markets; examining and approving performance permits for folk professional troupes, commercial troupes and performance teams; examining and approving the operation of books, newspapers, cybercafe, billiards, game machines, amusement machines and audiovisual products; taking charge of various statistics of operation of cultural market; etc.

The establishment of responsibilities and organizational structure is under adjustment.