Main Responsibilities and Organization of Caojiadu Sub-district Office of Jing’an District People’s Government, Shanghai

Released on:2017-12-21


As adetached agency of Jing’an District People’s Government, Jing’an Caojiadu Sub-district Office performs the corresponding government functions in accordance with laws and regulations.

I. Main Responsibilities

1. Organize and conduct the community public services closely related to the residents’ life, implement policies in such fields as human resources and social security, civil affairs, education, health and family planning, carry out activities of mass culture and sports, as well as community education and health work, and popularize common sense of science.

2. Improve the regional comprehensive work like regional urban management, population management and social management, coordinate the agencies sent by functional government departments and implement comprehensive management.

3. Supervise and assist the functional departments to deal with the affairs related to professional management and administrative law enforcement, and mobilize the public and social organizations to supervise and review various professional management and administrative law enforcement organizations of the sub-district.

4. Strengthen the guidance toward mass organizations of self-government and other organizations of the sub-district, as well as the construction of neighborhood committees and sound autonomous platforms, mobilize the community and units to participate in the construction and management of communities, conduct education for residents on the legal system and social ethics, and organize residents to participate in social services like the renovation of community environment.

5. Help the masses including the aged, juveniles, women, the disabled, returned overseas Chinese, relatives of overseas Chinese and people of ethnic groups to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

6. Support the army and give preferential treatment to military families, and promote the implementation of national defense mobilization, civil air defense and military service.

7. Report the opinions and suggestions proposed by residents to the Jing’an District People’s Government, and handle the issues mentioned in the letters and calls from citizens.

8. Complete other tasks assigned by Jing’an District People’s Government.

.  Organization

The Sub-district Office has set up eight offices according to the orientation of functions, namely Party and Administration Office, Community Party Building Office, Community Management Office, Community Service Office, Community Security Office, Community Self-governance Office, Community Human Resources Office and Community Development Office. The main functions of the internal offices are as follows:

(I) Party and Administration Office (labeled as Liaison Office of Deputies to the People’s Congress)

The office is responsible for Party and administrative affairs, including: conducting the implementation on committee affairs, paperwork, confidentiality and secrecy, financial affairs, audits, internal management of the office, and the liaison and service of NPC members.

(II)  Community Party Building Office

The office is responsible for the Party building of communities, including: implementing the regional Party building of the sub-district, Party building of “two new” organizations—new economic and new social organizations, residential Party building,construction of community spiritual civilization, promotion, the united front, people’s armed forces and enterprise services, as well as affairs related to trade unions, the Communist Youth League, and the Women’s Federation, conducting the liaison and service of the National Party Congress representatives and members of the CPPCC, and administering community service centers for Party building.

(III)       Community Management Office

The office is responsible forcomprehensive management, including: organizing the coordination and integration of various administrative resources and professional resources to promote the community management, urging and coordinating the functional departments to handle the affairs related to professional management and administrative law enforcement, and administering centers for comprehensive city grid management.

(IV)Community Service Office

The office is responsible for basic security and services of communities, including: implementing basic security of people’s livelihood like labor security, social insurance, medical insurance, social assistance and housing security, mobilizing public resources of governments to provide community residents with various basic public services accessible and beneficial to them, and administering community affairs reception service centers and community life service centers.

(V)  Community Security Office (labeled as Office for Letters and Calls)

The office is responsible for comprehensive administration of public security, including: comprehensively coordinating the affairs related to safety in construction and production, disaster prevention of communities, letters and calls, stabilization, administration of justice, and civil dispute mediation, assisting the management of actual population, and administering work centers for comprehensive management of public security.

(VI)       Community Autonomy Office

The office is responsible for the guidance on grass-roots self-government and the construction of residential areas, including carrying outguidance and service to neighborhood committees and owners committees, guiding grass-roots self-government to conduct social work practice of communities, and collecting and reflecting social conditions and public opinions.

(VII) Community Human Resources Office

The office is responsible for overall management of community human resources, including: conducting education management and cultivation development toward civil servants,permanent staff, community workers, community supporting workers, social workers in various fields, and branches which serve communities, serving veteran cadres, planning and forecasting of community human resources, and comprehensively promoting the optimization of the environment for the development of community talents.

(VIII)Community Development Office

The office is responsible for overall implementation of major decisions on community development and community construction planning, and the promotion forhealthy, orderly and sustainable development of the sub-district, including: advancing the improvement and operation of management system mechanism of communities, guiding and coordinating the promotion in such fields as popularization of science, education, culture, sports, tourism, public health and family planning of communities, conducting the community construction of information, law-based administration and local registration, supporting the cultivation of various social organizations, administering community cultural activity centers and assisting the administration on community health service centers.