Main Responsibilities and Organization of Education Bureau of Jing'an District, Shanghai

Released on:2017-09-22


Note: The establishment of responsibilities and organizational structure is under adjustment.

 Shanghai Jing’an District Education Bureau is the district government department that takes charge of the educational work of Jing’an District.

     I.      Main Responsibilities

(I).     Implement the principles, policies, laws, regulations and rules that are related to the educational work; combining with the district reality, organize and implement relevant regulations, rules and policies; and manage education and administration by law.

(II).  According to the overall planning of the national economy and social development of the district, Shanghai Jing’an District Education Bureau formulates the development planning and annual work plan of education of the district and administrative management methods, organize and implement the high standard and high quality basic education; and take charge of the statistics, analysis and release of educational basic information.

(III).  Take charge of the management of early childhood education, basic education, vocational and technical education, adult education, community education and special education of the district; and coordinate and instruct departments the work related to education.

(IV).  Take charge of the examination and approval of the setting, cancel and alteration of private secondary vocational schools, middle and primary schools and kindergartens; and take charge of the examination, approval and management of schools ran by non-government sectors.

(V).  Take charge of the management of teacher qualification accreditation, evaluation and appointment of professional and technical positions, appointment of faculties and rank appraisal of the principal (secretary); and take charge of the management of the assessment, reward, cultivation and training of school cadres and teachers, and strengthen the construction of cadre and teacher teams which takes the professional ethics as its core.

(VI).  Follow the law of education, and well implement the comprehensive reform of school-running system, education and teaching; and instruct the educational work such as school moral education, sports hygiene, art popularization, legal system and national defense.

(VII).  Manage the education system and educational scientific research, promote the achievement of educational scientific research, and facilitate the improvement of education quality.

(VIII).  Engage in the compilation of education budget, the management and utilization of relevant special funds, and actively raise educational fund; strengthen the supervision and management of educational state-owned assets; and strengthen the supervision and management of educational funds of schools and other educational institutions to improve the investment efficiency of education.

(IX).  Engage in the planning of the basic educational structure; formulate the enrollment plans of various schools of the education system; and take charge of the coordination, supervision and management of the enrollment work.

(X).  Coordinate with relevant departments to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of primary and secondary school students, and protect their healthy growth.

(XI).  Manage the foreign cooperation and exchange of the education system of the district.

(XII). Take charge of the administrative reconsideration and the response to administrative litigation.

(XIII).  Take charge of the relevant organizational work such as cadre and party construction of the education system of the district; take charge of the work related to ideology, publicity and legal education; promote the spiritual civilization construction of the education system; take charge of the work related to the united front and veteran cadre of the education system; take charge of the discipline inspection, supervision and construction of a honest party and a clean government; and lead the mass organizations such as Labor Union of Education of Jing’an District, Communist Youth League Working Committee on Education of Jing’an District and Women’s Working Committee on Education of Jing’an District to carry out the work.

(XIV).  Coordinate and instruct relevant departments to implement and promote the construction of learning urban area and promotion of lifelong education; coordinate and instruct sub-districts to carry out the community education, help to manage the dispatched teams of Shanghai Jing’an District Education Bureau to the sub-districts; and supervise and inspect the implementation of Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Standard Spoken and Written Chinese Language of the community (sub-district), and standardize the social word use of the jurisdiction area

(XV).  Take charge of the routine work of Educational Supervision Office of Jing’an District People’s Government

(XVI).  Undertake other tasks assigned by Jing’an District Committee, Jing’an District People’s Government and Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

II.      Organization

According to the aforementioned main responsibilities, Shanghai Jing’an District Education Bureau has set up 12 functional sections (offices), namely, Party and Administration Office, Organization Section, Publicity Section, Disciplinary Inspection Section, Personnel Section, Accounting Section, Basic Education Section, Moral Education Section, Popularization Section of Sports Hygiene and Art, Vocational and Adult Education Section, Audit Section and Educational Supervision Office.